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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Couple of Movies on a Snowy Day

Good morning, dear friends.  The Mister and I were snowbound yesterday.  It actually was not so bad.  The doggies were in their glory having Mommy and Daddy home with them all day.

Chowdah and Chili love playing in the snow.  Chili won't venture out in the rain, but she loves the snow.

Life is always easier around here when Chow is worn out. 

We watched two movies and started a mini series.

This one was a disappointment to me.  Great cast, though.  I think that it would have made a better Broadway play than movie.

I didn't mind spending two hours with Ryan Reynolds on a snowy day.  However, I wasn't impressed with the movie. 

Jackpot!!!  This mini-series, based on one of Philippa Gregory's books, is the perfect remedy for a snowy day.  The Northeast is looking into the eyes of a blizzard on Monday night and I don't care now that I have this show to keep me company.  Now all I have to do is hope that the electricity stays on.

On another note,  is anybody as sick as I am of all the deflated balls jokes?  The comedians are having an absolute field day, no pun intended.  I am looking forward to next Sunday for two reasons:  yummy food and great commercials.

Happy Sunday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. OMG so agree the deflatedballgate is just downright absurd, if I see breaking news or developing story one more time...I will scream!!!!!!!! I can imagine the heads of other countries looking at this and laughing like a hyena:)
    Thanks for the movie recommendations, saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and while it was theatrical it was "odd" though the cast as you said was fantastic.
    Saw American Sniper which was very good and today might see Blackhat (husbands choice) or Unbroken....we shall see, its cold and snowy so a great movie day!
    Hope you enjoy yours......

  2. Hubster and I did not enjoy the Grand Budapest Hotel... we have determined that we are not the audience for several of the award nominated/winning movies this year.

    Done with "Low Ball" Gate...although photo of above is quite cute and perhaps will solve the mystery of the air challenged balls.

  3. Happy Sunday! I am in total agreement regarding the Super Bowl/Deflate Gate - just get over it. I have more of an issue with NFL players beating up their wives - why not put their time and money into remedying that situation.

    I agree about "Grand Budapest Hotel" - I SO wanted to love it as I adore Wes Anderson movies and you know I love hotels, but it just fell flat for me (and I saw it in the theater). I watched "Boyhood" again last night with my husband - hands down the best movie of the year.

    Stay warm today - we are on our way out (with everyone else in the world) to stock the house before tomorrow's big blizzard (which I am NOT looking forward to!). xoxo

  4. Love your movie reviews! I find my opinion closely matches yours. I think I will skip Grand Budapest Hotel, but I was glad to read what Sandy wrote (above comment) about Boyhood. My husband and I saw Unbroken...very good, hard to watch in places....wish I'd read the book first.
    Love the doggie with the football! You always find the cutest pics!
    I am a new reader and I love your blog!
    Your Chow is just adorable!

  5. I guess I can skip Grand Budapest Hotel now. Not that I seem to have much time for movie watching. Stay safe tomorrow night. xo Laura

  6. Yes, they have worn out the deflated football BIG TIME!!! Glad you are making the most of the snow. I'm just not a very happy camper when it snows but we are just not use to it and seldom have any. Happy week!

  7. Since it sounds like Boston has more snow coming....after the Golden Globes I rented Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Honourable Woman. It's a fantastic binge.

    1. Thanks so much, Kiki! Will definitely try to find it.. Love Maggie G!!!

  8. As a former Texan, I'm sure you will remember what I'm about to tell light of the very cold temps coming your way.
    Tomorrow, in January, it is supposed to be 65 degrees with bright sunshine and an azure blue sky above. My grandbaby is here and our plan is to picnic under the 100 yr old oak and hopefully fly our kite!
    Just trying to provide you with a visual to think about when all that snow comes your way. It will make you remember winter in the south with fondness!!!!!
    Bundle up with those two furry babies!!!

  9. Good morning, Katie!
    I remember those snowy days from when I lived in Michigan in grad school. It is so pretty (for awhile at least;). It's nice to have a day to hunker down with your man and the furry kiddos. I watched the Grand Budapest Hotel on the plane to Europe last summer...I felt the same as you did, but my husband loved it. I'll have to check out your other recommendations there. By the way, thanks for your sweet blog birthday wishes on Stylemindchic Lifestyle. You made my day! Happy Monday! xx

  10. I so hope you are getting stocked up for the coming storm - The snow looks so beautiful, and a few days of movie watching and snacking sounds heavenly to me. I haven't seen either of these movies - going to American Sniper this weekend, but want to see these too…where does all of the time go…happy Monday!

  11. I hope you have a generator. Where you here for the blizzard 2013? We were without electricity for about a week!

  12. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE Only have EARTHQUAKES and there is NO WARNING............much prefer it that way!!!IT's over before you realize whats HAPPENING!

  13. Love Philippa Gregory's books and did not know about the miniseries so I can't wait to look that up! Stay warm and safe in the storm. The dog with the deflated football is great and yes I am tired of hearing about that as well!

  14. Thinking about all my favorite New Englanders with the blizzard on its way!! Sending good thoughts and hoping you have lots of batteries, plenty of wine and a really, really good plowing service!


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