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Thursday, April 27, 2017

An Enchanting Afternoon

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your week.  The Friday Files is canceled this week so that I can fill you in on a magnificent luncheon that I attended on Wednesday at the home of Tina, from The Enchanted Home.  Tina was kind enough to include my Sista, as well.  Unfortunately, Sista's flight from Arizona was canceled which prevented her from joining us. 

Not only is Tina's home absolutely heavenly to see, it also smells delicious.

Now, this is what I call the WOW factor!

The first word that came to mind when I saw Tina's table setting was perfection.  I actually got heart palpitations.

Tina's guests of honor were Kristy Woodson Harvey and her beautiful Mom, Beth.  They write the fabulous blog, Design Chic. Jeanne McKay Hartmann, artist extraordinaire, is on the right.


We celebrated Kristy's release of her third book, Slightly South of Simple.  We all read it and it was so much fun to ask her questions about the story and the characters.  Kristy is on a two-month book signing tour.  She had an event that night in NYC.

Kristy is absolutely darling.  She is poised and articulate, just as you would expect.

Beth is so pretty and the epitome of a Southern lady.  I really enjoyed chatting with her.  I hope that our paths cross again some day.   

Tina's love for flowers is evident in every room.  She positively lit up telling us how much she loves going to the Flower Market in NYC.  I bet the Market is pretty happy to see Tina too! 

The food was not only exquisitely presented, but also really delicious.  Tina made the best Tomato Soup I have ever tasted in my whole life.  Don't tell the Mister I said that.

I had the privilege of meeting all of the attendees before at past luncheons with the exception of Kristy and Beth.  You can read about the other luncheons here and here.  These ladies are the cream of the crop and could not be lovelier.  The guest list included:  Patricia from PVE Design, Sandy from You May Be Wandering, Carolyn and Cynthia from The Buzz Blog/Diane James Home, Karolyn from The Relished Roost, Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips,  and Jeanne McKay Hartmann

From pictures, you can see that Tina's house is breathtaking.  But the thing that photos can't pick up on is how inviting it is, just like the Mistress of the house.  Tina was so warm and welcoming and the perfect hostess. 

When she found out that I was driving back to Boston, she offered her guest room for the night.  I told her that if I spent the night, she would need an eviction notice to get me to leave.  

I had these mugs made up for the ladies and filled them with kisses.

My blog buddies, including Tina, distributed delightful gifts as well, to commemorate the occasion.

It was lucky that I allowed Miss Daisy to ride shotgun so that she could help me haul all my loot to the car!

As I pulled out of Tina's driveway, I smiled at the thought of all the wonderful friends that I have been blessed with thanks to my funny little hobby called blogging. 


Last week, it was the Mister's turn to pick the flick. As with all his choices, I didn't expect much.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  The Promise is powerful, entertaining, and educational.  It also contains a beautiful, heartbreaking love story.  I highly recommend this movie.
As a heads up, the critics disagree with my high marks.
But what do they know?


After You Left is beautifully written.  I finished listening to it in the car on the way to the luncheon.  The reader of the audible book has the most appealing British accent which makes is a joy to listen to the story.  It has got the perfect combination of mystery, love, and heartbreak.


I am going to a book signing next week and Randy Susan Meyers is one of the authors that will be speaking.  I began listening to this novel about a Ponzi scheme in the car.  It's quite good so far.  It reminds me of the Madoff story.  I'll keep you posted.

Until next time...

Sir Teddy
The Lord of The Enchanted Home
In my next life, I want to come back as Teddy.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy to be in Mashpee

Hello, dear friends.  I am not participating in Hodgepodge this week because I am out of town attending a blogger luncheon hosted by one of my favorite bloggers at her gorgeous home.  I'll give you a hint who the blogger is ... she is the Queen of Blue and White.  Can you guess who it is?   Leave me a comment.

Last Sunday, the Mister and I spent a glorious day on the Cape in the picturesque town called Mashpee. 

Here is your geography lesson for the day.

Fun facts:

Rachel Ray grew up in Mashpee, and William Rosenberg, the founder of Dunkin Donuts lived there later in his life.

The Mister and I enjoy going to the Cape and Nantucket off-season.  Usually, there is a line that goes on for miles leading to the bridge.  That day it was smooth sailing.

Shift is one of my favorites and our first stop.
Quit drooling, Ladies.  
The eye candy out front is taken.

Shift has the cutest dresses.
I didn't try any on because I was retaining 20 lbs. of water that day.

I did try on some arm candy, though.

Next stop was Setting the Space, a home decor store.

They always have great looking pillows.

I thought this was one of the cutest ideas for a hostess gift.  
These bags hold all you need to grow your own veggies and herbs.
 The bags hold the soil and the seeds.  
All you need to do is plant them in the bag and remember to water them.

How sweet is this pillow?
I know my big guy would love to rub his wet, muddy paws all over it.

Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma also have stores in Mashpee Commons.  

There are also some fabulous gift shops, as well.  

We stopped for some sustenance because the Mister was showing the first signs of becoming hangry.
We always like to try a different place for lunch.  
Trevi had delicious food as well as great service.

Miss Daisy and I saved the best stop for last. 
My first commandment of shopping is:  never take the Mister into a cute shop with an empty tummy.

Miss Daisy felt like she was visiting her homeland.

If you love MacKenzie-Childs, The Lili Pad has your name written all over it.

The Lili Pad not only has a bountiful selection of Mackenzie-Childs, but it also has darling baby clothes.

All is well in the Mister's world.
What else does he need?
Tesla, frozen yogurt, a bag of fresh-baked cookies,
... and a hot trophy wife.

Until next time...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we were met with some cold shoulders and dirty looks.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Take 2

Hello, dear friends.  We woke up to bright sunshine this morning which was a nice change after a dreary Saturday.  I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.  The Mister and I went out for a great lunch and saw a very good movie yesterday.  Today we are going to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and head for the Cape.  Don't worry those pretty little heads of yours - I am bringing my camera.

Here is another list of Mother's Day gift suggestions.  Or in my house, it's known as my wishlist.  If you missed my first post, you could find it here.

Who wouldn't love this adorable sunhat?


Or a new beach bag?


And you can pack the beach bag with some necessities.



Don't forget the Beach reads!

Kate Spade

Does you Mom need a new phone case?

Mackenzie-Childs is having a huge clearance sale.
However, I don't know how much is left after my Traveling Tote friends stocked up.  Rumor has it, they wiped the place out.

I treated myself to this phone case and love it.  
That's all I'm saying because the Mister reads my blog.


Great serving pieces are on clearance as well.



They also have fabulous jewelry on sale too!



Here are some pretty places to put the jewelry.


This site has darling gifts for the monogram Mom.


I have had my Longchamp bag for years and love it.  It is the perfect size for my 3 lbs. of makeup and my camera.  It comes in a ton of great colors, and you can have it monogrammed.

The Weekender is also a great size and very durable.


For the traveling Mom who packs a lot of miracle wrinkle creams like moi.

Mark & Graham


Is a vacation in your Mom's future?


Every once in awhile, some magnification helps.  
I like this mirror because it comes with three strengths.
However, to my dismay, it does not include a skinny lens.


I have had one of these cleansing brushes for about five years and it is still going strong.  I love the way it makes my skin feel.


I buy these generic replacement brushes, and they are just as good.  I usually stick a pack in the girls' stockings and Easter baskets.


My #1, otherwise known as Sephora, got me sold on this sponge.
If your Mom uses liquid foundation, she'll love this. 


When was the last time your Mom bought herself new makeup brushes?  If she's anything like me, it's been awhile. 


How about a cute little makeup case for her purse?

If your Mom wears readers, Eyebobs has got some great looking ones.

Smathers and Branson
And don't forget to pick up a cute little case to keep those specs safe.

Or you can always make her one.


If you and your Mom watched Gilmore Girls together, this mug will hold her hot coffee and warm her heart.


This wine chiller might be appreciated with a nice bottle of wine and a note to your Mom apologizing for driving her to drink.
Are you listening #1 & #2?

Until next time...

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