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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  Happy Friday!  I'm a happy supermodel trophy wife today because my #2 came home last night for the weekend.  She has to work all day from here from blog central so the Mister and I will be rolling up our sleeves and tackling our outside Fall decorating.  The weather promises to be sunny and crisp.

We plan on spending the next couple of days doing some shopping and lunching in Boston.  She is much more camera-shy than my #1 is, so I'll try to get at least one pic.  It's a bummer when my victims subjects don't cooperate.

Here are some things that caught my eye during the week.

The first property can be found in the great state of Maryland.

This gorgeous property is in Annapolis.

Did I mention that this one is for sale?
You can find more photos here.


This waterfront estate is located in Osterville, Massachusetts.

For more pretty pics, you can find them here.
P.S. This one is on the market too.


Who's excited about Will and Grace coming back to TV?

This is Sean Hayes' house.

If you love a dramatic before and after as much as me, you are going to love this one.


Need some inspiration for your outdoor Fall decorating? 
I do!  
There is plenty right here.  


Are you in the market for a Fall wreath?
Lots of pretty ones right here.


If you love white pumpkins like I love white pumpkins, you are going to love this site that is jam-packed with inspirational ideas.


Need some creative flatbread ideas?
They're right here.


If you have a taste for a hearty soup or stew, there are plenty of recipes here.

Holiday cocktail party season will soon be upon us.  If you need some points on how to kickstart your party talk here's some advice from the experts.


Do you wish that you could work from home?  
Find out here if it's the right fit for you.


Have you ever wondered what happens to your used bar of hotel soap?  Yeah, neither have I.  But if you're the least bit interested, you can find out your soap's destiny here.

I watched the first show of the second season of This Is Us with kleenex in hand.  We got a couple of clues as to what happens to Jack.  I can't help but enjoy the storyline of  Jack and Toby fighting for Kate's attention. The Randall adoption subplot is not nearly as intriguing, but it may have to grow on me.

This is what I look like every time This Is Us is on.
The Mister always asks me why I watch a show that makes me cry.
He'll never understand me.


What do you think of the Kelly/Ryan team?  I had high hopes for this duo, and yet on most days, I find them to be a little flat.  They love to impress us with the fact that they are practically best friends outside of the show.  I get it.  Who cares?  


I never watched Megyn Kelly's news show.  I have seen a couple of episodes of her new talk show, and my impression is that she and her writers are trying too hard.  I may warm up to her once she lets go of the jitters and settles in.  Then again, I may not.  I'll keep you posted.


One of my favorite sitcoms of all time is finally coming back.  Just like Seinfeld, I can watch reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm over and over again.  Sunday night on HBO I will have a new episode to watch and I couldn't be happier.

Until next time...


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Dog-Loving Hodgepodge

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your week.  All is well around here with the exception of it being unseasonably warm.  I knew we would have a hot spell, though.  I just put my summer clothes away last week and moved my Fall/ Winter clothes into my closet.  The story of my life.  

If it's Wednesday, it's time for Hodgepodge

1.  What pets did you have while growing up?  
Tell us a little something about them.

The first dog I ever had was an aloof dachshund by the name of Pretzel.  I don't think he was crazy about me because I stole his thunder when I was born.  

Our second dog was a rescue named Pepper.  
She was very cute but had more issues than Vogue.
I think that God was preparing me for Chili.

When I was in college, my sister and I bought our parents a Yorkie for Christmas.  
My Mother called her Holly.
Even when she closed her mouth, her mile-long tongue stuck out.  

2.  What is one thing that you must accomplish today?

You're looking at it.

3.  Where were you ten years ago?  
What were you doing there?

Ten years ago I was happily living in this house in McKinney, Texas. 

Putting up with Raising two teenagers and one husband.

And attempting to play tennis with my pals.
I learned a valuable lesson:  practice does not always make perfect.
(I'm the one that's in great shape on the left). 

4.  September 26th is National Dumpling Day.  Did you celebrate?  Apple dumpling, xiao long bao (steamed Chinese dumpling), chicken and dumplings, pierogi, matzoh balls, or gnocchi... Which dumpling on the list would be your dumpling of choice?  Have you ever made homemade dumplings of any kind?


My dumpling of choice would be the Mister's gnocchi.  I spent 40 minutes researching my blog this morning looking for a picture of it but failed.  You'll have to take my word for it.  

5.  There are two kinds of adventurers:  'those who go truly hoping to find an adventure and those who secretly hoping they don't.' William Trogdon

Which one are you?


I'll let you figure out which one I am.

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I just finished listening to this juicy novel.  If you are looking for pure escapism and relish old Hollywood glamour, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is for you.  

The Ninth Hour was just released, and I'm starting it today.  It centers around a group of Nuns who aid a widow and her daughter in the Irish Catholic community in Brooklyn.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am a sucker for a good tale about Nuns.

Until next time...

The best dog I ever had.
Present company included excluded.

J. Crew

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