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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Before & After Master Bath Reno


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are having a good weekend.  The majority of ours has been damp and cloudy.  The Mister took Friday off, and it was his turn to pick a movie.  One of these days, he's going to surprise me and choose a good one.

I squeezed my eyes shut for more time than I held them open during this very loud, bloody movie.  For anyone who is interested, the Mister says that the flick is as good as the book.
I answered, there was a book?

We were planning an adventure for Saturday, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, so we opted for another movie.  At last, it was my turn to choose.  I had high hopes for Brad's Status but boy, did it ever disappoint.  It is slow moving and extremely depressing, especially if you are in our age bracket, premature middle-aged.

Stay home and save your money.

Today is picture-perfect, so we are off to the Cape.
We may take some time off before we sit through another flick. 


At last, I got my act together to share the pics of our never-ending bathroom renovation.  I'm not going to complain, but I will admit to ingesting bottles of Advil and chardonnay during the process.

I got to make most of the design decisions because the Mister uses the third-floor master bath which is fairly new.  He's happy because his closet and workout room are located up there. 

This way, when he rises at 4 AM to work out, he doesn't wake his sleeping beauty. 

In the process of renovation, we developed new love languages.  Mine was distinguished by a deep sigh and a whine, while the Mister's language always involved the word "budget" accompanied by an eye-roll. 

Although the master bath is very small, it took 13 tedious weeks to finish.

Okay, this is not it.

Six weeks after we finished the master bath renovation in Texas, I got the call that we were moving to the Boston area.  Along with my heart, this is a pic of what I left in Texas.

  And this is what I walked into.  

The owner's agent gave me a tour of our soon-to-be new home.  She told me upfront that I may have a problem with the bathrooms. 
Yeah, that may be the understatement of the century.   

This floor never looked even close to clean.

The two areas that had to be addressed were the need for more outlets and more storage.   

There was only one outlet in the bathroom. 
It was strategically placed behind the door and nowhere near the sinks.  

I think that this snazzy little accessory is meant for toilet paper.  All the bathrooms on the second floors feature them.  It's one of the many mysteries of this old house.

No, you'd never notice that fixtures were replaced.  
Whenever I came across eyesores such as this one during the tour, the agent would use the word charm.  I learned quickly that we had very different definitions for that word.

Unfortunately, this little beauty of a broken radiator was not included in the makeover.

As anyone who has persevered through a renovation will tell you, the process is not pretty.

The State of Chaos is your new normal.

When we began this renovation journey, we thought about expanding the bathroom because it was small.  But that would mean getting rid of one of two small closets in the bedroom.  We have learned in our 27 years of moving a lot and that it's all about resale.  One small closet in the master would be a deterrent to prospective buyers. 

The last pic was taken before the shutter was installed.  I didn't want to give you the impression that I was doing any shows for the neighbors.

When it came to vanities, we had to think small.  There were not a lot of choices available online.  Our contractor said that he could have a couple made, but we didn't want to add any more time to the renovation process.  We finally decided on two that I found on Pottery Barn, and I'm very happy with them. 

Again, size matters.  There was no room for a tub, which was fine with me.  If I get desperate for Calgon to take me away, I can always take a soak in #2's bathroom which has a clawfoot tub.

  Instead of having a glass door that opened out in the shower, we decided to have a sliding door made, and I'm so glad that we did.  We also had it treated so that you don't have to use cleaners on it that leave streaks.  All you need to do is squeegee it after the shower.  I consider that my cardio for the day. 

Later gator - icky radiator - hello radiant floor.

The contractor who demoed the tile on the wall and tub estimated that it was installed in the late 1920's which is no surprise to me. The first thing that we did four years ago when we moved in was to replace the toilets that were installed at the same time. 

I have always loved the clean look of beadboard, so we went with that.

I did my best to get as much storage as possible.

Last but certainly not least, my buddy, Kate the Great gave me this beautiful silver bowl a few years ago.  It is the perfect addition to my new sanctuary.

We also replaced the floor and painted the girls' bathrooms so they would come home more often.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works!

Until next time...

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Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. This is gorgeous! Classic design that will never go out of style! I am going to be looking for lots of ideas like this for our rebuild. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your new bathroom Katie...it is beautiful.

  3. I knew it would be charning, lovely and a soothing New England spa like look. I am sure it was worth the headache...just so pretty Katie..enjoy those beauty treatements!

  4. I love beadboard as well. We have it in our bathrooms (one of which is STILL in a state of "not finished" but useable). I can't get over your old bathroom from a previous house. It was gorgeous! -Jenn

  5. Well done, Katie. I think you did a marvelous job with the smaller than you would like space. It goes well with the home.

  6. Your new bathroom is beautiful. A radiant floor would be fabulous. Beadboard makes any room look better. I hope the people who bought your house in McKinney appreciate that beautiful bathroom.

  7. It's a beautiful bathroom now, a bit small, but beautiful. You made some good design choices.

  8. You did a wonderful remodel! And you survived.

  9. I remember during the renovation of our basement I kept thinking , "At least I don't have to dust or clean." I'm sure it will be worth the dusting to now have a lovely new bathroom.

  10. Great choices. Beautiful and magazine-worthy!

  11. LOVE IT!
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  12. Now that is Charming! The bathroom certainly didn't match the home! Radiant flooring is genius! I like your shower. We are going to make changes in our master bath. It was not well thought out by the previous owners!

  13. So beautiful! Lots of work but worth it! Enjoy 😘

  14. Wow! So beautiful and classic! I love every single thing you chose. Gorgeous!

  15. I love all your choices. The bathroom suits your house perfectly. My daughter chose that floor for her master bath. Love it! My bathrooms need to be redone too but that's a long time to get up early for the contractors!!

  16. Good job! And, we've lived through bathroom renovs and it was horrible and have said we would never again. Yours is so lovely and doesn't eevn look the same. I know you are enjoying it so much!

  17. Beautiful remodel! I love the simple classic look!

  18. I love the bathrooms in both Texas and Boston! Could you, please, share what tile flooring you used in your Boston bathroom Reno? Thank you.

  19. Gorgeous!!! It looks fabulous! As does your stunning Texas bathroom! All worth the time and the hassle I am sure now that it is finished.

  20. Oh wow, it's beautiful! Love your choices, and that blue paint color is very pretty. I can appreciate each and every step you walked us through. It takes awhile before you can say it worth the hassle, doesn't it? I still can't say it.

  21. Katie, this is a most enjoyable blog post. You gave voice and validation to similar things I have thought over the years regarding houses I've lived in. You made me chuckle several times. What you've done is very nice and I hope you enjoy it completely.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, and with such a winsome writing style.

  22. The photos nearest and dearest to my world are the gutted bath and the tub in the bedroom. Even the neatest contractors consider all adjoining floor space fair game! Nice job and the pain will go away!

  23. Wow -- it is so pretty! I just love it!! We also have an old house with a very, very small "master" jack & jill bathroom. Your reno gives me hope! It really looks fabulous!

  24. You made perfect choices which suit your house and your space. My own Mister uses a larger bath, closet and small room for his dressing room upstairs. All this together is much larger than our Master which is mine. The best thing about it is that I do not have to share it with anyone! In our almost 27 years of happy marriage, we think the secret is separate baths and closets.

    1. I agree one hundred percent. We only had to share a closet in one of our houses. Luckily for both of us, we were only there for a year before being transferred. If we stayed any longer, I'm convinced our marriage would have ended in divorce or murder.

  25. It's beautiful Katie, I love the basketweave tile and the radiant floor will be heaven in those cold winters! Yay, all done! Chardonnay makes everything better!

  26. This is huge compared to my bathroom. Classically and beautifully done. Enjoy it!
    I'm doing a bathroom over this year. I was wondering how radiant flooring works with hot flashes...��

  27. That does it, beadboard is going somewhere in the new house! Gorgeous and if a bathroom can be sweet, it sure it! Just a little spot to make you smile and say "we survived!"

  28. Hi Katie! As per usual, your choice in materials and design is excellent. Beadboard....dreamy. We sure could use your skillful eye at our place!

  29. Your bath Reno turned our beautiful Katie! Love the vanities and the floor. I think it was a great idea for the sliding doors. Well done, now enjoy.........

  30. What a great job. We redid a very small guest bathroom in our last house and purchased a PB vanity. It was wonderful and after 6 year (when we moved) it still looked like new. Your bathroom looks so pretty! (I wouldn't mind the old bath from your Texas house, either). :-)

  31. Your new master bathroom is lovely - a fresh, clean, modern look while preserving the charm of your house. (Your master bedroom looked like my master bedroom during our master bath renovation.)

  32. I love your new bathroom and if this type comes out green, it's because green with envy is pouring through my fingertips as I type! It's fresh, clean and I love your storage. My little bathroom off the bedroom is smaller than yours and I can't even figure out how to put in a cabinet! You work with what you have (if you can't reno -- fixing the shower was bad enough) but when I see something as fabulous as this, I am impressed with your fortitude (advil and chardonnay notwithstanding) and think it's the bee's knees!

  33. I'm having to catch up on your posts because I'm not getting notifications for them any more. I'll sign up again and see what happens. Love this bath - and yes, you endured great chaos! - Worth it!

  34. That is a beautiful renovation! I can't believe the agent referred to replacement holes as 'charm'. Wow. Anyway, you did a beautiful job renovating your bathroom. I love the floor tile and the shower door! Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

  35. I love it! You certainly made the most of the space. Having done a lot of relocating myself (ahem . . . buying & selling) resale is a MAJOR consideration. Your bead board and basket weave tile are gorgeous and the entire space is so fresh and clean. Wish I’d known about that magic shower glass before we installed ours. Congratulations on surviving another renovation - it’s a home run!

  36. You did a fantastic job...it's beautiful!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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