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Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Weekend with #1 and Adorable Jonathon

Hello, dear friends.  Last week I spoke of my love for Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, and this week my friends and family in Florida are facing the threat of Hurricane Irma.

We lived in Boca Raton for three years.  Great memories were made in Florida.  My girls attended their first day of school ever at First Presbyterian Church's pre-school.  They made their first friends there, learned to swim and ride a bike.  Florida will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

My prayers go out to all the wonderful people who are in Irma's path.        


Last weekend, Adorable Jonathon and our #1 came in for a visit.  They arrived on Saturday morning and left for the airport at 3 AM on Tuesday morning.

We picked #1 and Adorable Jonathon up at Logan mid-morning.  The only request they had when it came to the lunch selection was that the restaurant be located on the water.  We chose Mill Wharf in Scituate, and the Mister couldn't have been more pleased - they served fried clams. 

This picture portrays why I am so fond of AJ.  I asked him if he would hold Miss Daisy for a pic.  Without skipping a beat, he reached down and put her on his lap with a photo-ready smile.  AJ is always a good sport.

We sat in the sun because it was a bit chilly for our warm-blooded visiting Texans. 

The next thing that they wanted to do was get home and spend some time with our crazy hooligans.

Can you move in with us #1 and AJ?
Our parents are so boring!!

A lot of ball playing went on that afternoon.

AJ and Chowdah watching the Mister pull apart a lobstah.

We had a big lunch so we noshed on the Mister's avocado and roasted red pepper bruschetta crostinis on my favorite MacKenzie-Childs platter and sipped some vino.

Along with Grilled dry aged sirloin with caramelized onions and shiitake mushrooms and Boursin.

And lobstah tarragon salad with grilled asparagus.

We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning, but that didn't bother us in the least because we had our sunshine visiting us.  We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch gazing at the water from indoors at one of our favorite restaurants, Alma Nove in Hingham.  Unfortunately, there were no Wahlberg sightings that day.

We then went to see Tulip Fever, which debuted that weekend.  This movie had an all-star cast and was pretty good. 
Lots of nudity - can you spell awkward

We ate light again because of our big lunch.  The Mister made sumptuous sliders accompanied by a tomato and mozzarella salad. 

We woke up early to a beautiful, crisp Labor Day.  We hopped into the car and set off for Falmouth, where we caught the ferry to Martha's Vineyard.  

We lucked out with calm seas, and within an hour we set foot on picturesque Martha's Vineyard.  None of us had been there before, and we all agreed... it was love at first sight. 

Miss Daisy was concerned that this was the boat that we were expected to make our return in.

The Mister is the King of Comparisons.  As we were walking down the charming streets, he asked me which I liked better - Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard.  They both have a different flavor and unique style.  I could not make up my mind - just like my children, I love them both the same.  

Again, we continued the tradition of dining on the water.

AJ ready to get in some retail therapy.

Darling bookstore.

Looks like my kind of read!!

I haven't ridden a bike in 50 years, but I thought twice about it after I eyed these darling bikes.  Unfortunately, there weren't any available featuring training wheels.

My Mother always told me to make 3 wishes when you enter a church for the first time.  I've never been one to miss an opportunity for a prayer and a wish.  

I wished that all of your wishes will come true.  
You're welcome.

As we waited for the ferry, we decided to celebrate the delightful day with a glass of vino.

There were lots of wonderful memories made last weekend that I will treasure in my heart forever.

Until next time...


We're still working on our sharing skills.

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  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend with the kiddos. My bucket list has a trip to Martha's Vineyard in it.

  2. We usually bring our Jeep over for a day trip to MV. I agree, it is hard to pick a favorite island. I look at it this way--if you're going just for a day trip, I prefer Nantucket. One town, easy to get around. I like MV better for an overnight/long weekend. You have more time to check out al of the villages on the island. Definitely bring/rent some form of transportation if there for more than a day. -Niki

  3. Love your post! We haven't been to MV in over 20 years but it looks just as beautiful. A wonderful weekend of memories for all of you.

  4. It looks like a beautiful weekend! You should try the bike...I think you'd like it...maybe next time! I love all the food your husband made and the Mackenzie Child's platter!

  5. Holy Moly. Yet another thing we have in common, Sis. I've NEVER been to Martha's Vineyard either. Not once. Crikey. Have a great weekend.

  6. One of my favorite places!! Looks like you had a great weekend - with lots of good food, too! I prefer MV over Nantucket!

  7. I love reading your posts.I say that about all your posts.I love your famliy.Please adopt me.No wait...I think we're about the same age.Please invite me to dinner!


    1. Absolutely!!! So you're in your 40's too?? 😂😂 Have a great weekend and thanks for the sweet comment, Debbie!!

  8. This all looks like so much fun! Girl, I don't know how you went from Texas to where you are but it looks idyllic to me!

  9. Martha's Vineyard looks like a gorgeous place! Never been there but would love to visit one day. That staircase in the book store... oh my word!! That is the best!! Looks like you had a great time with your kids!

  10. Picture perfect weather for Martha's Vineyard, and the rest of it also looked wonderful. A wonderful reward to see your kids grow up to be great adults too!

  11. Dear Katie..I cannot tell you how I savored every photo in this post today...oh how wonderful your weekend was....do you think I could "borrow" your Mister for a bit...the one photo of your beautiful daughter and her beau should be framed...what a gorgeous time this was!

  12. Awww,it,s always so nice when your grown up kids visit you,isn,t it?
    Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend!

  13. What a lovely holiday weekend you had with your daughter and Jonathon, both are adorable! The food looks scrumptious and I love the last pic, the memory pic. I've got to get to MV, it's on my evergrowing long list of places i want to visit.

  14. What a fabulous weekend. I know how special it is when those adult kids are home. Love the pics of MV. It's on my list of places to visit. I think your post may have moved it up a few spots.

  15. So glad you had a gorgeous weekend! Those two are unbelievably cute! We love MV. And lobstah.

  16. Susan Brannelly MartinSeptember 9, 2017 at 10:45 AM

    You are all so New England adorable! Looks like you never left.

  17. oh goodness, they are so adorable! Your weekend sounds perfect, AJ sounds like he's found the perfect MIL! Hopefully Boca will not suffer too much damage...

  18. They are just the cutest couple and it is such fun having adult children. And, Martha's Vineyard, what fun! So, so glad you are back from your summer hiatus.

  19. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Family, food fun!

  20. Oh Katie! What a handsome couple they are! I know you had big smiles the whole time.

    Well, how could you not, on the Vineyard? Oh, that made ME smile, seeing places I'd loved (Did you get to Oak Bluffs and the "Campground"? Next time if not. A MUST! Isn't that bookstore great? And the restaurant behind it is pretty terrific too. Oh, biggest smile here!

  21. Wow -- what a beautiful time with your adorable family! No. 1 and AJ -- too cute!

  22. You are so lucky that you can just hop on a ferry and visit Martha's Vineyard for the day! Love that place! I did a girls weekend there in May and adored it. Of course, it rained almost the whole time but it was still beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Take Me Away this month! Have a great week!


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