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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Prime Time


Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you had a good weekend.  Ours was a lot of fun.  We attended a holiday party, got some shopping done, saw a great movie, and even got a couple of walks in with our Millie. 

Millie is a great little pup, except she is easily distracted on walks.  Every leaf on the ground must be inspected by her discriminating nose as well as her laser-sharp eye. 

On Saturday, we headed over to Legacy West in Plano, one of my favorite places.  It's a bustling area lined with high-end stores and fabulous restaurants.  

My mission was to return a sweater to J Crew that I ordered on Black Friday. The Mister's mission was to beat his caloric intake of Thanksgiving Day.

He chose North Italia for lunch.
It began here.

And ended here.

After lunch, I headed over to J. Crew to return my sweater.  Before approaching the register, I did some serious browsing.  I then spotted the sign that said Sixty Percent off Mark-Downs.

I spotted this poncho on the rack, which I had been eyeing online.  
I even mentioned it in one of my posts. 

Before I knew it, I was walking out of the store with a poncho that ended up being less than sixty bucks.

Now that's what I call a good day had by all.

Sunday afternoon we went to see House of Gucci.  Lady Gaga was phenomenal. I am not a big fan of Adam Driver's, but he gave an incredible performance as well.

I enjoyed seeing Gaga stroll around in her Gucci attire.  
The only drawback of the movie is that I thought that it was a pinch too long.

The Mister didn't think so.
But then again, whenever he has his head buried in a bag of popcorn, he loses all sense of time.  

By the way... I have a piece of advice for you free of charge.  If you ever find yourself in a crowded mall full of germs and want to escape, find the movie theater if they have one.  There is plenty of open space. 

We have attended two movies in the past couple of months, and there were no more than ten people in the mega-theaters. 

Today, I am linking up with my buddy, Tanya, from The Other Side of the Road for Prime Purchases.

I bought one of these for Millie when she got spayed.

She wasn't crazy about it, but it sure beat the cone.

This helped to cut down on Millie's scratching.

Placecards for Thanksgiving.
Great quality and arrived within a day.

I am so impressed with the quality of these napkins.
I will definitely re-purchase in another color.

This lash divider is a great little tool! 

My #1 recommended this brush cleaner in her post, so I had to get one.
I can't have my kid have cleaner brushes than me!

These are great-looking and dirt cheap.

Okay, this is the last one.
I will be traveling in my not-so-distant future, so I ordered this set. 

Btw... these remind me of when I worked for Lord & Taylor before I was married, and we had to carry clear plastic purses.

I found this dickey on Instastories.  The girl who recommended them is probably in her thirties and sang her praises for the almighty dickey.  
For research purposes, I ordered this one and this one.
She was right - my sweaters don't look as bulky.

 I decided to make all of the bows for our wreaths this year.
After about 15 minutes, I discovered that I had little talent and ordered them from a holiday warehouse.
The Mister was relieved.
He couldn't take my cursing much longer.

I suffer from painful sinus headaches.
I have always used Flonase, which was doing an okay job. 
This spray gives immediate relief.  
It will blow your head off, but it works. 

I ordered two of these - one for my vitamins and one for my earrings.

I hope these help my ears.
Has anyone tried them?

I needed some more readers, so I ordered this set.
You can't beat the price!


Love this primer!

Digital Orders

 Now I present to you the Mister's purchases in his own words.



I think Katie asks me to contribute just to see what I am buying! 

I just replaced the bulbs in the coach lights with these that have a sunlight sensor.
Katie suggested that I camp outside all night to make sure they work.


I have 2 in my TINY closet
guess who has the BIG HUGE closet?


Hands down, the best electric razor on the market!

Over 6000 reviews, and they are all excellent. 
I just put two on our outdoor faucets.


Shhh, Merry Christmas, Katie, and one for me too!


I use this for back pain, and it WORKS!

I used these on the Thanksgiving Dessert this year.

My new go-to in the kitchen.... zero calories!

I love this stuff so much, I now buy it by the pound!


Just got these, and they are great!

 We have used these throughout the house, perfect warm white, dimmable, easy installation, and they look fantastic!

 Thank you, Mister, for your input.
As a side note... if you give me a toothbrush for Christmas, you will find yourself sleeping outside with your coach lights.

Are you looking for some gift inspiration?
You can find it hereherehere, herehere, and here.

Until next time...

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  1. You've always got great ideas and gadgets around the home. I just ordered those dusk to dawn candleabra bulbs for my outdoor garage lanterns. Glad to see I'm in good company! Want to see the Gucci movie and eat that bruschetta you showed before the gelato, looks fantastic!!

  2. Thanks for the hint about the movie theatre. I've been wanting to see "Spencer" and NOT wanting to go to the theatre. But this sounds promising!

  3. Oh, my, I should NOT have stopped by. I see 3-4 things that need to go in my cart. I love Legacy West but sure don't get there near enough. When our daughter moved from Dallas that sort of messed that up. I ordered that brush cleaner and love it. Enjoy these days of Christmas!

  4. I get so lost in your Prime Posts!! Always a good visit, Katie! Tell your hubby that I agree with him on Voltaren! It works great! Blessings!! xo

  5. Our movie theaters have actually been pretty popular lately. I'm checking out all your suggestions, especially the beautiful napkins. Loved seeing the Mr's ideas too. Thanks so much for linking up!

    Her ass ASSISTANT calls me yesterday saying cannot give me a Z-PAK due to bla bla bla reason.
    She tells me to take FLONASE I say "HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS!!"
    GOT green BURGERS and the pressure wakes me up at NIGHT!
    She was to ask DOCTORESSA and I am still waiting!
    I wrote last THURSDAY!
    She called yesterday!

  7. I remember the clear plastic L&T purses. Did you have one in the Northbrook Court mall L&T by chance? All my recessed lights have old, long-lasting CFL bulbs - I will purchase the mister's recommendation lights if and when the CFLs ever burn out. With the covid surge, it will be a very long time that I have not been in a movie theater.


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