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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Prime Time


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We have certainly had a lot of rain, and from what the forecasters say, we are in for some more this week. 

To sum up my weekend, I had two roses and one thorn. 

One rose was reconnecting with some old friends.  My buddy, Leah, and her husband had us over to their beautiful home along with my friend, Debbie, and her husband.  The dinner was spectacular and the company even better. 

The other rose came when my wallpaper installer appeared on our doorstep yesterday.  He did a fabulous job, and I can't wait to share pics with you when it's all done. 

My thorn pricked me yesterday when a big ol' pole got in my way in a parking lot.  
I hate when that happens. 
Why do they always pick on me?

The Mister took it fairly well. However, he did lose all color in his face and kept running out to the garage every twenty minutes to check the dent, mumble under his breath while simultaneously shaking his head.  

Every time that he came back into the house I would remind him at least no one got hurt.

My comment was consistently met with a deafening silence.

Did I mention that we bought the car six weeks ago? 

  This will be my last post until September.  No, the Mister did not put me in time out.  I am taking the Summer off to refresh and recharge.  I am hopeful that I will be back with a full house tour and be fired up with new ideas for the blog.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section or shoot me an email.  I love to hear from you. 

Today, I am linking up with my buddy, Tanya from The Other Side of the Road for  Prime Purchases.

I am beginning with the Mister's purchases because they're not as exciting as mine.


He's got a thing for chargers.


He needed more lighting in his closet.

A replacement for the one we lost in the move. 

He's also got a thing for Alexa.
She is in every room now.


We did a lot of picture hanging over the weekend.

These are a great help.


This rug pad is thick and keeps rugs in place.


For the garage, where else?


Another casualty of the move.


When the Mister is not buying chargers, he's buying razors.



Chili's new bed.


On with my orders.

I'm a sucker for TV ads.


Disposable for outside.

For my kitchen.


Without a doubt, the most comfortable in the whole world.

I ordered another one of these.

My hairdresser recommended this brush.
I bought the largest one and love it.  
My hair never gets caught in it, and I have a lot less frizz.

I ordered all of these for the guest room.
The bed is really high, so I needed an extra-long bed skirt. 
Good quality and looks great.

A reorder - couldn't live without them.

Best glass cleaner ever!
No streaks.

My Mother swore by Gonzo.
If Gonzo can't do it, nobody can.


A reorder.

I ordered two more of these for the laundry room.

Another reorder.

A must for Chili's Prozac.

A must for my glass of wine.

A must for my WW regime.

You can find my other Prime finds here, here, here, and here.

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Have a happy and healthy Summer.

Until next time...

Chowdah incognito

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