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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Coats of Many Colors

Hello, dear friends.  If you haven't guessed by now today's post is all about coats.  I am in the market for a couple: a short "car" coat as my Mother used to call them, and a longer dressier coat.  I love to do these shopping posts because when the Mister asks me what I did today, I can tell him that I worked on a blog post.  It sounds a lot better than I spent hours catching up on my online browsing.

I'm off on an adventure this weekend.  Here's a couple of hints.  I will be seeing both of my little chickadees and hopefully will come back with great news.  How's that for a teaser?  Stay tuned to my upcoming Instastories

 As my old buddy, Michael Payne used to say...
Let's go shopping!!


This one is classic and comes in a few colors.
It also comes in petite.
Whenever I can save a few bucks on alterations, I feel giddy.


Love the plaid.
Not crazy about the frown though.

Nordstrom Rack

Love the color.
If I decide on this one, I will refer to it as my happy coat. 
For those of you who are not looking for happiness in a coat, this one also comes in black.


Casually chic.

Brooks Brothers



This one is referred to as a barn jacket.




Great for the Fall.


On sale and comes in different colors.



Lots of colors in this one too!


I have seen a lot of these fuzzy coats in stores as well as online.
They seem to be the rage.

Ann Taylor

This is a nice looking coat in real life.
Also, it comes in petite.


Btw... this coat promises a slimming silhouette.


I love the red/houndstooth combo.


This one is on sale.
Those boots are made for walkin.' 


This one is described as a flattering puffer. 
I never thought I would see those two words in the same sentence.


I love the flattering length on this one.
It also comes in plenty of colors.


Another classic.
Comes in several colors.


Luscious color.


This comes in black, too. 


Classic and great price point.




I have a friend that loves coats with belts.
What's your stand?
As far as I'm concerned, it's one more thing to lose.


Several colors in this one.


I couldn't do a post about coats without an animal print!


You can't wear this coat without the leggings.
Promise me.


This was one of the most popular coats sold on Amazon last winter.
I would need the jaws of life to get me in and out of the car.

Sidenote:  Talbots is having an anniversary sale.

Until next time...

Chowdah featuring my JCrew cape that I bought for a song a few years ago. 
I'm not even going to ask who wore it better.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Dabbling With Downton

Hello, dear friends.  I hope you are had a wonderful weekend.  The weather here in the Northeast was nothing less than spectacular.

Over the weekend, the Mister and I headed to the Cape to visit with my old Texas tennis buddy, Jill, and her hubby, Rich.  They just built a beautiful house in Yarmouth, which is only steps away from the beach.  We enjoyed a delicious linner (a combined lunch and dinner) and then spent some relaxing time at the beach.  It was a perfect day with great friends.

Today, the Mister and I went out to for a delightful lunch and then hit the movies.  Want to guess what we saw?  Yup, Downton Abbey and it was fantabulous! I can't say enough great things about it.  If you haven't seen it yet, I will pass on one small tidbit... Maggie Smith stole the show.

Speaking of Downton, the Mister and I attended the Downton Abbey exhibit in Boston over the Summer.  I was relieved that they allowed photos so that I could share the experience with you.  There is one caveat though - because we attended it in June, I don't remember a lot.  It's the price of getting old. That'll teach me to write posts right away.

The Mister and I were there on the day that the exhibit opened.  What can I say... we are compulsive overachievers. It was very organized, and we had a minimal wait.

They had tons of cute things for sale along the line.

The thing I loved about the exhibit is that you could get up close and personal with many of the costumes.

It included every detail.

They didn't miss a thing!

Back off, Mrs. Hughes.
He's taken!!!

Look who popped in!
Chef Mister and his beautiful, young sous chef!

I'm trying to talk the Mister into putting one these in our kitchen.
Next step: hire staff.

Somebody stole my hide my double chin pose!

I remember how I shed happy tears during the wedding episode.

And then when Matthew died...
I needed an oxygen tank to regain my composure!

Who do I need to talk to about finagling a dinner invite?

Just because you didn't make it to the DA exhibit does not mean that you miss out on all of the fun.

You can always channel your Lady Mary for Halloween.

And why not include your hubby?

Even the kids can get into the act!
As long as they don't steal your thunder.

I ordered a couple of these for hostess gifts.


I ordered this little book for a friend who is a colossal DA fan.




This one looks like a fun read.


Who knew about Clue?


I need this mug!

A stocking stuffer for the Mister?

Until next time...

Talbots New Arrivals for Spring!

Tuckernuck for Spring!

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