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Sunday, February 24, 2019

February Books, TV, & Movies

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are having a good weekend.  I have spent most of mine in bed with a miserable cold. It's not so bad because it is a horrible icky day - cold and rainy.
I need to get better in a hurry because I have a fun week ahead.

I found myself holding my breath while listening to this entire book.
This thriller moves at a rapid pace.
  Warning:  there are some gory scenes.

I enjoyed this story about a privileged family that adopts a girl brought up in the wilderness.

I listened to this book.  The narration added a lot to the creep factor of the twisted tale. 

This is the story of a Jewish woman who is hired by a wealthy couple to tutor a precocious teen with polio.  
I adored this book.


They were the perfect Hollywood couple.  
Then why did she shoot him five times? 

No one knows because she went silent after the murder. 
My fellow bookstagrammers loved this book.  I thought it was very good but felt that it was 50 pages too long.


One of my favorite authors did it again.  
She would have gotten 5 stars, but I wasn't crazy about the ending.
This thriller moves quickly, and I couldn't put it down.

I am hosting our April book club.  I have spent a couple of months searching for my pick.  The following two books are contenders.


I am listening to this wonderful story about three friends that have signed up to be Red Cross volunteers.  


I'm really enjoying this story about two women lighthouse keepers.  It's a fictional account based on their true stories.

A woman finds an abandoned suitcase full of photos in Grand Central Station.  I loved The Orphan's Tale, and I hope that this one is just as good.

After Nina's father dies, she begins to question every man in her life.

Daphne throws her Mother's yearbook in the recycle bin.  A nosy neighbor who also happens to be a documentary filmmaker takes it and starts doing some research.

Two brothers work together in the Australian outback to find out the root of their brother's death.

A woman is dealing with the loss of a baby and the mounting bills of infertility treatments.  

A poet is asked where her inspiration was derived in writing her latest work.  She shares her family's story of betrayal.

An English journalist and a Russian bomber pilot join forces to hunt down a Nazi spy who is living underground in America.

A pregnant teenager jumps off a bridge and ends up brain dead.  Her Mother steps in to find out what really happened.

A Vogue model turns into a world-renowned photographer.
I'll be able to relate to the Vogue model character.  

I've watched the first two episodes of RHBH.  I think that Denise Richards is a welcome addition.  I am also happy that Vanderpump is making an exit.

If you haven't seen the 2010 version of Upstairs Downstairs, you must.  One of my favorite actresses, Keeley Hawes, steals the show. 

I've spent a lot of time watching The Grand while nursing my cold.  If you relish a British drama, you will really enjoy this one.

All I can say is that I hope that Glenn Close wins the Oscar for this one.

Speaking of the Oscars, I told the Mister to cancel our private jet for tonight.  I don't want to spread my germs while air kissing all of my famous star friends.

Until next time...

Is Chili cheating on me?

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Friday, February 22, 2019

All Aboard 2019

Hello, dear friends.  If you haven't guessed by now, I was enjoying my Supermodel Trophy Wife retreat aboard this lovely Silversea ship, the Silver Spirit.

Before I bore you with the details, let me fill you in on what transpired before we even made it to the airport. 

We were scheduled to be on the road at 5:30 AM to catch our flight to San Juan.  How many times have I told you how neat and organized my man is?  And he is so darn proud of the time and precision it takes him in rolling and folding his clothes.  

We were both ready ahead of schedule and got on the road 15 minutes early.  Just when we hit the 20-minute mark, my man yells Oh &%*#!!!  I thought he had a heart attack.  Thank God, it wasn't that.  Mr. Organized left his carry-on at home.  Lucky for us, we had time to spare.  

As he turned the car around I could see the wheels spinning.   In his head, not on the car.  The Mister was trying to figure out a way to blame it on me.  I beat him to the punch.  I quietly whispered, "You're trying to find a way to blame it on me, aren't you?"  He responded "yup!"  

We arrived at the Jet Blue terminal and proceeded to check our luggage.  Just when the Mister was getting the color back in his face from the carry-on debacle, the gate agent informs us that our bags are overweight and there is a $150.00 charge for each bag.

I quickly scanned the terminal to see if anyone had an extra oxygen tank.

I thought, oh boy, the Mister is going to end up in the cardiac unit at Mass General if our luck doesn't start improving.  Between you and me... I was just so happy that my bag wasn't the only one like last time.  

Before picture of my bag.

We decided that we would take some of the Mister's neatly-folded shirts and shove it in my messy bag so we only had to pay for one bag.  One hundred fifty buckaroos poorer but crisis averted.

The flight was a quick three hours to San Juan which gave the Mister just enough time to regain his strength.  I am happy to report from there on our vacation was smooth sailing.

This is our second cruise with the Silversea cruise line.   My buddy, Sandy, who writes You May Be Wandering and is our travel agent extraordinaire did a superior job as always taking care of every detail of our trip. 

As our luggage was being delivered to our room, we enjoyed our first delicious meal and a well-deserved glass of wine aboard our new home-away-from-home.  

Here are just a few reasons why we love the Silversea cruise line.  The boats are small and the guests are primarily 50+ age adults.  There are very few children.  Each cabin is a suite and comes with a butler.  Yup, you heard me.  I found out the hard way that you cannot take the butler home with you.  Long story...

There are at least five restaurants and the food is phenomenal.  The excursions are interesting and fun as well as well organized.  We have met the nicest people on these cruises.  

Above all else, the Silversea staff is exemplary.

The next day, we hopped on a lifeboat and headed to gorgeous St. Barths.  This is my favorite island in the Carribean.  The shop keepers are hospitable and friendly. The island is pristine and holds a charm of its own. 

I fell in love with this darling church.

A few months ago, the Mister did his due diligence in finding a great restaurant for lunch.  Shellona had fabulous reviews so he booked a reservation there.

Before having lunch, I reminded the Mister that Valentine's Day was approaching.  
He did a great job picking out my gift.
It always helps when I stand over his shoulder and coach him. 

The DJ was prepping for that evening.
I asked him if he had "Muskrat Love" by Captain and Tennille.
He told me that he never heard of it.
Some guys are not as cool as they look.

The food and service were nothing short of spectaculaire!

Back to the lifeboat to take us to our home-away-from-home.

I guess the Mister is still a little sensitive about the carry-on crisis.
Too soon?

The next day we arrived in St. Lucia.  We signed up for an excursion that entailed lunching and sunning at a resort. 

Now, this is my idea of a day trip.
Most of our excursions on our last couple of cruises involved visiting dozens of old churches and ruins.

The Mister always likes to shoot me from behind.
Definitely not my best side.

It ain't easy being me.

Solo selfie of the sail.

We had four more stops: Roseau, Dominica, St. George's, Grenada, Pointe-a-Pitre, and the British Virgin Islands.

There were not any excursions or shopping opportunities that interested us, so we spent those days relaxing on the ship and enjoying our beautiful water views.

Lucky for the Mister, he took care of his Valentine shopping on the first day. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, that evening the elevators featured red hearts.  The Mister said that he was responsible and cut out each and every heart himself to surprise me.
Nice try, Mister.

Our fabulous week flew by.  
We were home less than 24 hours when I found the Mister in his office researching our next adventure. 

Until next time...

J. Crew

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