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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random Restaurant Reviews


Food: A
Service: A
Ambiance:  B+
(yuppy crowd)

I ordered this special summer salad which featured avocado, chicken, raisins and fresh berries.  Great presentation and delicious. Tables were a little too close together for my taste.



Food: A
Service: A-
Ambiance: B+
(a lot of grey panthers) 

We started with the "special" flatbread topped with portobello mushrooms, spinach, 3 cheeses, and sprinkled with truffle oil.  It was good but lacked a "kick".


We had fresh vegetable soup drizzled with pesto. This one had plenty of "kick".

I had a delicious turkey burger with a boring salad.

The Mister (health nut) had the Market Vegetable Plate and raved about it like it was chicken fried steak and fries.

#2 (health nut in training) had the arugula salad with grilled beets, watermelon, and roasted chicken.  She said it was very good.

We finished off the meal with Barbie-sized desserts of carrot cake and some kind of peanut butter and chocolate parfait.  They both would have been a lot better if they were 10 times bigger.


Food: B+
Service:  B
Ambiance:  A
 (Deserted - just 3 hot empty nesters)

I met with two of my empty nester buddies for lunch on a Wednesday in Fairview.  Very few tables were occupied.  When we sat down, our waiter gave us menus and water and then we didn't see him for another 25 minutes. 
 All three of us ordered the tri-salad plate consisting of a garden salad, quinoa salad, and a chicken salad which was a little heavy on the mayo and had carrots and dried onions on top.  The presentation was outstanding.  All in all it was a good dining experience because I was with great ladies and good food.  (If you have an aversion to mayo, like my buds TJ and Skinnydelaney -  order something else).


Food:  B+
Service:  A
Ambiance:  A
I met 3 friends for lunch.  Spoons is one of my favorite lunch spots on the Square and definitely one of the most popular with townspeople and tourists.

There is always a line but it moves quickly and it is worth it. 
I always order the same thing - Spoons Signature Salad with Shredded Chicken.  It is made up of spinach, goat cheese, strawberries and yellow raisins.  It was positively delish as always.

One of my buddies, who declared herself a "vegetarian" for the week ordered this vegetable wrap and sweet potato fries.  She said it was great and the fries were to die for!

My other friend ordered this roast beef melt which she raved about!  I did  notice my "vegetarian in training" friend eyeing her sandwich and drooling a little!

The only reason I rated Spoons a B+ and not an A is because of this little number.  My sweet friend ordered this soup and sandwich combo - chicken salad and chicken vegetable soup.  She took one sip of the soup and started coughing profusely because it was so darn spicy - and she loves spicy food!  So beware if you order the soup.


May this Tuesday feel like a Friday!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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