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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Prime Time


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We have certainly had a lot of rain, and from what the forecasters say, we are in for some more this week. 

To sum up my weekend, I had two roses and one thorn. 

One rose was reconnecting with some old friends.  My buddy, Leah, and her husband had us over to their beautiful home along with my friend, Debbie, and her husband.  The dinner was spectacular and the company even better. 

The other rose came when my wallpaper installer appeared on our doorstep yesterday.  He did a fabulous job, and I can't wait to share pics with you when it's all done. 

My thorn pricked me yesterday when a big ol' pole got in my way in a parking lot.  
I hate when that happens. 
Why do they always pick on me?

The Mister took it fairly well. However, he did lose all color in his face and kept running out to the garage every twenty minutes to check the dent, mumble under his breath while simultaneously shaking his head.  

Every time that he came back into the house I would remind him at least no one got hurt.

My comment was consistently met with a deafening silence.

Did I mention that we bought the car six weeks ago? 

  This will be my last post until September.  No, the Mister did not put me in time out.  I am taking the Summer off to refresh and recharge.  I am hopeful that I will be back with a full house tour and be fired up with new ideas for the blog.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section or shoot me an email.  I love to hear from you. 

Today, I am linking up with my buddy, Tanya from The Other Side of the Road for  Prime Purchases.

I am beginning with the Mister's purchases because they're not as exciting as mine.


He's got a thing for chargers.


He needed more lighting in his closet.

A replacement for the one we lost in the move. 

He's also got a thing for Alexa.
She is in every room now.


We did a lot of picture hanging over the weekend.

These are a great help.


This rug pad is thick and keeps rugs in place.


For the garage, where else?


Another casualty of the move.


When the Mister is not buying chargers, he's buying razors.



Chili's new bed.


On with my orders.

I'm a sucker for TV ads.


Disposable for outside.

For my kitchen.


Without a doubt, the most comfortable in the whole world.

I ordered another one of these.

My hairdresser recommended this brush.
I bought the largest one and love it.  
My hair never gets caught in it, and I have a lot less frizz.

I ordered all of these for the guest room.
The bed is really high, so I needed an extra-long bed skirt. 
Good quality and looks great.

A reorder - couldn't live without them.

Best glass cleaner ever!
No streaks.

My Mother swore by Gonzo.
If Gonzo can't do it, nobody can.


A reorder.

I ordered two more of these for the laundry room.

Another reorder.

A must for Chili's Prozac.

A must for my glass of wine.

A must for my WW regime.

You can find my other Prime finds here, here, here, and here.

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Have a happy and healthy Summer.

Until next time...

Chowdah incognito

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Friday, May 28, 2021

The Friday Files

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you all had a good week.  The Mister and I spent most of our time hanging paintings, pictures, and mirrors.  I'm not sure we'll keep everything as it is, but it beats having it all spread out all over the floors.

Tonight, the Mister and I are off to an old friend's house for dinner, which I am very excited about.  The rest of the weekend will be spent arranging and rearranging. Then, on Monday, the wallpaper gent arrives to whip up his magic in the powder room.

What a gorgeous renovation of this Kentucky Home!!

Anybody from Michigan looking for a project?

This Tudor has great bones and needs a little TLC and some big bucks. 

Here's a good reason to write a thank you note.

Is renovating your kitchen on your Summer to-do list?

Here is some inspiration

Head over here to catch some highlights of the Kips Bay Show House in Palm Beach.

Here are some tips from the pros on styling your dining table.

You'll be the biggest hit of Memorial Day weekend if you prepare this fabulous Dungeness Crab recipe ala an award-winning chef.

Are you in the market for some easy grill recipes?
They're right here.

Are you headed to La La Land this Summer?

Make reservations for nine of your nearest and dearest at this new eatery.  Guaranteed:  you'll be the most popular kid on campus.

It sounds like a few states will be seeing more than their share of visitors.
As a self-appointed spokeswoman for Texas:
no, thank you.

Speaking of bugs, here is a list of the best bug sprays of 2021.

My personal favorites were not mentioned.

Does anyone remember these two cutie pies?
They were the stars of one of the first youtube videos that went viral.  This week it turned out to be worth a lot more than last.

Are you vaccinated?

Are you suffering from a bad case of wanderlust?

I've got good news for you.

United Airlines is giving away a pair of tickets for any class, anywhere United flies.

There will be 30 winners.

And if you are one of five grand prize winners, you will receive one year of free travel for you and your best bud.

I have a feeling you will have plenty of best friends when they find out about your winning.

Have you downloaded TicToc yet?

After watching some of these clever hacks, I think that you might consider it.

Have any of you Real Housewives fans read this new book yet?

If so, do tell!

If you are looking for something light to watch this weekend, the Mister and I enjoyed this one.

This was my First Reads pick this month and I am enjoying every minute of this delicious novel.

And I'm listening to this nail-biter on my walks.

I bought two of these skorts to tool around town.

Great fit and respectable length for a respectable woman such as myself.

You can save 10% on your first order from this company.

I have this bag and get tons of compliments on it.

I just ordered this dress.
10% off plus free shipping.

My go-to shoe for the Summer.
I have them in every color.

 Thank you to all the brave men and women and their families who have served our country.

Until next time...

Rufgers University

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