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Friday, September 28, 2018

The Friday Files

Upsplash/Aaron Burden

Hello, dear friends.  TGIF!  Did you have a good week?  Mine certainly had its ups and downs.

For all of you who don't follow me on Instagram, here is the update on Chili. I left you on Wednesday as we were on our way to the Vet's to have an x-ray.  

The x-ray showed that there was a foreign object in her stomach (upper right).  Chili then had a sonogram, and that showed the same thing.  The Vet sent us to an emergency hospital a half an hour away.

Four hours later my girl was having surgery.

The very nice surgeon called me afterward to tell me that all went well in the OR. 

He then asked me "Is anyone in your family missing a sock?" 

How would you like to wake up to this view every morning?
This NYC Sutton Place townhouse could be yours. 


Have you ever thought of vacationing in Tuscany?
Instead of staying in a hotel, you can rent this gorgeous villa.

If you're looking for a house guest, I'm available.

If you love pesto, like I love pesto, you're going to love this easy-peasy recipe.


Here's a list of the latest trends in restaurants.
My favorite two are pictured.


If you are new to my blog, this is a picture of my #2.
She turned 25 this week.
She's a certified health nut.
She is also a huuuuge advocate of collagen.
Here is an article explaining the benefits of collagen.

Added bonus: recipes.


For those of you who are new to my blog, this is my #1 soon to be known as our own version of bridezilla

Ever since she was little, she liked pink food.  When I would ask her what kind of ice cream, sandwich, or pasta she wanted she would always shout "PINK!"

Can you guess what kind of wedding cake will be served on the big day?

In honor of my #1, here is a recipe for a yummy coconut strawberry pie. 


If you are a pumpkin aficionado like me, here are 50 count 'em, 50 recipes that can be made with canned pumpkin.


This is my kind of cake!
This masterpiece is called the One Glass Too Many cake.
You can find the recipe here.

Have you ever dreamed of living in a treehouse?
You can actually do it right here.


Want the inside scoop on Property Brothers?
It's right here.


If you enjoy art and books, have I got a treat for you!


Are you thinking of installing a wine room in your home?
We had a small one in McKinney.
I christened it my time-out room.
You can find plenty of inspiration here.


Is there a special little boy(s) in your life?
Does he like his bedroom?
Darling rooms can be found here.

I don't know about you, but I sit a lot at my computer.  Consequently, I get a sore back.  I've been using these exercises, and they really helped me.


Natalie Wood's mysterious death has always intrigued me.  
There is now a podcast that not only examines the facts surrounding her death but also looks at her unhappy life.


Tailgating questions?
This article has all the answers.


Are you single and looking for love?
Do you travel much?
Boy, do I have good news for you!
How come I never get to sit next to that guy?

Until next time...

Photo by Ben Hanson on Unsplash

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Stunning Stonington

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that your week is going well.  It's been a soggy one around here.  

Our sweet little Chili has had some tummy issues and hasn't been herself for the past few days.  She had blood work done yesterday, and the results were inconclusive.  The Dr. recommended x-rays and a sonogram so that's where I will be today.  I'm hoping for a diagnosis and a speedy recovery.  
It breaks my heart to see her so out of sorts.


Last Saturday, the Mister and I drove to the beautiful town of Stonington, Connecticut to meet Sista and her Mista for lunch.
Sista chose the waterside restaurant, Breakwater.  It had the perfect setting, and the service and food were top notch. 

Such a gorgeous view!

Our Men didn't even notice because they were mesmerized by this view!

After lunch, we walked into town to do some shopping.
Correction:  Sista and I did the shopping, and the Men followed us around and talked about guy stuff. 

Here is your Geography lesson for the day.

Stonington is the epitome of New England charm.

Most of these homes are on the water. 

The woman who owns this consignment shop told us that her storefront was used in the movie Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.

We stopped in Tucci Design, and we were happy that we did.  Not only did we find some lovely jewelry, but we made a new friend as well. 

One stand is empty.
I have a feeling I know who bought it.
I'll give you a clue:  
Her name begins with moi.

This is Mary who not only owns the shop but also owns the building.  She has an apartment on the second floor as well as a home in Wilton, CT.

Tucci Design is chock full of chic costume jewelry and awe-inspiring accessories for the home.

Mary's Wilton home was featured in one of my favorite magazines several years ago.

If you're ever fortunate enough to visit Stonington, stop into Tucci Design and browse the fabulous inventory, and meet Mary - she's one hot ticket!

Sista and I were so sad that this kitchen/garden/market store was closed.  We peeked in the windows and it looked like it had great things!

On the way out of town, I took a pic of this darling house.

Until next time...

This pretty girl is Miss Lilly.
Her sweet Mama hosted Book Club last week.

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