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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

My Favorite Things

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good weekend.  Ours was fun for a couple of reasons.  We went out for a socially-distant dinner with dear friends on Friday night.  And the couple that bought our house came over for a few hours on Saturday morning.  The Mister gave them the nickel tour on how things worked in the house.  The Couple is darling and brought along one set of parents and one precious Bernidoodle pup named Jake.

The future homeowners are so excited to move into the house.  They have great plans for their new home.  They are having a chicken coop made to be an exact replica of the barn.  They promised to text me a pic.

The movers arrive early next week.  The Mister has mapped out our route to the Lone Star State and made the hotel reservations for along the way.  I am in charge of picking out the audiobooks. This one will be first on the docket.

We will be staying in an apartment until we find a house.  
Or shall I say... until we agree on a house.

I'm afraid my posts will be spotty at best for the next few weeks.  
I will do my best to post on Instagram.

I haven't done a Favorite Things post since last Spring.  The Mister and our #2 have done one, and my #1 and my favorite SIL are working on theirs. 

Without further ado, here are my favorite things.

It never fails.  I always have to show my face in public a few days before  I have an appointment to have my roots done.  I usually use the  Clairol touch-up but found myself under a time crunch.  I ran into Sally's, and the salesperson recommended this spray. It instantly covered my grey in my part and around my face and stayed fresh for the full day.


I used one of these towelettes to take off any residue that I got on my skin. 

I forgot my earrings last week in Newport, so I ran into one of my favorite stores and picked up this pair.  
They are the perfect size and color.  

I also put a few things on my Christmas list.

When my buddy Andy Cohen got back after his Covid bout, he said that his doctor told him that the single most important thing that you should have in your medicine cabinet is a tool to measure your blood oxygen level. 
I bought this one because of the reviews.
Hope that I won't have to use it.

When this nightmare of a pandemic began, I decided to upgrade my thermometer to a digital.

Hope I don't have to use this one either.

I bought another one of these for the apartment.

These are great for quick dusting jobs before house showings.

Before we put the house on the market, we used this to polish up our chandeliers and bell jar lighting. 

It is so user friendly and works wonders!

I need 3.25 readers, and that strength is hard to find.
I was lucky when I found these cute, chunky, inexpensive glasses. 

The bigger the glasses... the smaller the hips.
Feel free to quote me.

When my allergies hit, it usually only affects one eye.
Who knows why.
These drops take the itch out instantly.

I ordered a couple more of these since it looks like I'll be doing my walking in much warmer weather.

I wish I looked this good in them.

I'm going to need some tanned legs if I'm going to be wearing shorts and skorts again.

And my legs have to match my face!!
Plus, this has sunscreen.

I usually wear the innersoles made by New Balance.  Amazon was out of them, so I tried these.  They worked just as well for practically half the price.

I used this product during quarantine when I was doing my own nails, and I thought it worked well.

Amazon was out of my favorite moisturizer for a while, so now I know to order multipacks.  

These toothpaste squeezers are the best.
I bought a few for a couple of my doubting friends.

I just ordered another set of my favorite sheets for our temporary love nest.

This comforter is a great price, light enough for warm nights, and is oversized.  
It is perfect for someone who sleeps with a cover hogger. 
I'm not naming any names, Mister.

Take it from me... these are the best.
Salad dressings are a lot of calories.
My store doesn't carry it anymore, so I now have to order it. 
Have I told you that I am down 2 more lbs.?
I hate to brag...

Our grocery stores cannot keep this stuff in stock, so I have to order it.
I guess everybody is making WW 1-point muffins.

These will be my snack du jour on our road trip.
I said my snack.
The Mister prefers more nutritious foods like Kettle Chips and Nutter Butters.
* Insert eye roll.

I ordered this mat in white for my bathroom.  
It is a bright white, which I love, and remains that way after several washings. 
It has a firm grip on the floor, so it won't slip when I get up in the middle of the night with one eye open.
I ordered a couple for the apartment.

Sometimes I write posts and book reviews freehand, so I bought one of these to hold my mess of papers.

Of course, I had to order a couple more of these for the apartment, so I can eat my WW muffins and keep those two lbs. off.

My afternoon tea is not nearly as sweet without this.

The Mister and I pop these every morning and night.
Added bonus:  they are delish!

I've been using this serum every since my #2 gave it to me.
It definitely brightens the skin and smells great.

I have two friends that are absolutely crazy about this hand soap.
I finally gave in and bought some.
Now I get it.
It doesn't dry my dishwater hands out.

I've become a big fan of the mascara/primer in one.

Our little Chili needs her Prozac wrapped in one of these pockets on a daily basis.

I have been listening to a lot of books while packing.
Here are a few of my faves.

This is a fast-paced thriller about the kidnapping of a Governor's daughter.  I was listening to it last week during the chaos in Michigan.

This was my first Mark Levy book but not my last.
This is the darling story of an elevator operator and the lovable tenants in an old apartment building on Fifth Avenue in NYC.
I recently downloaded two more of his books.

Lucky for me, I liked the book as much as the cover. 

If you relish a well-written true crime story, this book is for you.
I listened to it in one day.
That's a lot of packing!

I am reading this beautifully written book about a woman who signs away her Downs Syndrome infant at birth.  

It must have to do with my Catholic school background, but I can't get enough navy blazers.  I recently bought this one and have already gotten a lot of wear out of it.

I now have these in every color.
I love that there are no bulky zippers under my tops.
I call these jeans my pull-ups.

I could barely contain my excitement when I got this shirt for 40% off.

As far as I'm concerned, a woman can never have enough turtlenecks.  This one is 50%, so I got a few.
Don't tell the Mister.


I bought this vest recently and love it because it is thigh-length and very slimming.  

Great price too.

We have always counted on St. Joe to sell our houses over the years, and he has never disappointed us.

I ordered the statue, and believe it or not, the poor guy got lost in the mail.  I thought that I would have to send St. Anthony out to find him!  He finally arrived, and within 24 hours, we received the perfect offer.

I sent St. Joe to Connecticut to help sell another house.

By the way, it's Prime Day.
I have my eye on this deal, this one, and this one.

See you soon.

Until next time...


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Friday, October 9, 2020

The Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that this post finds you and yours well.  All is great here because I stepped away from packing and spent some quality time with Sista in Newport.  We stayed at the Hotel Viking, which is lovely and has a very hospitable staff.  We had the most fabulous dinner at Bouchard.  I highly recommend both places if you are ever in Newport.

This week flew by for me.  Next week is our last in our house.  I'm starting to get a wee bit sentimental, but I look forward to our new chapter.

This very handsome actor who spent some time in the West Wing just sold his gorgeous estate for a cool 45 Mill.

If I ever win the lottery, I would buy this little number in St. Thomas.
If you're nice to me, you might get an invite.

This talented country singer just listed his magnificent home in Franklin, Tennessee.

My friend, Beansie, sent me this link to a beautiful showhouse in Dallas.  I'm going to miss the tour in person, so I will have to take it online.

Even though I'm not the cook in the family, I love to watch Ina Garten's show.  
Here is a list of her best recipesaccording to the author.

You know who loves hot dogs more than anything in the world?  The Mister.  This gorgeous salad has hot dog crispies on it.  This may be the only way that I can convince the Mister to eat a salad.  
The recipe can be found here.

  I just came across this recipe for homemade pop tarts.
I'm still dreaming about the ones that my buddy, Annie, made one night. 

Do you enjoy a well-made Bloody Mary?
Here is a recipe that sounds delish.

In my humble opinion, the Bloody Mary tastes so much better with a tasty steak salad.

Can you guess what famous designer owned this crumbling mansion in Scotland and used it as her love nest?

One of my favorite shows, when I was growing up, was Eight Is Enough.  
By the way, the oldest and my main crush, David Bradford, has even gotten better looking.

This article is for all of you Real Housewives fans out there.  Did you know that there are forty, yup forty, rules that the Housewives must follow?
Obviously, tipping a table is not one of them.

Have you heard of the photoshop troll that takes requests?
If you could use a chuckle, press here.

Are you working remotely but don't have room for a home office?
No problem.
I've got you covered.

Do you consider yourself an Anglophile?
If so, this article is right up your alley.

Do you have a move in your future, just like moi?
Here is the Ultimate Move-Out Checklist.


Who knew that this little jar can be such a handy household and beauty lifesaver. 

Here's one more reason to love your Amazon delivery person.



Nordstrom has got some great sales on boots.

Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy has up to 50% off on the entire store.

Ulta's got some great sales going on some of my favorite things.
 Talbots also has a great sale too!

There's another big sale going on at J Crew.


At our dinner in Newport, the restaurant served the butter sprinkled with Hawaiian salt.  Butter will never be the same in my book after experiencing that delicacy.

Naturally, I ordered a bag of it as soon as I got home.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Until next time...

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