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Friday, November 19, 2021

Gizmos & Gadgets/Take 1


Hello, dear friends.  This week just flew by. I've been cleaning out the junk room for the past couple of days to make way for my office.  This brings me to the question of the day. 


  I have numerous bins of the girls' artwork, report cards, projects, etc.  I asked my daughters if they wanted it, and they were not interested in all the priceless memorabilia.  They also live in apartments, so space is a precious commodity.   At what point can I ditch the stuff without being looked upon as a terrible mother?


Btw... If you suggest that I make separate scrapbooks for each girl you, are not my friend anymore.

Today's post began as one but has turned into two because I had so much fun doing the research.  I am married to a gadget guy.  The Mister is like a little kid opening his Christmas gifts.  He totally ignores all the shirt boxes and goes straight for the oddly-shaped ones hoping it is a "toy."

As with all my posts, I base my choices on reviews.  

All of these products have at least four stars.

This would make a thoughtful gift for a camper or bird-watcher.

Does your sister-in-law consider herself the next best thing to Adele?
5-star ratings on this shower speaker.
Maybe it comes with a live band.

Great gift for the family videographer.

Did you know that you can digitize your hand-written notes?
It's possible with this paper and pen.

When you take too many photos like me, this comes in handy. 

What would I do without my peeps?

Is your office always cold?

These little plug-ins have gotten good reviews.

Have you heard of the goDonut?
Functional and no assembly required!

A face-tracking tripod is the perfect stocking stuffer for the compulsive selfie taker!

How would you like to charge your phone and sanitize it at the same time?
It's possible.

The perfect gift for those people who spend more time on their phone taking pics than googling.

This little cube is perfect for the chef in your life.
This little number holds 19 cooking measurements!

Does the resident chef have one of these oven rack pulls?

We have had this set for a couple of years and have been very pleased.

Keeps wine chilled for hours!

Great stocking stuffers or hostess gifts.

Is there a beer drinker on your list?
You may win the best gift-giver award with this one.

You might need this soon...

This is a vehicle emergency multi-tool that performs 7 tasks.
Definitely an asset to any vehicle.  

It never hurts to have a hand-held tire inflater, either.
Both are good for the grandson's new car.

How about a Language Translator Device for the person who is going abroad in the Spring?

Are you sick and tired of being taken advantage of by car mechanics?
Never fear, FIXD is here.

Trouble sleeping?
This little beauty will help you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.
I have no problem with falling asleep; it's the feeling refreshed part that is a struggle for me.

This wrap is for you if you are like me and carry all your stress in your neck and shoulders.

Do you get the winter blues?
This little Happy Light will scare them away.

Steam grill cleaner with good reviews.

Does the Master of the Grill have a flipfork?


The Mister loves his grill baskets.


This basting brush set also makes a thoughtful gift for the Master Griller. 

This is not a gadget, but the Mister wanted me to mention it.  
He has used this for wood scratches, and it works miracles.

This isn't out yet, but I will have to put her on notice if Millie doesn't shape up.

Stay tuned for Part Two next week.

Are you looking for more gift inspo?
You can find it here, here, and here.

Until next time...

Miss Millie recharging.

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  1. Regarding the girls' artwork - I have one under-the-bed box full of my daughter's school stuff; I culled several times to keep it to just enough to fit in the box. She also lives in an apartment so we have lots of her stuff stored here, don't know how I will handle if/when we downsize.

  2. Our Gizmo Gadget GURU miss Katie!! Great ideas my friend, mmmm see some gifts for my guys. Happy weekend!!

  3. Could you take digital pics of the artwork and report cars to send to each of your daughters. Keep digital copies for yourself so it’s easier to discard the originals.

  4. I kept all three kids memorabilia from their childhood and gave to them when they were able to store. Keeping under bed is good solution. I did not want to be the one to throw away even though they wanted me to. If they want to throw it away they can. I couldn’t imagine throwing their memories away.

  5. For my kids' memorabilia, I enjoyed looking through eveything and kept a very small handful of things in a file in the file cabinet, and gave the rest to each child. they looked through everything and enjoyed a little nostalgia and then they threw it away if they didn't want to keep it. This way it is their decision whether to keep or not and I didn't have to feel guilty and throwing away anything. If your New Yorkers are coming to TX for the holidays, that would be a perfect time to do it!

  6. My mom still has some of our memorabilia at home, just a few pieces but they are still in a Tupperware bucket. I love all of these gadgets!!!! I am off to order a few. Thank you for sharing all of fun gadgets.

  7. Thanks so much Katie! I have put 6 things in my cart! As for the memorabilia, I feel your pain except for me it's the opposite, I have way to much stuff and my poor kids are going to have to deal with it someday...I keep telling them I'm sorry in advance, and to please hire an estate sale agent and let them deal with it! You are probably totally organized after moving, I have 2 houses that I've lived in each for over 30 years, so you can only imagine!!

  8. Thank you to the Mister for the scratch removing thing. I will have to try it.

  9. I have FIXD in my car and it is GREAT! Got one for both sons last year, for Christmas. Going back to look at a few of these! Thanks, Katie!! xo

  10. We will always be friends, I have not made a scrapbook! My son's keepsakes are in shoeboxes in his closet. I've tried to return them but he says no room, he has his own collection of my little grandson's keepsakes. LOL, what goes around comes around. Love all the gadgets, I see a few I need for stocking stuffers. Happy Thanksgiving Katie.........

  11. My husband can use the phone donut thing! I have 2 Rubbermaid containers full of each kid's things I've saved (and pared down) over the years... but when will they take them off my hands??? Happy Thanksgiving!

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