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Friday, December 10, 2021

Reading, Watching, & Listening


Hello, dear friends.  How was your week?  Are you shopped out yet?  Believe it or not, the Mister and I are headed back to the mall this weekend because I have more returns. 

Speaking of returns, I bought this number on Black Friday.  I needed to exchange it for a larger another size, and the process was seamless.  I should receive my replacement within a few days.

The weather has been crazy here, as most of the country.  
This was taken Wednesday morning on my walk.  
It was in the low 40's and misting.  
Today it is supposed to be in the mid-80s.

Miss Millie had her Christmas pic taken this week at camp.

She also got her first Ugly Christmas Sweater!
She would much rather be chewing those adornments off of it rather than wearing the darn thing!

She is developing quite a personality.
Her favorite hobby is watching me read.

And trying to convince her old man to stay home and play with her.

Miss Millie has got her Daddy wrapped around her little paw.

Here is a roundup of what has kept me busy the past couple of months.  

Katie reads this on Audible.  I really loved this book.  Most of the quotes in the press were taken out of context.  I thought she was so honest about her life as well as about herself.  I told my girls to read it to show them that everyone has ups and downs, even Katie.  It's how you handle it that counts.

This was chosen by Jenna Bush's book club.
I don't read reviews of a book until I finish it, and this one had mixed reviews.   It kept me entertained throughout the pages.  The Mafia plays a supporting role.  The heart of the story is a deep friendship between two girls that grow up to be closer than sisters through hardships, ambition, failures, and successes.  


This was a sweet story with a sad ending.
It is labeled a Christmas story, but I don't consider it one.

This was published about 10 years ago. I was in the mood for an uplifting story.  I chuckled through the whole thing. I told the Mister that the main character reminded me of him.  He said thank you.  I told him that he better read it before he thanks me.

I got an advanced copy of this audiobook.  I wasn't expecting much.  Boy, was I was ever wrong.  The author, Kelly, was Tim Conway's only daughter out of six kids.  Kelly shared a special bond with her Dad.  She includes some stories about the Carol Burnett show and celebrity friends.    
It is not a tell-all book, but rather a love letter to her beloved Dad.


Beatriz Williams is one of my favorite authors.  She did not disappoint with this spy thriller centering around two sisters.

Marie Benedict can do no wrong in my book.
(Hi Del!)
The Mister and I both loved this entertaining story about the personal librarian to J.P. Morgan.
Historical Fiction at its finest!

This started off strong and then lost momentum.


This season ended with a bang, and I loved every minute of it.

Did you know that this show is based on a true story?
Here's the backstory

Great movie.

The Mister will never get tired of this show, and I will never grow tired of looking at Kevin Costner.
The guy's still got it.

What an ending!
Can't wait to see what's in store next for my favorite psychopath. 

I never watched Dexter back in the day.
We may have to figure out a way to watch the early seasons.
This is pretty good.

This show keeps getting better and better.

I love Shark Tank!
The judges are my best buds while folding laundry.

We have to wait until next month to see what's happening with my favorite TV couple.

Either this show has gotten worse, or I am maturing.
I'm hoping for the latter.

Are you looking for some gift inspiration?
You can find it
 hereherehere, hereherehere, and here.

Until next time...

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I bought this vest last year and love it.
It is a longer length which I love because it's more flattering on me even though I am height challenged.


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Macy's has a huge sale on Christmas dishware.

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  1. Oh my you always have such good stuff! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the Katie Couric book. The press sure bashed her didn't they? I didn't realize Yellowstone was on again. My husband loves it too. Need to finish watching The Morning Show and there are too many good books on your list to even think about!!

  2. Watch "Christmas With the Kranks." It is the movie version of John Grisham's book with Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen in it.

  3. Love love your blog! Millie is adorable as is your mister and they are blessed to have you in their lives!

  4. I still can't believe that beautiful lake setting is in Texas! We are watching Yellowstone and Dopesick right now. We fizzled out a little on Succession, and I want to give Dexter a try. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  5. Hooray I see some books to add to me reading list, and now that my Christmas gifts (oh wait, was I supposed to buy gifts for other people?) are all purchased and wrapped I hope to have some time to drink hot chocolate, turn on the You Tube fire place, and dig into that list. Hugs, Laura

  6. I loved Skipping Christmas and it's accompanying movie Christmas With the Kranks; I've been trying to convince my family to do this one year but so far I have no takers! I loved Sparks newest novel but would not have considered it a Christmas book either though I know it does take place at Christmas time. We watched Dexter last year on Netflix and I was so surprised to enjoy a show about a serial killer--- then we began watching YOU and flew through this latest season!

  7. Oh Millie the Magnificent. Loved Katie’s Book. We have been watching all those shows. Helen and Max are my favorite couple too. Have a sweet and festive weekend.

  8. Thanks for the great suggestions. I never have to online shop for good things anymore I just wait for you to hit my inbox and start clicking! We have identical taste in so many things. I read a comment about the Tuckernuck top that said it ran small. Helps to know you apparently would agree. So I will size up when I order. Loving all of Millie’s little escapades and her ever growing sweater collection. So cute! Also adore her Christmas picture!

  9. Lots of good recommendations -- although I don't need one more book till I finish the ones I have!

  10. Oh Katie thank you for your should be award winning content this year! So entertaining, succinct and helpful. Have needed a new coat for winter walking and grabbed the black hooded puffed coat you shared. And downloaded Katie’s book for a 9 hour drive tomorrow. See how helpful you are!? Merry Christmas!

  11. Millie is adorable, especially sleeping on her daddy's lap! I watched Dexter back in the day and we were hooked. I ordered Kelly Conway's book and will read it after I finish the latest Outlander book. I loved Tim Conway. Happy weekend, Katie!! xo

  12. First--I have to check out that turtleneck. They are forgiving and I love them under cardigans.

    As always, thanks for the book reviews. I've pondered the Katie Couric book, as well as the one by Beatrix Williams. I read a few of her books and then hit a bad one and I second guessed buying another. Again- I love your reviews. Do you listen on your iPhone or laptop? Still not getting not getting into that groove but it would be awesome when I'm cleaning or cooking--like most of my days.🙄

    Enjoy the holidays!🎄

  13. It is always fun to see your book reviews. The Shrink Next Store sounds crazy, especially when you read that it is based on a tour story. How do you turn over your life for 30 years to your doctor? It sounds crazy.


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