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Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday In Nantucket With #1 and AJ

Hello dear friends.  We enjoyed a picture-perfect weekend here in the Northeast!  We took a couple of long walks, enjoyed some great lunches, and even fit it some shopping.

This post covers our day in Nantucket last weekend with my #1 and Adorable Jonathon.  It started out as a rainy, cold day but we took our chances and drove to Hyannis to catch the ferry.  

When we arrived, the Mister checked us in and was told that the ferry may be cancelled due to the weather.  They would let us know 15 minutes before departure.  As a side note, I want you to know that we weren't the only lunatics there.  We had plenty of company.

Fifteen minutes to departure we were told that we were indeed headed to sea.   

The Mister was delighted that he didn't drive an hour to Hyannis in vain. 

Our happy sailors with their tummys full of a Dunkin' Donuts breakfast.

Very excited mates to take Nantucket by storm for their first time.

And I would say that this was the exact moment that the tides began to turn.  My two happy sailors started to feel the waves.

We were thankful that it had stopped raining by the time we arrived.

It's not easy strolling these streets riddled with uneven bricks and cobblestones, let alone the rain.  

I suggested strongly to my #1 to wear sensible shoes for our outing.  Unfortunately, style won out.

The Mister looking to add some Nantucket Reds to his wardrobe.

Light bulb moment!
Now I know what to do with all my corks that manage to reproduce in my drawers overnight.

Adorable Jonathon spotted the Ralph Lauren store within minutes of arriving on land.  

The RL store did not disappoint.

Beautiful interior.

Only flowers to be found on the island.

Adorable Jonathon doing some window shopping.  The minute he put on his sunglasses, the sun came out.

I met my buddy, Wendy, on my last trip to to island.  She's a good girl to know... she owns both book shops and the brewery.  What a great combo!

In The Pink!

Hey, Dad... Is your credit card handy?

Checking out the menus in town.  The Mister is chairman of this department.

We took Wendy's recommendation and ate at this restaurant.

It was great - fabulous food and wonderful service.  Great ambiance as well.

We ordered this Greek sampling as an appetizer.  The chips were homemade and beyond delish.

My #1 had the brilliant idea of ordering this little number.

I did my part by helping her to finish it.  I wonder how many WW points were in it.  Better not to think about it.

Before we knew it, it was time to get back to the ferry to head home.

Even though the sun was shining, the seas were rough.  My #1 fell right to sleep after all the fresh air, just like she would do when she was a baby.

We arrived home and Chowdah and Chili were so happy to greet #1 and Adorable Jonathon.  They played a little ball together and used up plenty of stored energy.

We noshed on crostinis and wine and hit the sack early with the hopes that the Easter Bunny would hop by and leave a treat during the night.

Until next time...

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. I havent been to Nantucket I would love to visit it looks absolutely quaint and like a Martha Stewart village! Have a great week.K

  2. What a wonderful trip to Nantucket. I was only there once and that was -ahem- a couple of decades ago...lol Love all the pictures of your sweet family. It sounds like a wonderful day..you had me at RL store! lol xo Diana

  3. Just a lovely day strolling around Nantucket Katie...thanks for letting us be a part of it. The food looks amazing and smiles all around. I do hope y'all bought something at the Lily store!!!

  4. Great photos of your daughter and her boyfriend. I love spending grown up time with mine too and it looks like such a fun day!

  5. I'm glad the sun came out while you were on Nantucket! And if sunshine makes any day better, then whipped cream with a cherry on top elevates any day to perfection. Have a great week.

  6. Love Nantucket, but I do get terribly seasick so try to avoid rough waters. Looks like you all had a wonderful day. xo Laura

  7. How funny . . . I posted today about visiting a different RL store! Such a treat! My husband bought Nantucket Reds in that very shop years ago. Funny thing . . . they shrunk!

    Wonderful photos of what looks like a very fun day.

  8. Looks like such a lovely place, even in the rain! I can only hope to visit Nantucket some day! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Spectacular day on the island...food out and at home all looked delicious...shopping is always a good way to spend the day and I hope the Easter Bunny purchased that top for #1.

  10. What a FUN place to visit! My next dog is going to be a Chowdah. LOL

  11. Great post, Katie. Love that you all went in spite of weather - something about an island in wild weather that seems oddly right and so beautiful. But glad the sun came out. And I'm a Dramamine gal myself. . ( The store by the ferry in Block Island has a wall of it.) especially loved the tray of crostini.Anne

  12. Looks like such a fun trip! I love your #1's earrings and, of course, her LV. Sure wish I could just grab one of the crostinis out of the picture and devour it! They look amazingly delicious!

  13. What a lovely day spent with your family! I love the cork whale, I am always making something out of my leftover corks. Hope the EB found you!

  14. Your daughter and future SON IN LAW?Look like brother and sister!!!ADORABLE.............

  15. Your trip looks spectacular in every way! On my list to visit...Nantucket!

  16. Ferries are not my friend. I have a feeling when we visit my daughter in WA later this spring I will be forced to ride one. Looks like a beautiful day! How long is the ride over?

  17. Nantucket is the best...even in the rain! I am happy the rain lifted and you could enjoy your day!! Hope the rest of your week goes well! xoxo

  18. We adore Nantucket and have only been once, but certainly see another trip in our future. Love seeing the pictures of you all and your daughter and boyfriend are precious!! Thinking we may need to meet Wendy!!

  19. Looks like it was a beautiful day in spite of the high seas and puddles! It seems like a good time of the year to go, avoiding the summer crowds. Love the cork whale, as you might imagine I would. #! and Jonathan are both adorable. And those crostinis look AMAZING!!!

  20. I love the food Mister makes, it always looks delish. Is he a chef or just an a amazing cook?


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