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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Great Weekend

Happy Monday, dear friends.  Hope y'all had a great weekend.  It is a cold, rainy, miserable Monday here in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

We had a fairly busy weekend.  I did manage to peek in on another small Christmas fair and an art fair.  I wasn't there very long but I did take a few pics. 

The holiday fair was sponsored by the Newcomers Club in Hanover. The Mister was in cookie heaven.

This lovely lady is the author of a children's book.

I stocked up on these for the girls' visit next week.

The Mister and I went to see this movie.  For being such a handsome guy, Jake nails it as a creepy sociopath.  The film was a little slow in the beginning, but made up for it in the end.  There is a chase scene in it that should come with a warning:  Wear Depends!  Although this movie is very entertaining, I would wait to see it when comes out on Netflix. 

I've got two new favorite things.  

A couple of weeks ago, a sweet girl waited on us in a restaurant.  I couldn't help but notice her gorgeous, long, dark eye lashes.  I asked her what brand of mascara she was wearing and she was kind enough to spill her secret.

Naturally, after leaving lunch, I broke the speed limit making my way over to Sephora and snatched one up.  So glad I did.  I love it!  It is easy to apply and does not clump.  It makes my lashes look thick.  Just like my thighs.   

I have a few grey blond eyebrow hairs that manage to make an appearance whenever I am dressed up and going somewhere.  This brow mascara by Maybelline works wonders to camouflage them and stays on all day.  Great price, too!

Stay warm and dry!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Your holiday fair photos ate making me long to attend one. Maybe Thanksging weekend because this weekend there is just too much to do - love Thanksgiving, but it's a busy time!

  2. Shopping, shopping, shopping! Downtown Fairhope will have it's Christmas open house this Sunday afternoon, and these photos just get me ore excited! I'm going to clean out my change jar now - it's my civic duty to support the local businesses, you know.

  3. I'm off for the mascara for my blondes. Do you live near the Berkshire part of MA? I have a blogger friend there.

  4. What a fun weekend and I'm off to order this mascara RIGHT now! Always enjoy stopping by. Happy week!

  5. I just love a Christmas Fair and I am eyeing those cookies with no eggs. My number 2 son is bring home his vegan girlfriend next month and I am already trying to plan menus! I am heading right to Sephora for that mascara - I can use all the help I can get!

  6. That eyebrow mascara is on my shopping list. Have a wonderful, wonderful time with your girls! Hope that more shopping is in your future!


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