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Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Tales of the Traveling Tote / Driving Miss Daisy

Good morning.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Miss Daisy, otherwise known as Katie Clooney's MacKenzie Child's Traveling Tote.  My Dad bought me for my Mom about 4 months ago because according to my Dad, my Mom whined a lot that she wanted to join the Tales of the Traveling Tote group of cool bloggers.  As always, my Mom's wish is my Dad's command, and before we knew it, Mom had me hanging off her shoulder in a matter or days.

I met my new siblings, Chowdah, the overgrown goofball of a golden doodle and Chili, the Maltipoo and self-appointed diva of the house with the enlarged ego.  I have learned that in my new home it's Chili's way or the highway

These attention-seeking, four-legged mutts pups don't really "get" me, especially the little one.  Chili continually wonders why I get to go out with Mom and have fun and they have to stay home in the laundry room, otherwise referred to as the nursery for the needy. 

Here are some of my fun adventures that I have been on with my Mom.  

Mom and Dad took me to a town on the Cape called Mashpee.  Or as I call it, pretty town with a weird name.  It has great shopping and Mom tells me great restaurants with delicious food, though I can't verify that statement because I had to sit on the ground next to her chair.  It's not easy being me. 

My Mom loves the water so whenever a sunny, warm day comes around, she researches restaurants with waterfront, outdoor seating.  We ended up in Scituate at TK O'Malley's, so everybody was happy.  Dad got to have a burger and Mom got to gaze at the water.

After lunch, Mom took me into one of her favorite stores, Joye.  Dad headed to the frozen yogurt place. 

Don't tell my Dad I told you this, but he likes to have a little yogurt with his huge helping of toppings.  He considers this "healthy" eating.
Mom never orders one but always manages to help herself to a few bites.  She says the calories don't count if you don't order or pay for it.

I got to meet my big Sis, #2.  I've been to North Carolina twice and got to see her graduate, met her beau, and even drove to Atlanta to do some apartment hunting with her.

We spent a lot of time at Southpoint Mall.
I even got to hang out with this gal.

One of my favorite adventures was going to a beautiful lunch at The Enchanted Home.  It was the most gorgeous house that I had ever been in!  I was hoping Mom would forget that she brought me and leave me there!

We spent a day strolling Beacon Hill's gardens.  
I got to meet some more of Mom's friends who were really a lot of fun.
I couldn't hear too much of the conversation because I had to hang on Mom's chair.

We went to a great Breakfast with the Authors and Mom met a lot of nice people.  I overheard one lady asking my Mom about me.  She said that I am the Flat Stanley of the Post-Menopausal set.  
I'll take that as a compliment.  
I guess.

Mom got to meet the founder of Tales of the Traveling Tote group, Patti of Pandora's Box on the Cape.  We also got to meet Miss Kenzie, Patti's sidekick.  It was refreshing to meet someone that's as cute as me.  The Moms enjoyed a delicious lunch while we hung out on our Mom's chairs.

 After lunch, we stopped over at the Lily Pad which carries tons of MacKenzie-Childs stuff.  My Mom placed me on the floor while browsing and almost couldn't find me amongst the many courtly checks.

Mom took me to a Literary Luncheon on the Cape last Friday.  
She hasn't written the post yet. 

Between you and me, I think that she's turning into a little bit of a slacker.

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The best news is that the Ladies from the Traveling Totes are sponsoring a giveaway over at Rita's blog, Panolopy.  If you leave a comment on her blog, you will be eligible to win this darling storage box.

See you soon...

Guarding Miss Daisy

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Miss Daisy is one well-traveled bag....err, I mean tote! And she is definitely a tote with 'tude. I do believe Miss Daisy's doppelgangers are in good company. Miss Luna C is certainly happy over here at Panoply. However, I think Chili's going to have some diva competition if Miss Daisy has a say in future posts. ;)

  2. Not gonna lie, I would love to have a pretty tote like all you ladies. They are Precious as we say here in the south. And the adventures the bags have....so fun to read about!!

  3. Ok.
    Covet covet.
    I may need one of these bags.
    I have always been so easily swayed:)
    Thank you Katie for your visits to White Spray Paint.
    It means the world to me.


  4. Hello Katie, Oh I sure want to tag along with you and Miss Daisy, you travel to such great places. I have to get to the Cape, it reminds me a lot of Seaside, my favorites place with a beach! Love reading about the escapades of those pups, what lovable pups.
    You should be able to add me to your sidebar by the copy and paste method like you do with the others, I hope. So much fun having you in this little group Katie :)

  5. I would say that Miss Daisy has been on some rather fun-time adventures...such a beautiful life..happy June....

  6. Hi Miss Daisy, This is Miss Rosie, Linda G's tote. So happy to have you in our traveling family! I'm a little bit smaller than you (I didn't say skinnier) but my sister Miss Poppy could be your twin :) So glad you didn't get lost at The Lili Pad! I'm headed there soon and I'll be sure to stay on my Mom's shoulder! Maybe we'll have lunch in Boston but NOT yogurt unless it's on a dish with chocolate cake. I would love to visit Tina's house as Mom says she is a sweet and talented blogger with a house to salivate over. And speaking of that, maybe Chili could hop inside you and go for an outing, but perhaps Chowda would be too sad and take it out on your beautiful yard. Looking forward to sharing an adventure with you! love, Miss Rosie

  7. ha ha, Katie, so clever and funny you always are! You and Miss Daisy have certainly been busy! I love the formula your husband uses for his yogurt, smart man! Chowdah and Chili are so adorable, and of course your nursery for the needy cracked me up! I would probably still be in the Lily Pad store~ I hope you and Miss Daisy have more great adventures this summer!

  8. I love Miss Daisy's take on the world! So Chili rules the roost? It looks like Miss Daisy gets out a lot more than I do -- and it looks like tons of fun and wonderful!

  9. Miss Daisy sure gets around. Precious photo with the pups. I have never been to the cape...have to make it happen. Loving your fun adventures. visiting Tina's house must have been fabulous! Thanks for taking me along on your fun filled adventures Miss Daisy.

  10. Katie, you and Miss Daisy lead a busy social life. Miss Merri Mac is a bit envious of all the fun outings there on the east coast. It may be time to pack that girl and head back east.
    Seriously, all your adventures make me want to live in the charming area you now call home. Texas is so spread out, that day trips are a challenge. Glad you and Miss Daisy have joined the group. I know you will keep us smiling and laughing.

  11. I think the Flat Stanley comment is the best thing I've read all week!

  12. Finally ordered my tote. It'll be the perfect way to give my dog Radar (a Maltese) a ride. The bag's name will be McHoney Chile (because it will be living in the south). If I can every get my blog together maybe I'll join the traveling tote crowd :)

  13. So happy I got to meet Miss Daisy (and YOU, too)....I am so envious that you live so close to the Cape and the ocean!! I ret'd to the Lili Pad (they had 20% off over the Memorial Day weekend!!). Hope the pooches don't have "sibling rivalry"! Happy Tales!

  14. Miss Daisy is making sure you are well traveled! Great that you got to meet Patti. Have a perfect weekend!

  15. Miss Daisy gets around more than I do! LOL Actually, Miss Daisy is a fabulous tote!

  16. I'm thinking maybe we need some Little Black "domicile"! tote bags...you know with the two sexy mudflap logo that we have. Or we could just hijack Daisy...we'd look good on her check.-Laurel Bledsoe

  17. Katie, you should do a post on the contents of Miss Daisy.

    1. Great idea, Aly! I'll have to talk to her about it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. So entertaining. You tote girls know how to have fun. I enjoyed all your travels and fun wit.
    It is fun to follow a new blogger.

  19. my favorite sentence is "She said that I am the Flat Stanley of the Post-Menopausal set." I might have snorted!!

    1. That was pretty awesome. I'll have to remember that when the younger members of my family aren't impressed with my new bag :)

  20. Love the comparison to Flat Stanley! :)

  21. Katie, your blog was especially delightful today. I was thinking of Flat Stanley as I read your blog. I look forward to more adventures...Maxine.

  22. Such a lovely journey with the beautiful tote...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com


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