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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Parents Weekend in Virginia

In case anyone missed me last weekend, the Mister and I were in Virginia celebrating Parents Weekend with our #2.  We were very excited to go for obvious reasons.  The less obvious reason was that our girl actually wanted us to be there.  You see our #1 told us this year not to bother to come for her Parents Weekend because it is for underclassmen and geeks.  Yeah, right.  
So back on my positive note.  We arrived on Thursday and had dinner with our #2 at her very favorite restaurant, Cool Spring.  We have been hearing about this organic food market and cafe for months.  Too bad it doesn't honor the college's food plan because our girl is a frequent customer.  I asked her casually if this health food restaurant served  healthy wine and she told me that it has a full bar. Yeah Baby!  Bring on the tofu!   
The food was great and our girl was so proud to introduce the restaurant staff to their backers her parents.  Seriously, the food was great and service even better.  We loved it so much we had dinner there 3 nights in a row!  
The next day, we went to Charlottesville, VA, the home of University of Virginia for some shopping.  What a beautiful town!  
Had an OK lunch at Balkan Bistro. 
Then we did some shopping.  One of my favorite stores is located there.  We don't have one of these great shops in Dallas.
The next day we did a little shopping in Lexington and then had lunch with two of my old high school friends that I hadn't seen since graduation.  Both ladies have children at the same college as my #2. 
Every restaurant is packed for this weekend in this little town, but my buddy ML managed to get a table right away.  I love having friends in high places!

So this is why I love Facebook. When #2 applied to college, I saw on FB that ML's daughter was a student there. When #2 was accepted, I messaged ML and she could not have been more gracious. When school began, her darling daughter CK went out of her way to introduce herself to my #2 and show her the ropes.
We then got together with our girls and little did I know that MJ who also went to school with us, had a son at the school.  MJ, her (very handsome) son, and husband joined us as well.
It had been a "few" years since I had seen these lovely ladies and yet it only felt like minutes.  From the moment I sat down at the table, I got lost in the laughter and great stories.  They were great girls in high school that turned into wonderful, funny, beautiful women that I look forward to keeping in touch with.  What a great afternoon.
After lunch was over, everyone else went here.
We went here... 

 To store up on our girl's rations when she's not at Cool Spring...
Then went back to supply her new "dingle." (double room used as a single). 
On our last day, we enjoyed  a sumptuous brunch at this beautiful historic hotel.


We bid good bye to our girl and I'm now counting the minutes until she comes home for Thanksgiving.  What a great visit!

Hope you have a great hump day!


Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. Love me some Virginia. My son went to UVA, and it was a sad day for his mama when he graduated and left this amazing town. If you haven't been already, do go to the Caspari store in downtown C'ville. It's one of my favorite stores ever.

  2. Such a fun filled weekend! I always enjoy the commentaries of your outings :) How fun to reconnect with dear friends and share some time together. It was so nice of your lovely daughter to show you around, Cool Springs sounds wonderful! Your photos captured it all ~ you have a beautiful family!


  3. What a fun and perfect weekend. Charlottesville is such a beautiful place..could easily move there. Have friends there ( old and newer friends) so am trying to plan a trip that way soon. Was supposed to go in Nov. but the hurricane Sandy interfered!! Your daughter is darling....what a fun weekend. Did you go to Caspari? Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Thanks for the fun spot in your blog, Katie!! Lunch with you and MJ was the highlight of my weekend! Happy reconnecting with #2 over Thanksgiving! We finally got our power back last Friday---12 days--a record!!


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