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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Summer Shindig at Sista's

Hello, dear friends.  I hope that you are enjoying your week.  After a cool weekend, the humidity is back.  I'm hoping that it gets better because I am hosting a luncheon on the patio for some very special ladies tomorrow.

Last month, my Sista and Bro-in-Law hosted a party at their beautiful Connecticut home.  The guest list was made up of lifelong friends.  Many made the trek to Texas for my Dad's 100th and lived to tell about it.

When we arrived, my Sista was on her way down to the field, otherwise known as party central.

Naturally, I brought my camera.  While everyone was down at the field, I took full advantage of the photo op in Sista's charming home.  Don't tell her, but I also pocketed some of her jewelry.  She'll never miss it. 

I'll give you a tour. 

How cute is this garage/barn? 

Sshhh.... we will enter through the back door. 

Note to self:  on exiting - grab a rooster.

Love their kitchen.
Help yourself to some Snapple.

Sista renovated her kitchen a couple of years ago.

That little square holds a dog bed.
Sista's trying to coax her 3 pups out of the family bed.
They've occupied it for ten years.
Sista always likes to set unreachable goals for herself.   

I love that cow print.  
I wonder if Sista would miss it.

This is the butler's pantry.
Lots of cute stuff.
I'm glad I brought Miss Daisy.

Help yourself to some nourishment.

My nef #2 made this beautiful table.
Btw... he was born on my birthday.
I've never forgiven him.

I wish I remembered to bring my monogrammed pool cue.

Love the pops of orange.
Are you tall enough to grab that doggie duo on the top shelf?

That grandfather clock came from the old homestead where Sista and I grew up.
Rather, I grew up.
Sista's still working on it.

This painting was one of two that we inherited from our Dad's bachelor pad.  
I got the other one.  
It's not half as nice as this one.
I'm not bitter.

This is the library.

A lot of books considering Sista never learned how to read.

This is Sista's office.

... which doubles as her purse storage room.
Go on ahead of me.
I'm going to see if there's any moolah in any of them.

Looks like Sista's got a few books left from her last book tour.

We better start getting down to the party.
The guests are probably brooding because I haven't arrived yet.

We have to walk all the way down there.
Lucky I did two marathons this year.

We're getting closer.
Say, you wouldn't have any Nitroglycerin handy, would you?

Nope, that's not Chowdah.  
That's his cousin, Wiley.
Nef # 1 holding the hydration.
Nef # 2, approaching, is the one who stole my birthday.

Our handsome bartender and chef for the day.

Time to wet my whistle after that long car ride.

I just walked 14 miles and there's a golf cart?

Miss Daisy posing with Sista's beautiful table. 
Don't pick her up - Sista's stuff is heavy.

I can always count on my ol' buddy, Miss Cathy to make sure I don't get dehydrated.

This young man, Miss Cathy's Bro, grew up in the house next door when Sista and I were young beauty queens.
I call him the one who got away...

I can feel the Mister's jealous eyes on us as we pose.

Former beauty queens in the house.

The food was delish.
The kid who stole my birthday did a great job.

I babysat for that young lady, Miss Caroline, who is holding Miss Daisy. 
Yeah, I started babysitting when I was about 3.
I was a very responsible toddler.

The whole gang.
A fabulous day with wonderful friends.

Time to hit the road.
I hope Miss Daisy isn't exposed to any security checks!

Until next time...

George Clooney

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a beautiful home and a lovely party!!! I think I need that cow picture and the cow head statue for Grimmwood.

  2. You are too funny! Everything looked gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hysterical as usual!!
    and what a home! Gorgeous.

  4. Loved the tour and the party. I love that cow picture. It is adorable.

  5. Katie-
    Her home is gorgeous! And of course you made me almost spit my morning coffee out laughing!
    Love- Laura

  6. This post was so funny!!! I loved it! The photographs of your sister's home and party were beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful home and property! It looks like such a fun summer day!

  8. Sistah's house rocks -- and I'm definitely stealing that wonderful tomato/mozz snack for my next whatever! (Maybe even lunch.) It looks like a wonderful time -- good fun, family, friends, perfect weather, great venue, yummy food, pretty table.. what's not to love?

  9. You do make me laugh! Great house and love those pups.

  10. This is a lovely post... looks like a delicious meal too and the perfect weather! Your sister's home is beautiful!


  11. What a cute and comfortable home and the party looked amazing!

  12. Now, if that doesn't scream SUMMA, I don't know what will. In love with Sista's decorating style, but I know she got that from you!! The partaaay hut, so grand!!! yet quaint and very Kenenedy-ish!!

  13. This is such a fun post, but all of your posts are fun! Loved seeing your Sista's house and the party venue. Lovely.

  14. What a beautiful home and lovely party. Can I be invited to the next one :)?

  15. OMGosh ! I laughed all the way through this - you are such a great writer ! Sista's home is AMAZING ! What a wonderful day - everything looks delicious and beautiful.....

  16. What a great day and fine fete! You should've called me, I could've stood on your shoulders to reach those Staffordshires.

  17. Fun times! Loved seeing more of Sista's beautiful home and property. I'm sure she won't miss a thing!
    Happy Wednesday!

  18. George Clooney looks just like the real one! And thanks for the fabulous tour of your sister's home.

  19. Oh, Katie -- So good to have you back. This looks like a wonderful party! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the summer.

  20. You are fortunate to live just a few-hour car ride away from you sister.
    Sista's home has lovely character - was it a former CT farm?
    I love your hat!
    Have an enjoyable weekend.

  21. F-U-N!!!!!! A long table with a checkered cloth in the middle of nature filled with friends and family??? Nothing better!!!
    I think your no 1 daughter looks like your sister!!!

  22. Delightful to say the least. I love the character of Sista's house and found something interesting in every nook and cranny. Can't blame you at all for absconding with a few precious things.

  23. Such a fun, funny and cute post Katie! Loved seeing everything, and Sista has so much stuff she'll never miss a thing!

  24. Sista’s house is amazing. You were eyeing some good stuff, did you get away with it? What a lovely party, and you are so funny!

  25. Looks like a fabulous day and party! I hope you came home with some good loot : )

  26. Sista's home is beautiful and you, my dear are a hoot! Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend and I hope you join us again.

  27. Oh what fun to go along on the tour of Sista's home and seeing the fun birthday party. Congratulations on being featured over at Cindy's Amaze Me Monday blog party!

  28. Congratulations on your Dad's 100th!! That is truly amazing!!


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