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Monday, July 28, 2014

An old friend and a new movie

Hello dear friends.  Last week was one of the the best.  I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and made some new ones. 

My old dear friend, Madalyn came to town to tour colleges with her darling daughter, Olivia.  Madalyn and I were great buds in high school.  We were in all the school plays together.  I was the star and she was my understudy.  OK, that's not true.  But I had to put it in there anyway to get her mad.

Madalyn and I spent 3 years together in Geometry 1.  We were the last holdouts of an "independent" class.  This type of class was experimental at the time.  We were allowed to move at your own pace.  Madalyn and I had 2 gears - slow and slower.  We were  told by our beloved teacher, Sister Kane, that no one has ever taken 3 years to finish that class.  I knew we were special.

Last time we were together 6 years ago in NYC with Dude...

So my buddy is actually working in the world of academia now.  She is a woman of many talents - two of which are singing and playing the guitar.  She does it professionally and if you live in the New York/Connecticut area you can witness Madalyn's talents.  Just don't ask her anything that has to do with Geometry, though.  You can view her website here

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch.  When in Beantown... a lobster roll and some homemade chips are in order.

Love the mini desserts restaurants are serving these days.  Did you know they are calorie-free?  Or at least I thought the waiter said that under his breath.... 

Have either one of us changed since high school?  
Maybe a  little.   
But I love her anyway!


Speaking of singing, Diane Keaton does a great job of it in her new movie, And So It Goes starring with my good friend, Michael Douglas.  I don't care if the reviews are not 5 star - I loved it!  I laughed and cried throughout the whole movie.  The Mister sat stone faced wondering if there were any shooting or chase scenes on the horizon.

I just wish I had seen it before Michael and I had lunch at l'escale on Wednesday.  Ok ... so what if we weren't at the same table and we never said a word to each other.  We still had lunch together.  At the same restaurant.  In my book, that's called having lunch together.

Hope your week is filled with good friends.

In my next life I want to come back as cool as Diane Keaton.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Oh, I had time with my "bestie" of 50 years, so I do know the "specialness" of long time friendship. And, just love that so many places now have mini-desserts, right up my alley!

    I cannot wait to see the movie. Diane Keaton is one of my favorites.

    Happy week!

  2. Had to laugh about the Geometry class, that is the ONLY math class I got through the first time around! LOL So fun spending time with old friends.

  3. No wonder I like you Katie! I love how old friends can remind us of what's really important, and math, well that is not one of them. As my sons love to tell their sister as anxiety builds up for a Geometry test- "Don't worry because you won't need that for real life anyway, because you won't remember it!"
    Mini, no calorie desserts and lunch with old friends and new ones sure make life sweeter.

  4. Can't wait to see that movie, I rarely pay attention to the star ratings! I can see why you ran out to see it now that you and Michael are old chums:) Fun to meet up with old friends, promise if I visit you will take me to that same restaurant for that very lobster roll and chips (dessert included)? Enjoy your day!

  5. Katie,
    nothing better then meeting up with "old" good friends! Fess up, you used the same pic at the beginning and the end, swear I couldn't tell the diff! My BF from 7th grade has come to visit for the last few years every fall on their way back to CA from vacationing in WI with family. It's the best! Next time you lunch with your new bestie, tell him I said Hey! Can't wait to see his and Diane's new movie, love her!

  6. While you were lunching with Michael, did you notice he was texting? It was me, he was sending a message to saying he wished I was there too!
    How is it that all your friends are so cute?

  7. You are cracking me up about Michael Douglas! And I LOVE Diane Keaton!

  8. I am spending time with my college roommate and two of her sons this week. It is like time has not passed even though our figures have definitely passed the point of no return. I can't wait to see the movie.

  9. Lunch looked delish; all that was missing is a fab Bloody Mary! I was not proficient in Math. However when I worked for J. Crew I was able to figure out my employee discount (30%) almost immediately. I think it is hilarious & rather coincidental that we are friends with opposite members of the same Hollywood couple! I guess they know fabulous people when that meet them. Hugs, Dawn

    1. I mean...when they meet them. Dawn

  10. It is always so much fun to connect with dear old friends....and the lobster roll looks delish! I need to see the movie...I love Diane Keaton and it was filmed in Fairfield County. I received your card...I LOVE the Chowdah pics! Have a lovely day, my dear!! xoxo

  11. Make new friends and keep the old, eh? I loved geometry. I only wish I could have taken it for 3 years! I tell you what. I love geometry but do not have your gift for beautiful decorating so if we every get trapped in a rhombus shaped room together, I will measure it and you can decorate it, ok? Then we can invite Michael over for drinks. Hopefully he will bring Diane with him.

  12. Can you and I both be as cool as Diane Keaton? She's just adorable and so classy!! We loved And So It Goes. Let me tell ya, we saw it on Friday and then Saturday we saw Sex Tape. No contest!! Loved Diane and Michael together.

    I'm going backwards but you are cracking me up with these posts.


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