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Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty Reviews

Hello, my name is Katie Clooney, and I am a compulsive beauty products whore addict.  I will believe almost any outrageous claim or promise by the manufacturer and I am fully confident that that little "miracle in a bottle" contains the magic to change my life - and my wrinkles. 

When the Mister sees my drawers in my vanity filled to the brim with these bottles containing the "fountain of youth," he just shakes his head and rolls his eyes.
Here's another confession... even if the product fails me, I still don't throw it away because I don't want to admit to myself that I was swept away by the empty promises that had at one time seduced me. Taylor Swift should write a song about that one!

My Sista loves this product.  I was surprised because I saw a lot of negative reviews on it. So I had to try it.  There was no way I was going to let Sista look better than me!
I think it's a fairly good product for the money.  It claims to instantly erase lines and wrinkles.  Ok, it doesn't do that, but it does a fairly decent job camouflaging pores.  Although, I still need powder over my foundation because it does not contain a mattifyer for my ever-present oily T-zone. 

This is my favorite primer of all the ones that I have tried.  It controls oil and goes on smoothly.  It has the texture of a lotion as opposed to the silicone gel.  And the best part? - it's cheap.

I was excited to try this one because I loved the name.  I just pictured this stuff spackling my pot holes pores away.  Wasn't crazy about this because it didn't seem to do much. Also, my face was an oil slick by noon.  May keep it to fill in the nail holes on the walls when we move.

This stuff is the worst.  Very thick and difficult to apply. And very pricey.  Still in my bathroom drawer... Don't tell the Mister.

I was dying to try this BB Cream because one of my favorite bloggers recommended it highly.  I couldn't wait to slap this stuff on my face so I would looks as good as my 26 year old blogger buddy.  Ok ... I bought it and it's not bad.  It goes on smoothly and if you buy the normal to oily type it will keep you relatively shine-free for most of the day.  The coverage is on the medium side and it does not offer a lot of color choices.  But I would buy it again.
I soon realized with a heavy heart that I will never look as good as this adorable blogger because there is a 30 year age difference we have different coloring.

Here I go again.... on my never-ending mission to make my pores and lines disappear faster than Edward Snowden.  Really wish I could tell you that this is a miracle in a tube but it is far from it.  It's very thick and difficult to apply.  Save your money and buy Elmer's glue - it will do the same thing. 

This is a nice bronzer, but the "poreless" claim is a crock.

I bought this concealer in the large size when Ulta was offering a deal.  It is nice and creamy and a little goes a long way.  (I'll have enough left to leave to my grandchildren when I die).   I suggest using a brush when applying it.  It has got a lot of color choices which is essential when using it under the eyes.  Take it from me, when I look at old photos of myself all I can see are my "raccoon eyes."   

This concealer is not quite as creamy as the previous one, but it is very effective at hiding broken capillaries and age spots.  Not that I would know anything about that, or anything.

This mascara is life changing.  My suggestion is to use a warm eyelash curler first (run under hot water), apply your first coat and let it dry.  Apply the second coat and voila:  Hello, Gorgeous!!!  After you finish, register those lashes as a lethal weapon!

I tried this product years ago when it first came on the market.  I was not impressed at the time because I couldn't stand the smell and I didn't think the self tanner was very effective.
I think Jergens improved this lotion a lot.  There is no detectable odor and it is a nice moisturizer.  The self tanner lends itself to a nice golden brown.
Now, if they could invent a product to get rid of my lines and pores I would really be in heaven!!

Favorite product of my #2? She's not a big makeup person, but she SWEARS by Maybelline's BB Cream. She loves how it avoids clogging pores while covering up any blemishes, and, as if that weren't enough, it has an SPF included.

Any products that you swear by?  Would love to hear your suggestions.

That's it for now, folks.  Hope you are having a great weekend.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester meandering through my middle-aged years while entangled in the never-ending process of renovating an antique home on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I love to write about books, movies, TV, celebrities, decorating, and weekend adventures. My favorite writing material is derived from my family: the Mister, my girls, #1 and #2, and my two untrainable, rambunctious pups, Chowdah and Chili.


  1. LOL! Love the reviews. I have been using a few new products lately that I had planned to post about. Who knew I would fall in love with a cleanser and moisturizer from Trader Joes of all places!

  2. LOL- Not so much from me but my daughter could go face-to-face with you!;>) I have very dry skin so I use a good moisturizer and I have used Bare Minerals for years and still like it. I am going to try that mascara though- is it waterproof? xo Diana

  3. appears your top 2 are Garnier's BB cream and Clinique...am I right? I have that same oil slick. I'm thinking it's because we're such youngsters?

    My recommendation is a rechargeable Clarisonic face brush. One Texan to another, I bought mine at Sephora in Frisco TX in the mall next to Pottery Barn (most convenient shopping ever). The guy who sold it to me had no pores at all and said he used it. He said it shuts off if you press too hard so you can't do any damage (that ship left the dock long ago) to your skin. My daughter has used one for 6 mts and her skin went from spotty to flawless. Of course, she also gave up gluten products but first let's try the clarisonic first!

    1. My oldest has the Clarisonic Mia we bought her when they first came out. My youngest and I decided to try the Olay Regenerist one before sinking a ton into the Clarisonic. We both LOVE it, and it was under $30! It has two speed settings. My skin looked amazing after the first use! I use it now a few times a week with their cleanser.

  4. Bare Minerals-Mineral Veil is a favorite face powder as well as Painterly by MAC which is an excellent primer for eyes. It creates a blank canvas and gets rid of any discoloration on the lid. It also keeps your eyeshadow from creasing in the lids and the color from fading. I love The POREfessional pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores by Benefit. It works the best of any pore spackle I have tried! Clinique has a pore minimizer that works well too. Laura Mercier products are pretty terrific for young ladies like us. ;-) Her concealer blends well and looks natural. I am a HUGE fan of the mascara you recommend. It is my all time favorite and I get asked constantly whether I am wearing false eyelashes. Nope! They're Real!

  5. Can't wait to try Dream Fresh BB. At first I liked the Garnier BB and now I am noticing that is flakes and streaks a bit on me...does help with the shine though. I love that Benefit mascara and will try it as you suggested. Also, I am a HUGE fan of Amazing Concealer. GREAT POST!!!!

  6. Hi Kate! I missed being here and its good to be back in the saddle again:) I love when you do these kinds of posts and your commentary kept me amused the entire way! I must try that "life changing mascara" I think we are all on a quest for that and you can bet your mile long lashes that I will be heading to Sephora today to buy myself a tube ready to be transformed:)
    I also use the Jergens natural glow, and like it a lot, just have to remember to apply every day I find the color it gives is very natural looking, not orangey.
    Some of my favorite recent products are Boing concealer(gotta love the name) very concentrated but good. LOVE Nars highlight sticks they are multi functional. LOVE Unite 7 seconds leave in conditioner, best hair product I think I have ever used!! Ditto Stila highlight foundation for pretty coverage that "glows", MAC lipsticks are my fave...Bobbi Brown eyeshadow for when I want to wear eyeshadow. And recently bought Filorga skin cream which is not yet available in the U.S. but by golly I think it does what it says it will....my skin is looking good if I may say so myself! Enjoy your weekend and hope you had a great 4th of July!

  7. Thanks for the laugh, Katie. I'm thinking about just lathering my extra dry skin with butter. That way, I would have an instant snack when I get hungry during the day. xo Laura

  8. Katie, I have been in your 'face'. Please try Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in clear......it is the best I've found. I am a product junkie too, we should have a swap meet, I'm sure there's plenty of us out there.
    (Sephora on line carries it)
    Warmly, Kathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen. Will definitely try that primer. Will hit Ulta tomorrwo!

  9. I need lots of miracles in bottles and tubes! Thanks!!

  10. Great post. I have super dry skin and my wrinkles are huge, so I am learning to go with it. Hugs, Marty

  11. I have to say that I've only left a comments about a blog twice and both times it has been with you. I too am a face products addict. My products overrun my vanity, linen closets and now bureau drawers. The products I would absolutely need on a desert island include a Clarisonic Mia, Philosophy Miracle Worker (love the name) Anti-aging Lactic Acid Cleanser(love the face cream too), Serious Skin Care Firm-A-Face XR, Dr. Denese Hydroshield Face Serum, and Perlier Risarium Black Rice Platinum Eye cream and eye contour serum. The Perlier Risarium Black Rice face cream and eye cream are also recommended by my daughter. After about 1/2 hour after application of the black rice eye products, you can see a big difference. I also like the Serious Skin Care Vitamin C line. Many of these products are sold on QVC and HSN, but I've found that they are often much cheaper on eBay. I'm a redhead with very fair skin and some of those broken blood vessels you referred to. I don't usually wear much makeup but I do pile on the serums. Thanks for your suggestions--now where can I put them?

    1. Susie... thanks for these suggestions. The Mister may not be happy... but I am. I am dying to try the black rice eye products. I'm going to google it and order some now.

  12. 1 simple product that is hands down my favorite. Boots #7- sorry if this is a repeat! It does take a few weeks to see a difference, but I both see it and feel it and couldn't be without it now. I also saw someone mentioned the Vitamin C line from Serious Skin Care- another one I loved!

  13. Katie,
    very interesting, may have to try that mascara considering my daughter just told me I needed to start wearing some! My skin is dryer then "Death
    Valley"! The thing I've found that works best for me is Mary Kay, yep, good ole Mary Kay extra emollient night cream. I like to put it on in the shower (or anytime) when my face is still damp. It goes on a bit greasy but after a few minutes it soaks in and my skin is really soft and my make-up goes on easily. It's also good for your hands. Now, if I could only find a make-up that lasts more then a couple of hours, I'd be set!

    1. Rebecca, you might want to try Estee Lauder's "Double Wear" makeup for a long lasting foundation. It holds up very well. As a dental hygienist, I wear a mask all day and it doesn't wear off on my mask which is the best test for me. Any other foundations I've used always were gone around mid-day. Just an FYI

  14. Just found your blog recently thru another and must say I am loving it! I love your writing style. You are so funny and yet informative at the same time. I just saw a commercial for the Loreal Miracle Blur and was considering buying it. Think I will now! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us:)

    1. Jill... thank you so much for your sweet comment. You made my day. I am going to try your suggestion of the EL Double wear foundation. I'm going to check to see if any store is giving away a free gift.

  15. I swear by my Clairsonic, and have used it for about four years now. I also love the Mary Kay Time Wise Microdermabrasion...I use it about every other week or so and I swear it's like a dermatologist in a bottle. It smooths and refines better than any product I have used. I use Chanel mascara and love it, but am tempted to try the one you listed!


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