Thursday, October 23, 2014

Celebrity Kitchens

Hello, dear friends.  Didn't sleep too much last night due to the mother of a storm that arrived on the South Sho-wah.  We lived through a hurricane in Houston and it was not nearly as bad as this Nor'easter.  You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up to this little pretty in your driveway.  I can't complain though, because at least my Internet is working.  It would be a really long day if it wasn't.

Chowdah inspecting the damage.

No thanks, Mom, I can see fine from here.

Everyone who knows me can testify that I adore celebrities.  Real celebs that actually possess talent, not the Kartrashians.  Ask the Mister how cranky I get when my People magazine doesn't arrive on time. My fetish  has prompted me to begin a new series covering celebrity homes.  Awhile ago I did a post on kitchens and here is an updated post of some more celebrity cuisines.  Some of the celebs have moved since the photo was taken.  For instance, Ellen and Portia seem to move every six months.  The next few weeks will cover bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and whatever else I can find on line.

So clean and pretty. 

Emma Stone

Cool and sleek, just like him.

Justin Timberlake

I'm surprised that her island isn't tatooed.

Lena Dunham

Love the warmth of this room.

Ellen and Portia

Looks like an NYC pad.

Hillary Swank

I don't care for her facelift, but adore her kitchen.

Meg Ryan

Speaking of facelifts...

Renee Zellweger

Seems to fit his commitment-phobic personality. 

John Mayer

"Pub" inspired kitchen.  Bet it's going on the market soon, if it isn't already.

Lance Armstrong

Yup, looks like her.

SJP and Matthew Broderick

Not my favorite.

Cameron Diaz

This, by far, is my favorite kitchen.  

Tom Brady and his gorgeous model wife, whatshername.

Where's the best part?  
What's Patrick's kitchen without Patrick?

Patrick Dempsey

George... quit trying to sneak into my blog.  
It's over!

Hope your weekend is star studded!

Bosley may not be a celeb, but his dashing good looks could lead him to becoming one.  He is a "whoodle" - wheaton and poodle.  He is 18 lbs, two years old, and a sweetheart of a pup.  If you are interested in becoming Bosley's forever Mom or Dad, contact Kathy at Shaggy Dog Rescue.   

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Need Some Costume Ideas?

Good Morning, dear friends.  It is a windy, rainy day here in Massachusetts.  This is Chowdah's favorite kind of weather.  The ground is nice and soft so he can get a lot more digging done.


Nine days until Halloween!  Have you thought about your costume yet?  Never fear... Katie is here - with some ideas that you probably have never thought of.  With a little help from google, I have put together some suggestions. 

You and your hubby will be the talk of your 'hood if you show up at a party in this get-up.

Huffington  Post

I doubt these two will be going to any parties together this year.

Hollywood Insider

Who wouldn't want to live next door to this fun family?

Mad at the hubby?  Make him wear this outfit to a party.  Then stay within earshot and listen to all the wise cracks.

P8 Fashion

Not so sure about this one.

P8 Fashion

Best looking babe at her water aerobics class.

No words.

runt of the web

This poor kid.


A costume and a teaching moment wrapped into one!

Another poor kid.

A smorgasbord of outfits!

Bet their neighbors are happy that they're moving.

There is something so wrong about this photo.

And speaking of wrong...
poor Grandma.

I'm going to make the Mister wear this if he drags me to another war movie.  I don't care if it stars Brad Pitt.

And last but not least...

a glimmer of the Mister and me last Halloween.

Happy Hump Day!