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Friday, November 26, 2021

50+ Gifts Under 50 Bucks/Take 2


Dear friends... If you are looking for Part 2, you found it!  

And if you're looking for Part 1, it's right here

Before we get started, here's a couple of pics from the kitchen during meal prep.

Have I mentioned that we are a somewhat unconventional family when it comes to the Thanksgiving feast?  Read all about it in next week's post, and there may be a couple of the chef's secrets spilled in the process. 

On with the shopping...


One of my favorite shows!

I need to buy this for my #1.

Does anybody need some plumping?
My plumping is in all of the wrong places.

This may not be the sexiest gift, but I bet it will be the most useful. 
I use this sweater shaver at least once a week.

This reminds me of a little someone very close to my heart.
Too bad they don't have a red one.

I went $9.00 over budget but I couldn't resist.

Is someone traveling this year?

Cute wine tote

Beer chillers are always appreciated.

Don't forget this pop-and-serve popcorn maker, which is on sale!

S'mores anyone?

The Mister loves his prep trays.

Does your cook have a pasta maker?

Olive oil always makes a thoughtful gift for the chef of the household.

Perfect for the RH wannabe.

Does Santa need some festive briefs?

Great stocking stuffer.

Our #1 got this for Christmas last year.
She liked it so much she brought it with her this weekend.

Any TJ fans out there?
My #2 worked there during grad school and is TJ's biggest fan!

One of my favorite brands and at a great price.

When I look at these, I wonder if I would ever put them on straight enough to look like this.  Lucky for me, they have plenty of other cute patterns.

Under $50!!

I love these fragrance pens! 

You'll be the most popular Grandma on the block if you surprise the grands with one of these.

Who could resist?

I wish I had bought one of these.
My houseguests would be so impressed!

My suggestion would be to play this at the end of the night in case there are any sore losers.
Not that I know anything about sore losers or anything.
It's not my fault my family cheats.

This goes into my why didn't I think of it? file.

Last but certainly not least, who wouldn't love one of these?

If you are looking for Part 1 of this post, it can be found right here.

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You can find it hereherehere, here, and here.

Happy shopping!

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Fun gifts! For $50 more I bought my husband replacement uggs with the heel in slipper. It was either that or replace my E6000 glue from trying to repair his old ones again!

  2. I ordered my baker/chef a pasta maker this year. I'm hoping he'll be as excited as I am to try making fresh pasta!

  3. Shower Margarita Machine??? Fun stuff Katie!

  4. Great ideas for gifts, thanks Katie.......

  5. I find your gift suggestions to be the best of all that I've read online. Thank you for taking time to giving us such great ideas.
    Karen B.


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