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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Our #1 and Adorable Jonathon spent Labor Day weekend with us.  We lucked out with gorgeous weather. 

My #1 couldn't wait to see her little brother, Chowdah.  For some reason, #1 thinks that time stands still when she is not here and everything stays the same.  She had a rude awakening when she saw Chowdah! 

My #1's last visit home as she cradled Chowdah in her arms.

Four months later, she attempted the same thing.

Love Chow's face in this one.  Put me down, crazy girl!

Chillin' in the sunroom with cocktails.

Sometimes #1 thinks she's Kim Kardashian.

Adorable Jonathon thinking she's not my kid!

Cocktail of the evening - the Madras.

Some snacks for the travelers.

Adorable Jonathon chatting it up with my #2.

#1 bonding with her little brother.

Love Chow's face in this one.  He's thinking...who is she again?

#1 thinking... I wonder what I can get my parents to buy me on this trip...

Maybe a new car or some expensive jewelry...

Adorable Jonathon thinking... better you than me!

Keep dreamin' #1!

Back to reality.

The Mister made a delicious salad accompanied by lamb chops, my favorite, and lobstah.  We couldn't have 2 Texans for dinner without serving lobstah!

And last but not least... warm apple tart and whipped cream.

A perfect ending to a beautiful night!

Happy Tuesday!

Now I know what Chowdah is going to be for Halloween! 

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Ha! Yes, large breeds don't stay little long. Always good too spend time with the kiddos. Even though our oldest is an hour away, we rarely see her with teaching and coaching! We did get a chance to have dinner with her this past weekend.

  2. What a great visit! The meal looked how Chowdah' has grown...

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Labor Day and oh my goodness how big he has grown.

  4. Good luck finding a lobster pot big enough forSir Chowda...yowza, he has gotten huge!!! It looks like you had a perfect weekend!! Hope your week is just as good!!! xoxo

  5. Great images - and your comments summed them up perfectly.
    Hope you had a great weekend with your family,
    Liz x

  6. Does the Mister have a blog with recipes for his food always looks AH-mazing!

  7. OMG.........what a dream to be married to a chef!!!!! Cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend....your baby at home with the hubs cooking away in the kitchen!! hahahahaha.....tell me again how you ended up in the north after being in TX?? I noticed her sweater on and I'm laughing cuz if you were still here in TX with me, you certainly wouldn't be needing a sweater around here!! Love Chowdah!!

  8. The food pictures get me every time!

  9. Hi Katie! This was such a fun post and was the perfect start to my day:) Your narrative is hilarious and having adult children myself, I can relate to some of your comments. Your cocktail, snacks, dinner, and dessert ALL looked delicious!

    We've been knee-deep in construction and are about 2/3 done. It's been crazy and we are spent and over budget.. I've been a bit stressed and have had to put blogging on the side lines until things calm down. Hopefully I'll be back end of September. xxL

  10. I like your family pics very much. I appreciate the patience of your daughter allowing you taking so many beautiful pictures of her. It`s a joy to look at them.
    I hope for Chowdah Halloween will never comes... :-) !

  11. It's great getting to know your family via your blog, Katie. Our boys would rather be dead and buried than show up on ours! :) Then again, you have beautiful children and the Mister's not so bad either.
    C + C

  12. It looks like it was a perfect weekend! And the Mister's culinary creations look amazing! But I'm thinking if Chowdah is going to be a lobster for Halloween you are going to need a bigger pot - and maybe a wagon to carry it in!

  13. Oh please do share...cocktail recipe and those two fab looking dips?? Fun, fun pics.

  14. I laughed all the way through this post. thank you!


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