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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lost... Antiques

In my last post, I mentioned the great place, Lost... Antiques that I bought the beautiful Pink Pagoda prints.  It is such fun walking around and taking in all the unique artwork and antiques.  Here are some photos that I took while I was there. 

Sarah, Rubin, and Beth could not have been more gracious to me.

My girls love elephants... so I took this for them.

Doesn't look like he's in search of courage.

These are were real African butterflies.

Love this poster... don't know what they're saying but I have a feeling somebody's on his way to "time out."

Soooo pretty... and it had a twin too.

Beautiful French lamp

#1 would love this one.

The Mister would want to put this guy outside the front door to ward off all gentlemen callers.

You better really love spooning your hubby to sleep in this bed!

I know my blogger friends would do something cute with this darling bench.

Great looking and I bet it's comfy too!

I just love the look of old books.  Maybe because they make me feel young.

The car trip to Virginia doesn't seem so long afterall!

Pink Pagoda booth... so darn cute. 

When I walk through antique and specialty stores, I think of all my creative friends in blogland.  I am in awe of your creative talent and thinking, which prompted me to come up with an idea.  

And now, dear creative blog friends and DIYers that I am so envious of... I present you with my first official challenge in the series....


According to the description, from the early 19th century charcoal container.  I think somebody wrote the word "charcoal" since then.  Just a hunch...

Hope your day is uplifting!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. parents had a bucket just like that on our hearth when we lived in NY!!! You are cracking me up girl. We will be making the 12 hour trip again in August!

  2. I wish you lived in Richmond...we would be great shopping buddies! Jennifer's booth is just darling! I love the pair of blue lamps and the elephant...great shop!

  3. Fun sons would hone right in on the Carona sign too:) Love TPP, her things are so beautiful. And loooove old books too.

    What I would do with the charcoal holder is to either fill it with magazines or logs by a fireplace. Not terribly imaginative but it's 11 pm and getting past my expiration...maybe I will wake up with a major breakthrough about a new use:)

    Nighty night.

  4. The coal bucket is also called a coal scuttle. I have two of them. I like the magazine or log idea. I like to use them outside as planters full of red geraniums.

    1. LOVE the thought or red geraniums... I'm going back and buying it if it's still there. No would be so cute on my patio. Thanks for the inspiration. I promise I will give you the credit!!

  5. I love Lost and all the shops on that strip. Have you been to White Elephant across the street? It is also great! My mom found a bunch of great country antiques when we lived in Kentucky and used them for all sorts of things. My bedside table growing up was a coal stove!

  6. Katie-The poster says "who will be the lawyer (probably advocate, since it appears to be a religious figure from the tonsure) for the accused?" Still remember my college francais and it is in my line of work. I adore your blog. Always brightens the day!

    1. Dear sweet Legal Lioness...

      Thanks for the translation... But more thanks for your sweet comment. Can't tell you how much that made my day!

  7. I have one of those old charcoal hods, Katie. I use it on my porch as a planter for a big Boston fern- xo Diana

  8. Looks like a great shop. Of course I can never get enough of wandering through antique store. xo Laura


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