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Monday, April 1, 2024

Prime Time


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Ours got off to a rough start.  Good Friday turned into Bad Friday when my computer crashed on Friday morning. 

Lucky for me, I have a backup laptop.  My Director of Technology, aka the Mister, spent seven hours on the phone with HP but had no luck.  He is prepared for battle today.  It is under warranty, so hopefully, we will get good news.

Is there a Patron Saint of Technology?
If not, there should be.
Note to self: write the Pope a note.

On a lighter note, we spent Easter at Adorable Jonathon and our #1's darling home.  The food was delish, and the company was delightful! 

The guest of honor joined us with bells bows on!

Mrs. Adorable lulling little Lucy to sleep.

Mr. Adorable taking his turn.

My #2 and her namesake.

Lucy has Adorable Michael wrapped around her little finger!

Btw... I just realized that AJ is not in any pics.  There is a reason - he was in the background doing all the work! 

I have a hunch that he is looking forward to getting back to his real job!

It looks like we were more excited to see Lucy than she was to see us.

Looks like it's Grumpa's turn to change Lucy's diaper!

It may take a while for Lucy to fill out her new bonnet.

At last!

Hava e purse, will travel!

Today, I am linking up with my friend, Tanya.  She hosts a link party called Prime Purchases for bloggers to post their latest Amazon purchases.

Hop over and check out all of the great buys.


The bigger the shoulders, the smaller the waist!


I have been in search of a product that has self-tanner as well as SPF.

I've always been a NB girl, but when I saw the deal on these, I tried them out, and I was very pleased with them.

Great bang for the buck.

I don't know what disappears faster - my readers or these hair ties.  I'm not pointing fingers, but I would hate to see an x-ray of Millie'$ tummy.

A little friend of mine in the 'hood had a birthday, and she loves the Royals.

I have this flosser in my cart.  Does anyone have it?  Any reviews?

A great invention!


That time of year again! 

This is the hardest working piece of technology in our home.  Every time I turn around, Katie is filling another frame with a picture of Lucy.

4x6 Glossy Premium Photo Paper


 5x7 Glossy Premium Photo Paper



I need this after working on Katie's computer all day.

The older I get, the bigger the pill case.

Millie keeps asking us when she can meet Lucy.
We told her as soon as she learns to control herself.
Which means never. 

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. My worst nightmare: Laptop fail. What a blessing you had a backup, Sis. All the best on the repair/replacement front. And that bonnet? Perfection.

  2. That little Lucy is perfection!!!
    Poor Millie, one of these days she and Lucy will be besties!!

  3. Your Easter photos are fabulous!!

  4. oh worst nightmare. ugh!!!! Miss Lucy...could she be any more " adorable".....just , just precious!!!!! Hugs- Your Sudbury Sweetheart!

  5. Is there a link to signup for on the road blog?

  6. I have the that (travel) flosser and the regular full size. I prefer the regular full size. It is much easier to use since you hold just the wand. The travel size you do need to fill up a few times during each use.

    1. I agree. And it doesn’t have as much “oomph” as the regular size. I was very disappointed with it.

  7. Lovely Easter photo's, hope your computer is better soon. Annie G

  8. Ahhhh...the photos with Lucy are darling! Looks like a wonderful Easter.

  9. What an adorable baby and so good being passed around

  10. Oh my goodness Ms. Millie is feeling so left out of the festivities. Maybe she
    Will be reporting you to the mean people police.
    Lucy and the parents are so good looking. It’s small wonder that Lucy is so picture perfect beautiful.
    I love love love the way Lucy dresses. I wonder who is in charge of her wardrobe?

  11. Lucy is quite the fashionista and I love her many expressions and how content she is in everyone’s arms! I think you need a Lucy🎀 category so we can all get our baby fix when we need it KTG

  12. Lucy opened her eyes with her mama holding her! We had the family over for Easter and we have zero photos! argh! I have asics for tennis (not that it helps my game, but they have great ankle support). xo laura

  13. Holidays have taken a turn for the better! I think that Miss Lucy looks like her mommy. I love those big bows on newborn girls - so sweet.

  14. Just popped in here from somewhere or other (can't remember, now) and really enjoyed my visit. Your little granddaughter is very sweet and I'm sure an innocent-looking dog like Millie couldn't possibly misbehave.

  15. I hope your laptop recovers soon! I loved all the baby pictures. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases.


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