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Friday, November 12, 2021

Gift Guide for the Millennial


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good week.  Yesterday, I attended my first Holiday Market of the season with my dear friend, Debbie.  I will tell you more about it in my post next week.  

Last week, I received a text from my old buddy, Skinny Delaney, asking me when I am posting my girl's gift guide.   I sent the text to the girls, and my #1 promptly sent me this comprehensive guide.  She looks at it as a way of throwing hints in her parents' direction.  It hits all price points and half of the items I have never heard of before. 

You asked for it, you got it, Skinny Delaney.

Take it away, #1.



Print Fresh Robe

I have the Bagheera Indigo print and am in LOVE with these robes. So lightweight (great for putting on makeup, doing hair, etc.) and such a fun gift. I bring this with me when I travel because  I MUST have a robe.


I have a few pairs of these. 

They are so comfortable/soft, and not too hot.

These are the perfect size for traveling, and I love that they are clear so you can easily see your things.

THIS is a great Amazon Dupe. 
I have a few of these.

Casper Pillows

My husband and I are obsessed with these and got them for each other last Xmas.

Target Stars Above Pajamas

I literally have a love affair with these pajamas and have them in 6 colors and go to Target FREQUENTLY to see if they have more colors. They are SO COMFORTABLE and not hot.

Always Pan

People are obsessed with these pans. 

They come in great colors.

My Dad has one and loves it. 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

A universally great gift that you can never have enough of.


A wonderful gift for wine lovers! These basically make your wine into a fountain dispenser just by pressing a button (so you can avoid getting red wine drippage all over the counters) while also decanting/aerating the wine. 



Helps you stay hydrated and taste so good!

I recommend only half of a packet at a time.


A crowd favorite — people love this scent, and it makes a luxe stocking stuffer.

Easy, affordable staples. 

I wear these almost every day!

The BEST socks (also great for husbands, dads, etc.)



I will never buy another brand of lighter again!

Works so well, and it charges through a USB.


This is BRAND NEW and perfect for blondes. 

It is VERY pigmented / strong!

Favorite body products! 

Westman Atelier Makeup is my absolute favorite makeup brand. Gorgeous colors, smart packaging, and they work so well. Favorites are the contour stick, blush stick, foundation, and mascara.

Artis Makeup Brushes are my all-time FAVORITE makeup brushes. Makeup goes on so smoothly. 

My personal favorite size is the Oval 7.

This is the third year in a row that this has made my Christmas wish list.  This moisturizer lives up to all the great reviews.  It saves my skin during the winter and helps my hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralight

I am dying for one of these! My facialist always uses red light therapy on me because I have such redness in my skin.  It also soothes my skin. My sister has it and loves it!

Dermaflash Pore Extractor

The most gentle & safest way to extract your pores.

I got one last Christmas, and my entire life was forever CHANGED.

You can never have enough of these!

My hair falls out like crazy, so my brushes always have tons of hair in them. This has been the best to clean all of them quickly & easily!

Laura Mercier Chrome Caviar Sticks make great stocking stuffers - they make applying eye makeup SO easy, and they are the most beautiful colors ("Rose Gold" is beautiful & so universal)!


Lele Sadoughi Headbands / Accessories

Silk Pillowcases are such a luxury and so good for keeping the wrinkles away. 


Silk hair ties keep the frizz away!

Thanks #1!

Not to worry... I took notes.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. I’m smiling because I have taste very much like you’re number one even though I could be her much much older sister, wink wink. She’s so gorgeous but anyway she absolutely has the best taste! I have that barefoot dreams on my lap right now and recently bought those jammies. I’m just gonna pass this along to Mr. Nine as my list, LOL!

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      hx .

  2. No youngsters to buy for but I am going back to check out a few things! These posts are always fun, Katie! Thanks and have a great weekend! xo

  3. She has great taste, just like her mama! ;)

  4. I LOVE these blogs -- maybe Adorable Jonathon (AJ) can do one too???

    1. I hope so too. AJ just began a new job and has been working 12 hour days. He and my #1 are flying back from a wedding in Palm Springs today. Maybe he will whip one up on the flight. Glad you are enjoying the shopping blog posts.

  5. Lots of great items on #1’s list. I would be thrilled if Santa brought me a few of them.

    Love the idea of AJ doing a post.

  6. What fun. I have 2 daughter in laws and this list will give me a jumping start to gift buying.

  7. Love this list. It matches my #1's interests. I am going to share with her! What a fun way to connect with your girls! xo laura

  8. Love your girls' gift ideas! I will use them for me and mine! Thank you #1!

  9. I've always wanted a silk pillowcase. I should look into these for my girls as well! And the silk scrunchies for Beth... thank you for this list!

  10. A lot of really great finds. My daughter gave me a silk pillowcase. Keeps the frizz away. xo Laura

  11. I love Liquid IV, and you are so right—I only use about half a packet myself. The first time, I dumped in the whole packet and was like yikes, I can’t drink this!! Haha Stopping by from Friday Favorites! :)

  12. Well, that was fun. I just shopped for myself. :o)) A great post!


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