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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Ties

Hello dear friends.  Last Saturday, the Mister and I spent the day in one of my favorite places in the whole world -  Newport, Rhode Island.  This is the first of a few posts chronicling our visit.

We had limited time.  Chowdah was at doggie day care digging one hole after another and we had to pick him up by five.  The Mister said that we could either shop or take the tours of the mansions.  Three guesses which one I chose.

This looked like my kind of store when I spotted it across the street.  I practically stopped traffic making my way over to the preppy green store front.  

The sign in front even had my favorite four-letter "F" word on it- free!

The Mister and I were not disappointed when we walked into Summer Ties which was filled with a menagerie of darling brightly- colored preppiness.  

Of course, this was the Mister's favorite table.

The scarves are a great size and designed in a lot of scrumptious colors.

Lovin' the preppy pillows!

I had nice conversation with this handsome young man.  He is one of four partners in this company.  His name is Joe Smith and told me the story of how the company originated.  Joe spent every summer growing up in Martha's Vineyard.  Poor kid.  Three of his friends from those fun summers decided to go into business together.  Thus, the company and the name Summer Ties was born.

So next time you are in Newport, stop in and say hello.  Tell Joe that Katie sent you.

 Summer Ties also has a website if you can't make it to Newport.

The Mister bought himself a bow tie and cuff links.

I tried to convince the Mister all the way home that anchor cuff links were so much cooler than owning a boat!

Hope your Thursday is filled with color!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. The seahorse pattern is ADORABLE!!! Such a fun store. You made the right choice. Mansion tours can wait for another time.

  2. Katie,
    So glad to see that you have your priorities straight! What a great store! (and such an adorable boy)! I don't need a tie but I'd love browsing in such a cute shop!

  3. Niece went to Salve Regina in Newport so I had to make a choice when attending her graduation several years ago ...like you...SHOP won. I am in love with that seahorse pattern. Wish the Hubster had to wear ties to work, he would own several. Seems like some nice young men have a future in the cloth...not the holy kind, but better.

  4. What a unique store - I loved that pillow too. So you won't leave Chowdah home in the house? lol

  5. Katie,
    It's so fun reading your posts in your "voice" now that I know your voice in real life!!! You are FUNNY!

    That Joe is a doll and I know it's such a pity he had to spend EVERY summer in Martha's Vineyard. Love what he and his friends have created. Those ties are great and my mister could use some! Must get myself to Newport!!
    Happy weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Joe could sell me the Brooklyn Bridge ;)

  7. Katie,
    And what did you take home, "Joe?"
    Nothing for Chowdah?

  8. !What a cute shop! And Newport is amazing, love it and lived there when I was younger!! It is a very special place especially in the summer and fall. I can see the Mister loving this shop!
    Once again so fun to have met, look forward to our next get together (and by all means that includes your sister:)

  9. That looks like a pretty neat place.

  10. You were in Newport last Saturday?!?! My daughter and friends were in Newport last Saturday. I bet you crossed paths and didn't even know it! Love the Mister's whale bow tie. Preppy, subtle and iconic all rolled into one dapper accessory!

  11. I would've bought something just to show support for such fabulous young men willing to make their dream come true. If there were more like them in the world, we would have a much brighter future.


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