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Monday, July 8, 2013

New Prints & A Renovation

I have always been a huge fan of Pink Pagoda and all of her beautiful artwork.  Earlier this week, she posted that her booth at  Lost ... Antiques was having a sale on all of her prints.  "Sale" is my favorite four-letter word in the whole world - and ask anyone, I have a few favorites.

I had recently had our bedroom and bathroom painted in a Wedgwood blue so I was very excited to check out her blue and white prints.

I also just realized that I never posted my pictures from my bedroom/bathroom renovation so I included them in my post.  
Lori Burke of Lori Lynn Designs was my very patient decorator.

It took the Mister and #2 over an hour and 3000 tools to hang these.  Speaking of 4-letter words that were used, "sale" was not one of them.


bathroom window

This is where I put my feet up and unwind from a long, grueling day of being a supermodel trophy wife. 

Ignore the electrical cord on the left.

I cleaned this off for you.  The Mister said I couldn't show you a pic with all my "junk" on it.  I would hardly call my barrels full of miracle creams, lotions, gels and serums "junk."

My sink is on the right.  Again, I cleaned it off for you.  It hasn't looked this good since I took this pic.

The Mister's sink.  It always looks like this even though he considers the kleenex box "clutter."

Self explanatory. 

I took all my stuff out of the shower for you, too. You're welcome.

This chandelier, like all the lighting in our house is on a dimmer.  My mantra is: the dimmer the light;  the better I look.

And, don't worry, while I was visiting Lost... Antiques, I took lots of pictures to share with you.  Now all I have to do is write the posts...

Hope you're staying cool!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Your master suite is positively gorgeous!!! I am a huge fan of The Pink Pagoda's giclees, and I cannot wait to purchase some once our renovation is complete. Thank you for stopping by The Glam Pad today... I'm so glad I found your blog!

    The Glam Pad

  2. Absolutely LOVE your master bed and bath re-do! I especially love the blue and white color scheme, and the prints from Jennifer look perfect! The bathroom cabinets, fixtures, and marble are exactly what I want to do in my master bath but I am putting that off until I get my new kitchen, although with six more college tuitions on the horizon, I may be 90 before I get my new kitchen...LOL.

    I am struggling with what color scheme to do in my bedroom...I would love blue and white but my house has SO MUCH blue in it already I feel like it should not be the primary color. I wish your decorator lived here! She did a fabulous job! I used one for my formal living room, but did not LOVE her. I am so opinionated about what I like and how much I want to spend that I think it was hard on her.

    Enjoy your new bedroom and bath!!!

  3. Oh my word. Kate, I am in blue and white heaven here....what a totally GORGEOUS master suite you have created!! Just stunning, LOVE the prints and yes her things are soooo pretty, and your entire bedroom and bath are just dreamy. Wishing you sweet blue and white dreams tonight:)

  4. Holy've been holding out on us. Love it. Have always been a huge fan of blue and white. So classic. Loving all the Pink Pagoda prints. Having serious bathroom envy right now. Would kill for all that counter space.

  5. Oh My Goodness ---and to think, I love blue. You are truly an awesome decorator. Your entire home is AWESOME. I'm so impressed. I have none of these talents...I'm truly envious. Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a beautiful master suite you have. Jennifer's prints look fantastic on the wall against your blue. I would not have minded seeing all your 'junk' on the counters. You can't make that bathroom anything but stunning.

  7. Love the renovation, love the prints, love all that blue!

  8. Love that shade of blue with all the white - just beautiful :-)

  9. OMG....I need to live in your bedroom...especially the bathroom. It is magical.

  10. Okay your favorite word and my favorite word is SALE - and it sound like our husbands have the same words too. My husband helped me clean this weekend.

    I would like to tell you what a gorgeous bedroom and bathroom you have. It is lovely and could be in a magazine. How do you keep that shower so clean?

    Beautiful. sandie

  11. What a beautiful bedroom and bath. Just gorgeous.

  12. Okay! I swear we are so alike! I have the same color bedroom and almost identical prints in my guest room. Of course that means I adore your master suite and think you have impeccable taste! Your bathroom is so beautiful! I love all the blue and white and all the pretty details that make your room stand out.

  13. ok, I have seen a LOT of people use Pink Pagoda (I love her pieces), but none to the effect and gorgeousness of you! I am in LOVE with the whole renovation and finished look! You have me dreaming big over here!

  14. Oh my goodness, Katie!! First, thank you so much for using and featuring my prints!! I cannot believe how quickly you got them all framed and hung -- that would have been weeks at my house! Second, WOW, your bedroom and bathroom are BEAUTIFUL! I'm thrilled to have my prints hanging in such a lovely space! Can't wait to link to this post!

  15. Love! If I had your sitting area {as every trophy wife should} I'd never leave the room! When you've finished all your new decorating contracts please give me a call so we can discuss my master ... over wine of course :)


  16. The prints look stunning in your room & I am swooning over your bathroom faucet. You did a wonderful job!


  17. Wow!!! I just love all the blue and white. Do you know that names of the fabric patterns? I might want to be a copy-cat;)

  18. I love your blue-and-white it looks wonderful.

  19. What a beautiful home you have. I love all Jennifer's prints in there, how fun! Your sitting area is divine.
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo Nancy

  20. What a gorgeous home you have! The Pink Pagoda prints look great!

  21. It all looks great! Thanks for sharing. And, I love everything from The Pink Pagoda! Completely envious that I couldn't participate in the sale too!

  22. Beautiful rooms! I think S-A-L-E is my favorite four letter word too. Very funny tone to your post.

  23. Did you pick out the new paint after buying the prints or did the remodels come before that? Anyway, I love how everything tied together. Everything looks very stylish and luxurious. I think that chandelier is the bathroom's pièce de résistance. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Dear Katie,
    Im quite new and this is my first comment on your lovely blog, but I just wanted to thank you for giving me my first good laugh today as I read this post.....its from last year I know, but I having been chuckling all the way across the pond that your favourite four letter word is 'Sale' !!!!!!
    .......its hilarious, and so true, I love sales too!!.... I have a huge design meeting in the morning, so you have given me some lovely inspiration and I am now calm,
    have a good evening and thank you
    Sally x


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