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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lenna - My Pot Guru

A lot of people walk by our house while I am watering my flowers and compliment me about how beautiful our flower pots look.  I always give a sly smile (just like they do in commercials) and graciously say thank you.   I have no right to take the credit.  I have a secret weapon.  Her name is Lenna.  She works at my nursery, Calloways, and even though I have actually planted the plants, my pal Lenna is my designer extraordinaire.

For ten years, I have bought my flowers at Calloways.  I met Lenna years ago when I found out she was the designer who was constructing the gorgeous landscapes in the pots throughout the nursery.  I introduced myself and asked begged her for help.  She took pity on me and has always been more than helpful when I ask for help.

Lenna always asks me what pots I like and what colors that I want to accentuate in my yard.  She then walks around the nursery and picks the plants that I would like.  Lenna arranges them as if they were in my pot and I use my trusty iPhone to take a picture. I buy the plants and arrange them exactly as seen on my phone. And then I sit back and take all the credit.
These are some of Lenna's beautiful creations...

Not only are the flowers beautiful - love the shape and color of the pot.
Just reminds me how much I love Fall. 
 Great idea to add the gourds to the arrangement.
 This is a round arrangement for the middle of the table.
And now... presenting a few of Lenna's my creations....



All set for Halloween... now all I need is the candy.
Thinking about all my family and friends on the East Coast - lots of prayers going your way.  Stay safe!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Oh my gosh I would love to get to know Miss Lenna! These are beautiful.

  2. I liked yours/hers better!! Been reading your blog for an hour and catching up :)))


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