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Sunday, September 21, 2014

There Once Was An Empty Nester Who Went to Nantucket

Hello dear friends.  Welcome to my dream.  Even though I was born and raised in Connecticut, I have never been to Nantucket, a place that many of  my favorite movies and novels have taken place.  When the Mister dropped the bomb came home one Thursday evening last September and told me whispered in my ear that we were being transferred to Boston, my first words were "Now you have to take me to Nantucket!"  It took a few months, but I got there.

I bought ferry tickets through Living Social.  They offer all kinds of deals on line at discounted prices.  I have bought a lot of great things through Living Social and other on-line deal companies and only had good experiences.

Part of the deal with the ferry tickets was that they were for first class.  I was not aware of that when I purchased the tickets! Glad it worked out that way.  The first class is well worth it.  The lounge is equipped with couches, tables and chairs, and if that weren't enough, a full bar with a sexy bartender wearing cardiac wrap around sunglasses.  Who could ask for anything more?

If the Mister gets on my nerves I'm hanging with these gals.

Keep dreamin, Mister.

As we approached Nantucket, I was not disappointed.

Nice crib!

Something about light houses that I just love.

This is exactly how I pictured Nantucket.

Right off the ferry... let the shopping begin! 

Is this not the cutest shop ev-ah?  
I'm working on my Boston accent.

Visiting the island at the end of the season brings a lot of perks. There were lots of great sales going on. 

The thing I liked most about the shops in Nantucket is that each shop differed in their inventory.  I hate going some place where every shop is stocked with the same old stuff.

Lobster Boil Soap!  That's a first...

Love this hand painted line of ceramics.

This is a gotta have. 

Before we left the ferry, the captain made an announcement of warning.  He told everyone to be careful walking because last week a lady broke her ankle strolling the shops on the cobblestone streets.  
So glad I left the stilettos at home! 

University of Nantucket?  
Where was this when I was looking at colleges?

We had lunch at the White Elephant Hotel.  Elin Hilderbrand has mentioned this place in a few of her novels.

The Mister insists on always ordering a drink that matches his shirt.

We started with shrimp cocktail and then ordered these 2 delicious flat breads.  

I wondered if I asked really nicely if the lucky person from the White Elephant who gets to tool around in this beauty would give me a ride to the ferry.  The Mister gave me his famous don't even think about it looks.  My fellow first class mates would have been sooo jealous!

Enjoy your last day of summer!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Thank you for a mini escape to one of my all time favorite places!!! Your pictures made me feel like I was there! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, my dear. xoxo

  2. So many places to explore - how fun to take a ferry ride and then spend the day seeing the sights. You make me want to visit Boston again :-)

  3. OK, promise you will look back at all these fabulous experiences (and how you've raved) from December thru March - maybe April.

    1. You and the Mister think alike! How do you like this 80 degrees?

    2. "It's not the neat, it's the humidity." Me no likee.

    3. I'm with you Denise; I detest humidity!!! Can.t wait for it to be done! Dawn

  4. How wonderful. I would love to browse all of those shops. xo Laura

  5. Thinking this must go on my "bucket list" for sure! How lovely!

  6. As a born and raised in Boston girl I have nevah' been to Nantucket. Maybe next year when the Family Matriarch retires...I'll even let the Hubster come along for the day. Looks like like had a fun day...did you buy any Nantucket reds? Very Preppy!

  7. Nantucket is the best place I've ever been! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  8. Of all the towns my best bud and I visited while at Cape Cod, Nantucket was my fave!! I wish we had spent a night there for I could not get enough in one day. and yes, I DID buy the lobster hand painted blue dishes!!! I'm also a self admitted dish and glassware whore....what can I say?
    And we also rode the very last ferry ride of the season!! The next day the little men that work on the ferries were leaving for Florida for the fun!!

    1. I am soooo jealous! You bought the blue and white lobster platter? Sounds like you had such a great trip! Have a wonderful week!

  9. I've been to Nantucket once and had the best time! Your photos look just like mine because the day we were there, we also had beautiful weather. Come to think of it, that was twelve years ago! Time for another trip, don't 'cha think?

  10. Where are all the blue hydrangeas? :-)

  11. Years ago my friends and I took a girls' trip to Nantucket, staying at The White Elephant. One day we rented mopeds and zipped all over the island. The whole trip was magical. Can't wait to go back!!


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