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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Hodgepodge

Hello dear friends!  April is finally here!  It is also Hodgepodge Day.  I feel that I really opened up today, maybe a little too much. 

1.  In honor of the date... when were you last sent on a 'fool's errand?'

Wikipedia defines "fool's errand" as an attempt to do something that has no chance of success.

I feel like a fool every time I send my book outline to a publisher and get a big fat rejection slip.

I never mentioned it before, but I just finished writing a book based on the life of  the incomparable comedienne, Minnie Pearl, who in my estimation, set the world on fire with her sharp wit.  The working title is called "The Skinny on Minnie"  or "Giving it a Whirl with Minnie Pearl."

When I do sell it, you'll hear me scream "howdeeeeeeee!!"

2.  Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, The Energizer Bunny, Rabbit (Pooh's friend), White Rabbit (of Wonderland fame), or the Trix Rabbit... which of these famous rabbits can you best relate to right now?

Probably the Energizer Bunny.  Between working on my book, writing my upcoming stand-up routine, training for the Senior Olympics, and creating the breakfast of champions every morning for my lucky husband, I am always on the go.  I doubt I'll make the Senior basketball team, due to my short stature, so I'll probably have more time on my hands to do something I've always dreamed of doing.  

I have always wanted to open a cat catering business called 
Kitty Kat Katering.

3.  When did you last find yourself scrambling to get something done?  Explain.

Probably this morning.  I have been taking a class at the community college and today is exam day.  I have been studying my heart out!   The name of the class is:  Learning To Hypnotize Your Pet.

I think I'm going to Ace it!

4.  Last time you were up at the literal crack of dawn?  Why?  Last time you stayed up all night?

Veronica Yem

I'm up at the crack of dawn every morning to create a breakfast "fit for a king" for the Mister.  This is a photo that I took this morning of the most important meal of the Mister's day.   Tomorrow morning is Bohemian Breakfast Bars and Exotic Omelet day!

Last time I stayed up all night is when I decided to paint the entire inside of the house.  In heels.  Twice.

I told you the Mister was a lucky guy.

5.  Crack a book, crack a bottle, crack a joke, crack an egg... which have you done most recently?

I would definitely have to say crack a joke.  For the past five months I have been working on a stand-up comedy routine that I am set to try out in June at open mic at Sally O'Brien's in Boston.  I'm hoping to knock 'em dead with my arsenal of knock/knock jokes.

6.  What's something I'd find on a bookshelf in your home.  Other than a book, I mean?

This is kind of embarrassing.  We have the Mister's childhood stuffed cat, Olivia Newton John, snuggled in with our treasured art book collection.  The poor guy is still broken up about his kitty.  Whenever "Let's Get Physical" comes on the radio the Mister breaks down into a bucket of tears.

7.  Insert your random thought here. 

Hope your day is filled with fun!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. So I'm trying to decide if you're actually fooling about the stand up routine? I'm thinking that could be for real : )

  2. Katie! You really had me going with this post! I bet you could do any of these things if you wanted to! Have a super day funny lady!

    1. Jean... I think I would make a great dog hypnotist. Have a great week!

  3. Thank goodness! I felt like you had 'drank some kool-aid', as I read this. I was wondering if I would still visit.....don't ever change, you're perfect the way you are!

    Warmly, Kathleen

  4. I hope you do get your book published someday!

  5. LOL- I was trying to picture you doing stand up! You are too funny-xo Diana

  6. Good gosh almighty! I actually checked to make sure I was on the right blog! I thought, "I didn't know any of this about her!" But I really do hope you will write a book! You are a natural and it would be great! The cat on the shelf is what gave it away for me. Gag.
    You got me.

  7. Good luck with the publishing! Have you thought about the Amazon self-publisher? I hear it actually can be successful.

  8. Ha ha, this is so funny Katie. In France we call the jokes we make today "poisson d'avril" (april fish?). A bientôt.

  9. Damn - you had me totally for at least 1/2 of the post...I was scratching my head, but nothing really surprises me. This is a CLASSIC! I am ROFLMAO (do you remember what that means from the old days - if not - rolling on the floor laughing my A@# off!). You SHOULD do a stand up routine - you are hilarious. Hugs to you my dear - and Happy April - I think we made it (although we had flurries here yesterday!).

  10. You got me! I kept saying "wow" and "really?" as I read. The waffle bar looks like such a great idea though!

  11. You are truly hilarious Katie and I see no reason why you can't have your own stand up comic routine!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

  12. Love your humor! There is a shortage of good humor out in the world. Thanks for the tidbits. Sheila

  13. I know that you're kidding, but I strongly suggest that you pursue the Minnie Pearl book idea - I think that you're on to something there! I can see you doing book signings all over New England - Minnie's rustic humor would BIG here. Trust me - I'm in the publishing business.

  14. You are so funny! I enjoy your blog!!

  15. I have to be honest, I actually believed the Mini Pearl book idea. Then I caught on. This is so funny! Thank you for the the laugh!

  16. Do you have a recipe for those Bohemian Breakfast Bars? Enjoyed reading your answers. Happy Easter!

  17. I absolutely loved and enjoyed all of your answers! I was buying into everything right up until the end. Ha! The joke's on me :)

  18. Amazing you are truly AMAZING!!!! Love to you and Happy Easter. R

  19. Oh Katie…I fell for a few of those. My first April Fools prank today.

  20. Oh my hysterical...you had me and here I thought you were making waffles...that should have clued me in...and here I thought I was the Queen of April Fools...during the regular classroom morning routine I reminded students as usual to write down their homework...They all looked...and there on the board...Math project due tomorrow..."What Math project?" I began my usual..."People you have known about this project for two weeks I don't want to hear it." They began to scramble to the student who usually knows every thing..."Hey what project is she talking about?" ...He thinking he missed it started looking in his agenda and saying ,'Oh my I think I remember something about fractions." I let them scramble a while longer and finally I said, "People please get the date right when you are setting up your papers." Suddenly one of them said, "Wait a minute it is April Fools Day!" They actually were so relieved and happy all at the same time...I earned some good teacher "Creds" today.

  21. This was just hysterical, as are most of your posts. I can always count on you for a good laugh. Easter blessings!

  22. The picture of Chowdah and Chili "hypnotized" is hilarious! Thanks for the best April Fools day prank for 2015!

  23. Great post, Katie! Almost had me...Anne

  24. This was hilarious - I think you could pull off the stand up routine with aplomb! Happy April!

  25. You have a real gift for this Hodgepodge thing but this week you have truly, monumentally outdone yourself. Hilarious from start to finish - from "Giving it a Whirl with Minnie Pearl" to Olivia Newton John stuffed and sitting on the bookshelf!
    BTW, my father-in-law really did participate in the Senior Olympics last year. His pickle ball team competed through the local and state ranks to qualify. Pretty impressive, eh?

  26. You really had me going there for about two-thirds of the post. How hilarious!

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