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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Movie Mania

I know y'all are jealous of the Mister and my cutting edge life of empty nesterhood.  Oh sure, it looks glamorous... and you're right.  Just because we don't have 8 kids doesn't mean that we are not as enthralling as Brad and Angelina.

  We may not go to those boring, crowded, stuffy movie premieres  in Hollywood, but we can feel just as elegant in our local cinema eating a hot dog or yogurt coiffed in nike sweats. 

The Mister took Friday off because he has a lot of traveling coming up the next couple of months, and we need to spend every incredibly electrifying moment that we can with each other. 

The first movie we saw was:
 This is a movie based on a book written by James Patterson.  It is about a young homicide detective/psychologist named Alex Cross who meets up with a sociopath who also happens to be an assassin/serial killer (there's a job description for you).  To put the cherry on the sundae he specializes in torture and pain. It was a pretty good movie with a lot of chase and really lurid scenes.  The reason for the grade is because I felt it ended with a lot of unanswered questions and loose ends.  But it's definitely worth the price of the ticket.
I've never seen Tyler Perry in a movie before, outside of a few minutes of Madea on TV which doesn't really count.  He plays the lead, Alex Cross.  I think he is a good actor and I am not just saying that because he is BFF's with Oprah and Gayle.  Last year, he even gave them each a Rolls Royce!  So, Tyler if you're reading this, and I am sure you are,  I promise to take really good care of my Rolls and get it washed every week if you ever feel that wave of generosity again.
I am still having nightmares with Matthew Fox starring in them after this movie.  He hits about 100 on the creep machine!
Ed Burns does a fabulous job playing Alex's best friend and partner.  I think this guy gets better looking with age.

The second movie we saw was:

This movie is based on a true story detailing the 1980 joint CIA secret operation to extract six fugitive American personnel posing as a movie crew of a fake movie from revolutionary Iran.  Argo  does a magnificent job explaining a critical operation during a complicated time in history.
Ben Affleck was captivating in the role of Tony Mendez, the ex filtration expert. The supporting cast was so believable as the war torn hostages and really looked like they were living in the '80's. Believe me, I know firsthand about the groovy duds of the '80's.


Adam Arkin and John Goodman were so great as the Hollywood big guys.
Ben Affleck produced it along with ....

If you do go to see this nail biting thriller, don't rush out of the theater when it is over - stay for the credits.  The movie then shows a side by side comparison of the actors with the actual hostages.  Also, there is a small clip of  President Carter explaining the operation. I really enjoyed the film and not just because my ex boyfriend George produced it.



Ethel premiered on HBO this week and being the self proclaimed Kennedyphile that I am, I did not want to miss it. 
Ethel chronicles the life of Robert F. Kennedy's 84 year old widow.  It was produced by her youngest daughter, Rory, who was born six months after her father's assassination.

The film was filled with great personal family pictures when RFK was alive.

I love this picture!

Through interviews with her children, this film encompasses Ethel's wit and strength as a mother and a wife.

I highly recommend this movie (and not because I love the Kennedys or Taylor Swift).



As Kathie Lee and Hoda say... 
Happy Winesday Wednesday!
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I'm dying to see Argo...heard it's fabulous!

  2. Cannot wait to see Argo, two people have said how fabulous it was! Thanks for your reviews, keep em coming, I also posted about a few movies today. Maybe Argo on Sunday!


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