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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Books & Board Games.


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend. Mine started off with a bang.

On Friday, I met my friend, Miss Debbie, at 'Neath The Wreath, my first Christmas Market of the season.  We used to attend these fabulous events during my first stint in Texas.  Not to worry... I took a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

We met the cutest mother/daughter team.  Eris, the daughter, is a jewelry designer out of Baton Rouge.  Her Mom is her #1 helper at all of her shows.

Aren't these earrings darling?
Take a look at Eris' website.
She has lovely necklaces and bracelets, as well.

As I was looking at the earrings, I commented to Miss Debbie that I have to be careful because the holes in my ears, as well as everything else, have stretched out.
A lady behind me piped in and said she had the same problem, and a friend filled her in on The Essentials Earring Supply Kit from Kendra Scott, and she said it did the trick.
As soon as I got home, I ordered one.
I'll keep you posted.

Friday night, we met our neighbors at our little wine bar for a glass or two of vino and some flatbread.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful, fun peeps in our 'hood.  I also ran into some old tennis friends, and it was great to catch up.

The Mister joined me on my walk the next morning.
The temps in the AM have been crisp with warm afternoons.
We then did some shopping at Stonebriar Mall and enjoyed a great lunch.

When we got home, our girl gave us her customary cold shoulder.
Miss Millie does not appreciate us going out without her.   

The Mister made a delicious beef stew.  He couldn't find his crockpot, so he picked up an Instapot while we were out.  He has never owned one, and he is now a believer!  
Another first for the evening included our first fire in the fireplace in our new home.  Millie couldn't figure out what was going on.  She spent most of the evening mesmerized by it.  

Any time that Millie is not in motion is a good evening for us.

We arrived at the Vet bright and early on Monday morning to have Millie's sutures removed.  It was the longest 2 weeks of our lives.
  Her shirt says it all.

A very happy, coneless Millie.


When we lived in Houston, my buddy, Teeeej gave us a couple of games as a hostess gift.  I thought that was a great idea.

I've given this one as a gift a couple of times.
I wrapped it in clear cellophane and tied it up with a gingham bow, and it was good to go.

They have certainly updated the box top.

I thought this one was cute.  
Players race through the streets of NYC.

High ratings for this one.
It promises lots of laughs as well as great discussions.

Not only are the questions loaded, but they are very personal.
Not recommended to play with your teens unless you want to give yourself a heart attack.

This game involves building your own haunted house and then searching for an escape route.
Recommended for young vampires who are looking to study architecture.

Do you enjoy Memes?
This game is for you.

The stores are kaput, but the game is alive and kicking.
This game's target player is anyone who has ever seen a movie. 
Talk about a wide demographic.

This game is for anyone who appreciates design.
It is a placement game, and the players are tasked with making beautiful mosaics.

I eyed this set in a gift shop.
A great way to store your favorite games on bookshelves.
If the Mister wasn't such a sore loser, I would buy a set for our house.

This is a great way to bring your game up a few notches.

Can you believe there is a game like this?
This is for anyone who wants to relive the nightmare of 2020.
By the way... this is considered a family game.

Warning:  this game is off-color. 
We played it with the girls and Adorable Jonathon.
I always like to see how long it takes for my SIL to blush.
The last count was two seconds. 


Coffee table books also make great gifts.

Great gift for the fans of SC.

There's a game too!!

For the homebody.

For the Francophile.


For the entertainer.
Save me a seat.

One of my favorite designers.

For the Royal watcher.

Fun oldie but goodie.

For the wine snob.
I wonder if they have a chapter on box wine.

For the adventure seeker.

For the annoying person that constantly asks questions.
When you give it to him, tell him that this book has all his answers.

For the person who actually remembers record covers.

For the woman who likes having some eye candy on her coffee table.

For the adventurer who has a lot of time and moolah on their hands.

For the person who doesn't ask for ketchup for their steak.

For the person who complains that they are bored all the time.

Great book to bring up the coolness factor of your coffee table.e

For the person who has never set foot in a Walmart.

I ordered this one because I love Nantucket at Christmastime, and I have great memories of the Christmas walk.

One of my favorites, and not because I know one of the authors.
This is for the person who enjoys funny family stories, great recipes, and entertaining tips.
It is a treat for the eyes as well as the heart.

An oldie but goodie and one of my favorites.

One of the Mister's favorite chefs.
I smell stocking stuffer.

Great gift for the seasoned cook.
No pun intended.

For the person who enjoys the trifecta: holidays, cooking, and reading.

This is for the person who enjoys holiday traditions.

I don't think I have to tell you who this is for.

I bought this at the exhibit a couple of years ago.
Any Downton fan will love it.

Just released and has great reviews.

My good buddy, Kristy, just released this novel which I can't wait to read.  

I would buy this one just for the cover!

Are you looking for more gift inspo?
You can find it here, and here.

Until next time...

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  1. Thank you SO much for including Christmas in Peachtree Bluff!! xoxo

    1. Just finished your new book! It didn’t disappoint. Katie makes the best recommendations.

  2. Lots of great gift ideas Katie! Love all the games, Clue was always my favorite. Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorite authors and I'm saving the Santa Suit to read in December. I'm so glad Millie got her cone off, I've been so sad for her!!

  3. I look forward to your blog everyday! Your puppy is just the eyebrows and mustache coming in just so cute..and so appropriate for your fun personality! After this post I could just go for broke and order every one of my kids and spouses the perfect book. You covered them all and the games ..great ones for the kids

  4. I love TableTopics! LOL, Miss Scarlet is quite the diva.

  5. So many great ideas for Christmas! I think I will buy myself a couple of the books…Happy Wednesday!

  6. Millie looks thrilled to be done with the cone!! Thanks for the great games and books. I've always wanted that scrabble board that hold the tiles in place. Good stuff!! xo

  7. I bought the Ralph Lauren book the other day. Gorgeous but it weighs a ton! Thanks for the great post and suggestions. Somehow my picture got wiped out and I’ve been trying to get back on here right. All suggestions appreciated as I do love to read your blog! Thanks!

  8. There it is! Only shows when I post

  9. Best Christmas gift list ideas. Thank you.
    Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home. The neighborhood looks so charming and clearly a fun place to live.
    Karen B.

  10. Your new baby is just a doll! What a fun holiday this will be for you -- a first Christmas!


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