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Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmastime at Trade Days

Last weekend, the Mister, #2, and I ran over to Trade Days to walk around because the weather was so gorgeous.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas over there.
 Ok...  anyone who is reading this who doesn't live in Texas... I challenge you  to find any artwork or sign that takes pride in your state.  This does not include the salt and pepper shakers or snowglobes at the airport. 
We have lived in many states and have yet to see state pride that matches Texas.
Christmas yard art. 
For the person who has everything on your list.  Plus they were marked down a dollar.  I'm going to wait for them to go down another dollar before I grab these for Dude & Billy.
Hello Kate and Big Mac... this guy asked me "do you know the way to Sante Fe." 
I think Santa may have taken a wrong turn. 
 There he is!
Quit flirting with me Santa, the Mister is watching. 
 Speaking of the Mister... looks like somebody is hungry.
 The Mister wouldn't buy this for our pool.
I got this one for #1.
No Mister!  These do NOT remind you of anyone...
She looks nervous... she must have read the sign.
These ladies told me they worked on their sign for hours. 

The Mister just asked #2 "how long do you think she's gonna make us stay here?"

 I thought of all my blogging friends who love blue and white.


Love these baskets! 
 Love this guy's self portrait.  Looks like business is good.


I'm sure they can't give this away after that last restaurant review. 

Another gift for the person who has everything, including paranoia.
Hellooo delaney!

Looks comfy!


 Loaded up the trunk with lots of these little stocking stuffers for all my buddies!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 
this looks like Sista's house!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Dickens Christmas

The Mister and I dropped our #2 off at the airport at 5AM on Saturday morning.   #1 left for school the day before, after lunch and (what else?) shopping at the mall.

Again, we are back to being crazy, sexy empty nesters.  We stopped for breakfast at Mimi's, a great breakfast spot, and discussed what we should do with our day.  For a week, we were told gently guided by our girls who chose our day's events.  We ventured to a few outlets,  a couple of malls, and their favorite restaurants for some lunches and dinners. 

Now, we both eyed  each other with that look of  "Now what should we do?"

So I came up with some ideas.  We could put the wreaths up on the house.  The Mister had that same look on his face when I suggest going fabric shopping.  Then I tried again.  How about we go to a Dickens Christmas on the Square?  Again, his grey pallor began to grow.  It was as if I asked him to go to a candle convention with me. 

So what did we end up doing?  We put up the wreaths and went to a Dickens Christmas on the Square.  Life is good when mama gets her way!

It was a gorgeous, clear crisp day. 
Whoa... I'm next in line. 
The Mister's pale demeanor began to get rosier.
It was about 58 degrees and sunny.  Life is good in Texas.
The Mister made it clear we were not going to the child activities or the petting zoo.  I guess he is still open to the Santa visit and I know he is always up for visiting a restroom.
The shops all do such a fabulous job decorating for the big event.
Love this staircase quote. 
This arrangement was so pretty in real life.  Took it through a window; not as dramatic.
Rosemary & cyclamen - what a beautiful combination.
Positively loved this window box outside the storefront.
This is an antique cradle. So darling.
Yo Sista... this one is for you.  Silver tree.  That was the only Christmas tree we had growing  up that was always accompanied by a tacky squeaky color wheel.  We are still looking for the forest that grows silver trees. 
Love the old town atmosphere of McKinney.
These darling ladies brought the sparkle to a Dickens Christmas.
Love this shop.
Mister's favorite shop. 
 This is a slide layered with homemade snow for a fun winter ride on a tube.   One of the biggest hits for the 14 and under crowd.  Although, the Mister would have taken his turn if the line wasn't so long.
Beautiful mantle in one of the shops.
Love this hand painted piece.
Burlap tree skirts.
and stockings.
And now presenting...
Grande Dames of the Square... 
Nan Lee owns a beautiful jewelry and accessories store.
Sharla owns a  luxurious cosmetics and accessories store. 
Kendi owns a fresh and adorable clothing boutique called   bloom.  She also writes a very popular blog titled Kendi Everyday.
My #1 worked at bloom last summer and said that Kendi and her hubby, Brian, were the nicest bosses in the whole world.   
Guess where my man and I ended up... The Mister told me that A Dickens Christmas was not such a bad idea after all.
TGIF can never come too soon!

J. Crew

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