Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, the Mister and I hopped into our preppy empty nester mobile and headed to Falmouth.  For those of you who are not from the East Coast, I am including a geography lesson in this post.  OK ... don't yawn yet.

We stopped in town and had lunch at an inn.  Falmouth is a quintessential charming New England town.  Not only does it have great shopping, you can also catch a ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  If you're a little more adventurous, whale watching is also available.  I would love to do that.  The season begins in the beginning of May.  Hopefully, it will be above 60 by then...

The town reminds me of a setting of  a romance novel.

We strolled into the Osborn & Rugh Gallery.   

It is owned by this lovely lady, Hillary Osborn and her husband, who is also an artist, Doug Rugh.

Hillary was so sweet.  She and her husband are so talented.  I loved everything in there.

Hillary's concentration is on landscapes and her husband's is on portraiture.

That painting of those beautiful little girls was done by Doug and is of their daughters a few years ago. 

Hillary was positively lovely.  If you ever go to Falmouth, stop in and meet her.  The paintings in her gallery are breathtaking.

We then took a stroll down the street and stopped into some cute shops.

The Mister eyed his next stop right away. 

Nobody loves cookies more than my Mister.

I wonder how many carbs this shop houses...

What town in Massachusetts doesn't have an Irish pub?

It would be kind of hard to eat in a Mexican restaurant anywhere else after living in Texas.  

And by the way, another fabulous Homegoods in Falmouth.

Happy Hump Day!

Mister Chowdah recharging.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A New Addition

Happy Tuesday, dear friends.  I hope everyone had a great weekend - whether it be with lots of family and friends or plenty of relaxation.

I enjoyed a wonderful week with my #2.  It certainly had its share of sadness but I was so fortunate to have my sweet #2 by my side in bidding my precious Gypsy good bye. The days were naturally quiet but we managed to get some college clothes shopping in and plenty of lunches in at #2's favorite place... Whole Foods.

We dropped our #2 at the airport on Saturday.  She had to be back by Sunday.  We did some food shopping for Easter and then we went to visit a goldendoodle dog breeder.  The Mister's idea.  He said that he wanted to buy me a puppy  for my birthday (which, coincidentally is this week).  I told him no - it was too soon.  But deep down inside, I had a hole in my heart and I missed having a sweet dog in my life.    The Mister and I  have always had a dog - a yorkie for 17 years and a sweet mixture of sweetness named Gypsy for 12 blissful years.  The house was so empty without a the  presence of our sweet girl Gypsy.

You know what's coming next.  You know I couldn't walk away without one of those sweet puppies in my arms.  We both had full intention of buying a female.  The breeder brought us to look at all the available puppies.  She brought out two females to play with on the grass.  They were a bundle of energy.  I kept looking back at the kennel at this little pup that was much too pretty to be a male.  I asked to hold him.  That was it.  He had such a sweet calmness about him.  His face looked just like our Gypsy.  That was it.  The Mister and I were both smitten. The Mister didn't mind the thought of having another male presence around either.

On the car ride to the breeders we discussed names.  We agreed on Gracie if it was a girl.  In our quest for the perfect name, the Mister mentioned "chowder."  I said it wasn't feminine enough.  Now that we were adopting a little boy, we didn't have to worry about that. With our puppy's cream coloring, Chowder was a perfect name.  Then the Mister declared Chowdah it is.  Did I mention that the Mister's Boston accent has reappeared?  So we agreed that since the Mister couldn't pronounce chowder  we would name him "Chowdah" - Boston speak for chowder.

My 2 favorite guys.

We drove home with a quick detour to Petsmart with Chowdah snuggled into my lap.  The poor little guy got car sick 3 times on the journey to his new home.  When we arrived, the Mister gave his #1 son a bath.  I dried him off and held his little shaking body in a  warm blanket in my lap for the rest of the evening.

Our first selfie!!

    At the kennel, Chowdah didn't have a bed.  I think he probably slept on the floor of the kennel or snuggled with his sisters and brothers.  It took him awhile to figure it out.

The first day, the Mister and I spent a lot of time on our knees with cleaning products. It was an adjustment for all of us.

I think our little Chowdah is going to fit into our family just fine.

Hope your day is filled with puppy love!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Friends!  Our little chickadees have flown the coop and are spending Easter in their college towns.

We are having the Mister's family for lunch.  I hope that you enjoy a wonderful Sunday.

#1 still makes this face.

Hope your day is filled with love!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Put On Your Easter Bonnet

Dear Friends...

Thank you so much for all your sweet, heartfelt notes that you wrote to me about Gypsy.  I feel so fortunate to have made so many friends through blogging.  I may not have had the pleasure of meeting you personally, but I have met you the best way there is... through your hearts.  I am humbled by your kindness.

Here is another re-post from last year.


 My mother went to the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts in NYC when she was young.  She wanted to become a professional actress but love and children stole her heart away from the stage. 
Mom never thought twice about belting out a show tune on a whim.  Sista and I were used to her breaking into "Oklahoma" while in the kitchen making dinner or "June Is Busting Out All Over" while folding laundry. She wasn't a quiet singer either, she would sing her lungs out like she was on Broadway. 

We thought every mother did that.  
When we started having friends over, we found out that it was not the case.  Our friends would be dumbfounded by the sudden burst of song that would trail through the house.

At Easter time, she loved to sing
In your Easter bonnet
With all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady in
the Easter Parade!

So Mom, this post is for you.  I'm sure you're in heaven with a martini in one hand and Marlboro in the other, belting out this song with gusto! 

This isn't my mother.  Just a photo I found on Pinterest.

Loved this movie!

For all you young things, this is Jayne Mansfield.  
Guess what she was famous for!


I put these pics on for you, KTG

Again, for you young things, Ann Miller was an actress that was famous for her beautiful legs and talent. 
Not for the fact that she grew a bunny out of her head.

Lady Mary rockin' her bonnet.

So pretty and feminine.

Love the hat, but she looks a little under dressed for my taste.


There's a new twist on the Easter bonnet.

Sista and me
(in our minds)


Very dignified geese.

Hope y'all have a great Thursday!

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