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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Day at the Beach With Dude

Good Morning, dear friends.  The day before the lunch with my fellow bloggers, I drove to Connecticut to spend the night at Dude's gorgeous home.  After I arrived, she took me to her beach club on Fairfield Beach.  The weather was positively beautiful.

Dude knows her way around a snack bar.  Don't make fun of Dude's short stubby legs.  She's very sensitive about them.

It was old home week at the beach!  These lovely ladies, infamously known as the Kick sisters, used to babysit for Sista and me.  My question is why do they look younger than me?  

One other foot note... their brother, Alan, was my first boyfriend in first grade.  Poor guy, I don't know whether he ever got over me! 

When Dude and I were in high school, we often spent weekends at each others homes.  Casa Dude was my home away from home.  This is Mama and Papa Dude.  Papa Dude is about 9 feet tall and one of the funniest guys in the world.  Mama Dude is sheer sweetness.  It was wonderful to see them. 

It was great running into Miss Ellie at Dude's favorite gourmet grocery store.

Dude had a few stops to make on her pizza route before we headed home.

We then went on to my favorite nursery. 

I positively love their gift shop!

Dude gave me one of these darling votive holders.

Aren't these cards adorable?  A woman in town makes them.

Nothing beats a day at the beach with good friends.  Another post is headed your way covering the party that Dude hosted that evening.  And later in the week... a tour of Dude's gorgeous waterfront home.  

Life's a beach.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Good thing she delivers pizzas on the do make me giggle. Love her turquoise top. Fun fun fun. And your Diane Keaton movie shot gave me inspiration for my new glasses and hairdo, excellent!

  2. Looks like a fantastic time and you seem to have fun wherever you go!!

  3. What a fabulous time! Love that nursery. And, the puppy cards crack me up!!

  4. Wow is your dance card full! First connecting with old friends in a casual setting then making new friends in that exquisite setting and allowing movie stars to hob nob with you! Can't wait to see Dude's beach house. I'm sure it's her Domino tips that keep it going.

  5. What a beautiful day!!! Hugs, Dawn

  6. What you said at the end is spot on..nothing beats a day at the beach with a good friend and boy is that ever true...the best! I could use one myself big time, I am starting to get some serious cabin fever here:) Looks like a really fun and relaxing day spent in the company of great friends, good food, and a little retail therapy..its all good.

  7. Ahhh, I just love this post, Katie.
    So wonderful to be with life-long friends...they don't even care if you wear no makeup.
    xx's precious...

  8. That Dude has definitely been eating too much of her own pizza NOT!!! Glad to see you are having so much fun, my friend. xo Laura

  9. How nice that you have friends (old & new) in your new hood! Looks like so much fun!!

  10. It's so wonderful that you got a chance to see Mr. and Mrs. Dude as well. I'm sure that your visits always bring back great memories of times you visited Casa Dude. And the years have probably softened any wacky and mischievous antics you gals may have undertaken. ;-)


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