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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#1's Favorite Things

My #1 has given me her favorite things.  I had to explain to her that these are the things she actually "has" not "what she wants to have"- there is not enough space in the blog world to share her wants.  I will also be adding my own commentary.
#1's Favorite Things
Volvo XC90
Greatest car ever - so adorable and has lots of room.  I have wanted this car since I was 12 years old.
Okay, first of all, the Mister and I bought this used.  Although it is one of her favorite things, she actually doesn't own it - we do - but I'm not going to burst her bubble.  It would actually be one of our favorites too, if the car didn't go so fast and get speeding tickets and bump into things so much! 
I have this in the bright colored chevron pattern.  You can totally customize with your name/monogram.  It has tons of space and great quotes throughout.  It keeps me organized.
Anything that keeps this kid organized we are all for... she never misses a date but still has trouble keeping track of exams and dentist appointments! 
They come in a million colors that look good with every XXL sorority t-shirt.  They are really comfortable.  Nike shorts become obsessive - once you start buying them you want all the colors.
Seriously - the over sized t-shirt and shorts make up her college uniform in its entirety.  When it gets colder, she takes her ensemble up a notch by adding leggings.

Most comfortable shoes I own.  The kids I babysit for call them "boy" shoes but I don't care!  They are kind of expensive but I'm worth it.
They are most certainly the most comfortable shoes she owns - the others she has all have 9 inch heels !


Perfect for hiding my face when I look like an absolute dog.  Great for football games, driving around, or just looking cool.  I held on to a pair that lasted 2 1/2 years - that is seriously saying something.
This almost completes her college look.  We were proud of her for holding on to the shades for almost 3 years.  There was one problem though - she could barely see out of them because they were so scratched up from losing the case for them the first week.

Perfect size for a purse or a tote, can also carry school books/laptop to class.  The strings pull in the bag for the "city look" - which looks more like a purse than a tote.  This bag has survived EVERYTHING.
This was her one and only Christmas gift from us last year.  Note to self... never ask for a definition of "EVERYTHING."  I do know what it did survive - the SMU - TCU game in the pouring rain.  The bag survived the downpour but the  iphone did not. That's a whole other blog...As the Mister and I say....just another day in Paradise.
I don't wash my face and they seriously clean everything.  They really make my face feel clean and refreshed.  I go through a Costco box of them every two weeks.
No kidding - a mega box of these every two weeks.  This kid must have the cleanest face in Texas!

I have become totally obsessed with getting a gold card and have therefore become totally obsessed with Starbucks.  My favorites are the green tea or the iced coffee because they are so refreshing.
Can you tell she is "totally obsessed"  with saying "totally obsessed?"



So delicious with half the sugar that normal Chobani has.  I eat it every day!
At least she's getting some nutrition.

Watch it every Sunday with my best friends at my house.  Best show on TV by far.
And here I thought Statistics was her obsession...



Prettiest color.  Looks great with a tan and even looks good in the winter.  Has a fresh look.

It does look great on her.  It beats the black and green polish she was featuring for a time.  I like this one much better.

 and last but not least....


So delicious and you can't beat the price - $2.99/bottle or $35.00/case.  My roommates and I drink it like water.  I even ask for it in restaurants!

Okay, she put that comment about "drinking it like water" in there to get under my skin...or at least I hope so....


Thank you, #1 for contributing to my blog today.  Study hard and go light on the Pino!


Enjoy  "thirsty Thursday" everyone!



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