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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Needs & Wants by #1

For years, the Mister and I have tried to teach our girls the difference between needs and wants.  One of our children caught onto this concept; the other one -  she who shall not be named - not so much.  I'll let you figure out which is which.

In any case, I bribed asked my #1 if she would do a guest post for me.  She agreed but nothing comes without a price.

Without further adieu, my #1's favorite haves, needs, and wants.  
As with all my guest posts, I reserve the right for commentary.

I know I have mentioned these before, but they are THAT great. I swear they are almost indestructible and (I'm on pair number 4 but only because Ray-Ban hasn't developed a tracking system on lost pairs...) they look great with any outfit.

The Mister has considered buying stock in Ray-Ban because of all the replacement pairs that we have bought #1 in the past 5 years. Now, don't think she's spoiled, she always promises to pay us back.  We're still waiting.


My mom, sister, and I have a bit of an addiction to Jack Rogers.  I love this pair because they are so different than the others.  Thankfully, I have been blessed with thin, beautiful feet (unlike my mom's and sister's chubby feet) so obviously they would look faaaabulous on me. ;)

Note to self:  she needs no help in the self-esteem department, especially where her feet are concerned.


My weakness in life is JCrew jewelry.  Always unique, beautiful, and well made, they are impossible for me to stay away from.  I love their bracelets and this one would look great with my JCrew Pave Link Bracelet from my best friend Coco (Hollaaaa gurllllll) and my beautiful JCrew gold and cheetah print bangles from my favorite aunt (Sista)!

My girl likes to wear every piece of jewelry she owns all at once.  She can set off an airport security scanner from 30 miles away.


Furbish Studio is an amazing website filled with home decor and great gifts that are all whimsical and fun (for example, this Sriracha lover needs a pair of the Sriracha studs).  I really need some kind of large keychain because my purse is literally the darkest, deepest (and messiest) purse ever. Adorable Jonathon thinks I spend half of my life digging through my purse repeating, "where are my keys?" If you look through this website and love it like I do check out Biscuit Home another great site.

I tend to agree with adorable Jonathon.  My opinion is that the key chain is not big enough.  You need something more along the lines of this.  It is and 18 inch blue foxtail. At least you wouldn't have to worry about anyone stealing it. 


5. HAVE: GAP Scarf

I just bought this scarf (on sale!) in the light blue and it's the ultimate summer scarf.  It gets horribly hot in Texas sometimes and this can usually interfere with my love of scarves, but this one is so cool and fresh. GAP is having some incredible sales lately and definitely worth checking out.

So is that why you asked me for grocery money this week?  You spent your $$ on a scarf?  Do you need a refresher course on wants and needs?  Maybe Dad and I will make a YouTube video for you so you can watch it at any time that there is a question.  

6. HAVE: EOS Shave Cream

EOS (evolution of smooth) has always carried me and my sister's favorite lip balm and they have just come out with shave cream. The scents are amazing and I swear I don't have to shave as frequently.  Also I am a sucker for their really cute packaging.

You're also a sucker for spending $$.


I have a really great Tory Burch camel-colored zip-around wallet right now that I have had for a few years that has been great, however, it has seen its better days.  I have loved how well my wallet has held up, but I really want a fun pop color this time so I can find it a little easier in my black hole of a purse.

At least you're learning... the wallet is a want and the $$ that goes into it is a need.  You will have a very big need on your hands if you spend all your $$ on a fancy wallet.


With graduation approaching, I have been thinking nonstop about possible graduation gifts for my best friends. Unfortunately, some of my best friends have big dreams of LA and NYC and will be leaving "The Fort"/"Funky Town" (Fort Worth, Texas) in May.  I have been thinking of ways for them to always remember the memories that we had in Fort Worth and this pillow is great because I am in love with needlepoint, the pillow is handmade which makes it unique, and the pillow really does have so many of our stomping grounds. They make this style of pillow for other cities too and would be a great keepsake.

If it includes all your stomping grounds, I assume it has pictures of the library and the chapel.  


If you haven't heard of Caitlin Wilson Textiles, look her up now. I am in love with her fresh fabrics and gorgeous throw pillows, and, she designs all of the patterns herself. I have been dying for one of her pillows since I found out about her. Plus, she is the cutest mom with a great blog!

Wait a minute... I thought I was the cutest mom with a great blog?!? Didn't you tell me that last week when I gave you grocery scarf $$$?


10. HAVE/WANT: Justin's Almond Butter

If you want to taste the most magical and delicious taste in the entire world then buy Justin's Almond Butter in my favorite flavor, Honey.  If you would like to stay the same size as you are now, don't buy it.  I blame Justin's for my delayed "Freshman 15" as a Senior.

Don't bring that stuff home.  I'm still trying to get rid of my baby bump pregnancy weight.  Who knew it would take more than 20 years to lose it?!?

May all your "wants" come your way today!

New scarf.... new shades... life is good.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Love the list...and the commentary:)

  2. I love the list but I like the Real COMMENTARY even
    Hubs and I have been working on the I WANT and I NEED way of thinking ourselves. The amount of money we save is amazing! xo Diana

  3. They are clones I tell ya!!! Hubby was thinking I was talking about our #1!!! LOL

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Awesome post..I see a few "wants" here that I need:) That tortoise bracelet is a big fat yes as in I am going track it down today. Love the commentary..I know you get it honestly from that lady everyone refers to as the cutest mom with a blog lol.

  6. I must say that I love it when your girls post their "must have" list! Even though I am old enough to be their mother, it gives me great ideas for my niece.

  7. Cute- cute ideas! Most of those stores are no where near where I live so I love hearing about what they have!

  8. The commentary is the best part. I feel sure the library and chapel are included. BaHaHa!!!

  9. Funny commentary:) A few of these items are on my want/have list ~ love the Jack Rogers!


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