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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

An Unconventional Thanksgiving


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was made up of scrumptious food and plenty of laughs. The Mister and I agreed that this was our best Thanksgiving ever. 

For being fairly conservative folks, we do have a wild side.  And it is unleashed on Thanksgiving Day.  For thirty-one years of marital bliss, we have never had turkey for Thanksgiving dinner at home.  When the girls were little, we told them that they could choose the menu.  The key to this was they had to agree on the meal.  It was usually the agreeing part that caused the most problems.

As the girls grew older and their taste buds matured, the Mister would whip up one fabulous meal after another each year.  None of us missed the turkey and the fixings.

A few weeks before this Thanksgiving, our #1 called and gave us the wonderful news that she and her hubby were coming to our house for Thanksgiving.  I told her that I would invite Adorable Jonathon's family to celebrate the holiday with us as well.  We were delighted when they accepted.  

I immediately ordered these darling plates from Pottery Barn.  
I was lucky to get them because they sold out quickly afterward.
If we were going to be hosting Christmas here, I had my eye on this set.

Is it a shock to you that all of my tablecloths are blue and white?  I scrambled to find a tablecloth online.  I scored this one on of all places, one of my favorite stores, Tuckernuck I love their clothes so much I never looked at the home and entertaining section.

I bought those charger plates about 15 years ago in Homegoods.  
I also have them in gold.

Thanksgiving morning, Miss Millie knew something was up.
Btw... there's a reason for that leash.

The minute the Mister heard that company was coming, he wrote the menu.
I was ecstatic when I saw the lamb chops.
They are my favorite!

In homage to Adorable Jonathon's Dad, who hails from Canada, the Mister made these cookies.

I asked the Mister why he was using the torch on the bark, and he told me that it makes it look shiny.

The Mister used his trusty sous vide.
He tells me that he loves using it because it is impossible to overcook or undercook meat.
I'm a big fan of it because there is minimal cleanup, and the meat tastes like buttah.

Btw... the Mister keeps boxes of this salt on hand for seasoning.

After seasoning the lamb, he then seals the chops with the Vacuum sealer.

The Mister then places the meat in this cooking container.

He also used it for the potatoes, which were sinfully delicious.

It might have been the pound of butter and heavy cream that did the trick.
I'm going to be paying for those sins for weeks to come.

My #2 catching up with Miss Millie.

Meanwhile, Chow is exhausted from playing with her.

 The Mister loves to use these bamboo toothpicks.

Mrs. Adorable takes center stage with her twins.
Can you guess which one is Jonathon and which one is Adorable Michael?

One happy Mama.

Another happy Mama.
Chowdah making himself at home with the Adorables.

Hmmm... that torch is coming in handy this holiday.

And the the pièce de résistance!!

We are so lucky to have Jonathon's wonderful family a part of ours.

The rest of the time was spent on puppy snuggles.

Beginning the first of many 30th birthday celebrations.

Cue the screeching brakes...

It was at this point that my family informed me that they were pictured out and would not pose for any more photos.

My #1 brought her mic so we had our first annual fajita/karaoke night.  

Our last lunch before our little chickadees flew back to NYC and drove home to Dallas.

This Thanksgiving will live in my heart forever!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to spend Thanksgiving with family? We had a very traditional Thanksgiving and we were all excited to be together. You have a beautiful family, Katie. xo Laura

  2. These are the best kind of Thanksgivings. Filled with happy times together. We had 26 family members around a very large table this year. I slow roasted turkeys over night and made the gravy and stuffing. Everyone else brought the sides and it was a delicious meal!
    This one will live in my heart for many years, too!

  3. We are having Megan’s in-laws for Christmas Eve. We like each other so it’s fun to all be together and easier on the kids too. I won’t have such a pretty table like you at the VRBO, but I will do my best 😉 That menu looks amazing!

  4. I was so happy to see this in my inbox.
    I will send longer note via email😉
    Ask the mister what does the sousvide do? is it a thermometer or is it like an IV for a the um main course? My ( first) husband is enjoying the cooking . i went to bed three nights in a row and thought my greatest gifts and blessings were under one roof ( and my sister auntie tricia). 💕 laura

  5. Oh, PEN ... both girls, the Adorable's, the pups ... the Mister chewing. A most wonderful Thanksgiving indeed? Your adoring readership needs that potato recipe! My mister loves his sous vide. As do I ... under cooked and overcooked meat is a thing of the past. And, that's something for which I am truly thankful. It's time to expand our sous vide horizons to veg. Cannot wait to see the new casa decked for the holiday's! xo

  6. Wow....how do you get an invitation to your house next year!! Lucky you that Mr is such a fabulous cook. And what beautiful pictures. Lovely memories.

  7. What a great Thanksgiving with blended family! The photos are great, and the food looks amazing! We had lamb chops too, nobody missed the turkey!

  8. These photos are fabulous!! Those desserts!!! Fabulous! Annie g

  9. Your daughters are so beautiful - what a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing

  10. What a fabulous thanksgiving! I love your plates and that tablecloth looks great with them.

  11. Wonderful pictures and everything looks so good. Millie is just precious. I am 100 percent with you on no turkey.

  12. Wow. Wow, Bethany, Wow!!!!! I know YOU know that expression, my fellow housewives fanatic!
    WHAT a beautiful presentation along with such beautiful children. Isn’t it so fun to have our babies grow up and become our friends? That we can have fun with?!!! It’s so true…a loving family is really the only important thing in this messed up world we’re living in ❤️! Will y’all celebrate Xmas at your house too? Your new home looks beautiful-have you given a tour yet? My life has been very crazy and I haven’t been able to keep up on my blog reading…
    May I rent your husband for my holiday activities? Only for cooking and presentations…DONOT need another man around here for all the rest!!

  13. What a special holiday weekend with your girls both there, and the adorable family too. The food looks incredible! I'd give up the traditional turkey any ol' day for that spread!

  14. Oh Katie!! What a glorious time you had! The menu sounds amazing and the photos of happy faces say it all. What a blessing and what wonderful memories to tuck away in your heart! Thanks for sharing! Made me smile! xo

  15. Wow, what a feast - the Mister is a chef extraordinaire! Looks better than turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie to me!! (My kids love their sous vide contraptions.)

  16. What a lovely Thanksgiving with yours and the extended family. Great photos and the chef gets my compliments on the amazing food....

  17. That menu is just divine! I would never have turkey for Thanksgiving, either, if I could have what you had!

  18. You are so lucky to be married to a chef that makes such a wonderful Thanksgiving meal! I enjoyed looking at all of that food and so nice that everyone could get together to celebrate. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  19. Hello Magnificent Menu (um Pumpkin panna cotta …yes), Fabulous Family and Precious Pups!! The joy exuded in this post will keep me going all week long. Your girls are absolutely stunning. My heart is so full for you!

  20. Looks like a fabulous celebration - how lucky are you to have a personal chef! I need one of those! The girls look happy and you are so lucky to have the family all together for the holiday. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  21. This looks like the best Thanksgiving ever for you all! Surrounded by your beautiful family, and all that food! Oh, I'd love dinner at your house -- your Chef Mister is indeed a gem -- my mouth was watering at that menu! It looks like you are settled and settled well. Love seeing both the dogs and all the smiles. Now I'm smiling too!

  22. Hi katie, loved so much your fabulous photos and the presentation of food and desserts

  23. What a wonderful Thanksgiving. Loved seeing all of your family. I think The Mister needs his own cooking channel! What fun to see guy recreating your life in your gorgeous new home with all of your fun friends around in give new/old community! So happy for you! Cannot wait to see your first Texas Christmas tree!!

  24. Wonderful gathering and superb Thanksgiving dining! You are spoiled rotten with having your own chef! Man, he makes my mouth water with his dishes! I love your untraditional tradition. I do not like turkey and have made only one traditional Thanksgiving dinner in my lifetime. It makes the entire house smell, and the clothes you wear, even when you just visit with the host who serves it.

  25. OMGosh, what a beautiful falmily, what a feast,.....I might be mistaken, or maybe makiing this up, but I though you hinted there might
    be a recipe or two included in this post??

  26. What an amazing Thanksgivig. How lucky you are to have a gourmet chef in the kithen ready to cook masterpieces for holdidays and entertaining. There's really nothing better than family at Thanksgiving.
    Karen B.

  27. Love this like old times…. Post more of you fun stories instead of what to buy….

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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