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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nantucket Weekend - Day One

Hello dear friends.  For anyone who missed last week's post, my Sista and I ventured to Nantucket to attend a weekend hosted by one of our favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand.  The Nantucket Hotel and Resort sponsored the weekend giving her readers an opportunity to meet Elin, and enjoy a tour of the island guided by none other than Elin herself.  It was a thrill to see all of the spots that she has written so vividly about in her books.  To tell you that Sista and I had fun this weekend would be a gross understatement.  

The weather was picture perfect - crisp and sunny.  I was so worried that our first big snowfall would make an appearance.  But No Siree!  The stars were aligned for us to enjoy a fabulous weekend.

Sista met me in Hyannis at the ferry.  It takes about an hour to get to Nantucket.  We were surprised at how crowded it was for this time of year.

When we arrived at the dock, a very nice gentleman took our bags and directed us to a table where we picked up our welcome packet.  He told us that he would bring our bags to our room.  The packet gave us our room number, so we had no bothersome check-in process.

We boarded the bus which was brimming with friendly, smiling ladies.  It took us about 5 minutes to arrive at the hotel. 

The minute we walked into the lobby, we were awe struck by our new home-away-from-home.  It was brimming with Nantucket warmth and charm.

Sista and I shared a charming corner suite.  It was comfortable as well as pristine.  If I didn't know better, I would think we were the first guests ever to enjoy this comfy space. 

Our welcome packet included the weekend events as well as a personal note from Elin Hilderbrand.

The first thing that Sista and I agreed on was... we are never leaving.  Let our families come and find us.

It is all the little thoughtful touches that make this hotel so special.  The book shelves were stacked with the latest best selling novels as well popular children's books.  

Great little kitchenette. 

Snuggled in the corner was this darling little nook.  A perfect place  to curl up and read one of those juicy novels.  This can also be made up as a day bed.

The room was very spacious.  Love the whale pillow.

Plenty of closet space.  Sista needs a lot because she has a tendency to over pack.  Don't tell her I said so.

Great size bathroom.

Love the black towel for makeup.  After raising 2 teenage girls, I could have used this idea a few years ago.

I had to check out the Kids Club just in case Sista misbehaved.

I positively fell in love with these Ritz clocks!!  I want one that says real time and Sista time. 

The hotel also has a well-equipped gym.  Believe it or not, Sista and I never made it there.

This is the library where we enjoyed our delicious complimentary Continental breakfast.

Another thoughtful touch... current DVDs on the shelves as well as more great books for the guests to borrow.

This is the bar/lounge where guests may enjoy dinner and breakfast.  Sista and I sat at that cute bar a couple of times during our stay.  Yup, I know it's hard for you to believe.

Great comfy couch to enjoy a little libation after a hard day of taking in gorgeous Nantucket.

You can't see the two prints but I fell in love with them.  Aren't the lighting fixtures great too? 

Sista and I met Mark Snider, who is the owner of this gorgeous property.  He is so personable and was very visible during our entire stay, always chatting it up with the guests.  He and his wife bought this property a few years ago and totally renovated it to perfection.  They also own the Winnetu Oceanside Resort in Martha's Vineyard. 

Sista and I had 8:30 reservations for dinner so we decided to take a brisk stroll a couple of streets away for a well-deserved cocktail.  As we walked out, we spotted this adorable Elin fan soaking up the warmth of the fire pit on the inviting porch. 

Don't worry new home-away-from-home, we'll be back for dinner!

Our appetizer and cocktail destination was Lola.  They have a great bar and supposedly the best hamburger on the island.  Can't testify to that because Sista and I have to keep our supermodel figures, so we noshed on edamame and sipped a glass of Chardonnay.  It's not easy being trophy wives.

We enjoyed another glass of Chard and a fabulous assortment of flat breads back at the hotel.  We lost interest in keeping our girlish figures.  This is a picture of me telling Sista how excited I am about writing this post.

A couple of other points concerning the hotel.  The staff gave the word hospitality a whole new meaning.  When the gentleman dropped off our bags, I tried to tip him, but he wouldn't take it.  Fulya and Carlos, who incidentally are married, did everything from tending to the front desk to selling in the gift shop to making sure everything was going smoothly for the guests.  Our waiter, Wayne, greeted us both mornings with a Nantucket smile and kind words.

My next post will cover our day with Elin.  I'll give you a hint ... it was just as great as today.

As with every post, these thoughts are my own, and I have received no compensation from the hotel or the restaurant.



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Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. What a great middle-of-the-winter excursion! I look forward to hearing about day two. I'll keep The Nantucket Hotel in mind the next time I am on the island - very good yelp reviews too.

    1. Absolutely, Paige. I highly recommend the Nantucket Hotel! Have a wonderful week!

  2. What an amazing girls weekend!! I hope to visit Nantucket in the not so distant future. You & Sista sure know to have fun! Hugs, Dawn

    1. Thanks Dawn! You need to take DH and DD to Nantucket!

    2. It's on my wish list. Either with my family or girl's weekend or both ; ); I'm hoping for sooner rather than later! xoxo, Dawn

  3. Can I be your sista? Seriously, you two know how to do it right. Sounds like a blast and can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  4. Wow!! I want to be a Sista too!! I am positively green with envy!!! Can't wait to hear more!! xoxo

  5. How cozy and beautiful and I bet it's just as charming in the summer. Have a great week Katie :-)

  6. What a gorgeous hotel. I would never leave either!! I adore that library. Can't wait to hear about your time with Elin.

  7. I'm having a Mary Kay party.....don't judge the stuff is amazing. I'm giving each guest one of the wonderful make-up wash cloths from the hotel......well the towel will be from Marshalls.......gorgeous spot. R

  8. What a delightful get away...............How gorgeous YOU still enjoy your SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hello Katie my dear
    How lovely for you both to have such a fun time.......just the name 'Nantucket' makes me smile and think of a great place to go visit. Im off to look it up on the map.... glad you had a wonderful time and Ill enjoy your next instalment
    Sally xxx
    ps....after much anticipation, we are getting the 'Good Wife' next week...cant wait

  10. How fabulous...the hotel looks amazing...having a sister to share it with makes it that more special. Totally jealous. Having two boys who ran cross country...I went to black towels years ago...also moved to black kitchen has changed my life.

  11. Oh.My.Gawd!!!!! WHAT a lovely place. And I need scoop......more scoop! First, did you have private invitation or could any fan sign up to participate? I love her everso.....have read all of her books. Would have loved to have met her and seen actual places where she writes. Nantucket was my absolute fave when my girlfriend and I went to Cape Cod for our annual get away last fact, we rode the last ferry of the season that yr from Hyannis to Nantucket and became best friends with the little men who work on it,,,they were headed to Florida for the winter! HA.
    We are SO going back and I wanna surprise her with a stay at the you remember room # of that suite? Man, oh was perfecto!!
    Can't wait to read more.......

  12. Holy beautiful Nantucket! The Inn looks so warm and inviting - everywhere you turn there are comfy spots for reading and drinking. Bliss!! But my very, very favorite is the photo of the veranda with the fire pit. Heaven on Nantucket! Can't wait to read about your day with Elin!

  13. Oh how fun! I bet Nantucket was amazing in the day! And I am HUGE fan of Elin's and think I have read all of or nearly all of her books...cannot wait for that post. The hotel looks soooo charming and quintessentially Nantucket. Fun fun fun!

  14. Oh my, how wonderful. I must say though that I am shocked you weren't spending your time at the gym. LOL!! xo Laura

  15. I think you and "Sista" need to open up one of your own B & B's. You could call it "Sista"
    You gals sure know how to have fun. Hard to imagine there was ever a day you two quarreled.

  16. I've been looking forward to hearing about your Nantucket weekend and it looks fabulous so far. Can't wait to hear about the tour with Elin! Oh and sign me up with the rest of the "sistas"!

  17. Looks like a lovely time! I love Nantucket - we try to get there every year just before the summer season kicks into to high gear. The Nantucket Inn looks fantastic. Love that library. Glad you had such a perfect weekend! XOXO

  18. Great recap of a fab weekend! You look familiar I believe I met you on the tour. My mom and I are from Darien, CT. Great blog-my friend posted on my timeline and said you are one of her fave bloggers. Thanks!

  19. I like this wedding reception venue, the manager and his team are second to none. We worked / developed a relationship with them over the course of the last year, and nothing was out of reach.

  20. So beautiful!! I'm off to read the next post ;-)

  21. So beautiful!! I'm off to read the next post ;-)

  22. Like I commented earlier today. I have so much to catch up on with your blog. Planning a trip to Nantucket in my mind!!!!!!


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