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Monday, June 12, 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Good morning, dear friends.  It's going to be a hot one here today in the Northeast.  The weekend was beautiful.  The Mister and I chose the tile for our master bath reno and also saw a good movie. 

Here are some gift ideas for your Dad and/or hubby that I came up with.  Some are tried and true by the Mister and me. 

I must say that putting together a post about Mother's Day gift ideas was a lot more fun than thinking of presents for dear old Dad. 
Hmmm... I wonder why.

For the man who needs more light in his life, a flexible flashlight.

The essential EDC kit - every day carry on a keychain.
I don't know what most of the stuff is, but the Mister was impressed.

Protect your man's ears while he's mowing the lawn.  
That way, he won't have trouble hearing your next instructions.

Your husband will actually ask for a to-do list if he's feeling macho in his new toolbelt.

17 tools in 1!
Don't ask me to explain what they are or what they do.

If your man was supposed to turn on the sprinkler on before he left for work and forgot, he can turn it on through his computer or phone with the touch of a button.


If it's possible to fall in love with a hose, this one would be the object of my affection.  The Mister bought a few of these months ago and they are a dream to maneuver.  No more untangling and getting wrapped up in one while attempting to roll it on the wheel holder thingy.

Mark and Graham

Could your traveling man use some new accessories?  By the way, being the unorganized packer that I am, those packing cubes have been a godsend.

If your man is like me and uses Dollar Store readers, this site has good looking, economical specs.

How about a stunning sleeve to carry his Mac in?  

Smathers & Branson

For the guy who likes to keep his pants up in style, there are plenty of unique needlepoint belts and accessories here.
Better yet - tell him you made it. 


If your man is a golfer, he might appreciate this training tool to improve his swing.  It beats broken windows any day.


It would be impossible for me to do a post on Men's toys without mentioning the almighty drone.


When your man is not using this sleek grill set, he can carry around the case and introduce himself to people as Bond... James Bond.


For the guy who thinks it is too cold or hot to go out to the grill, this cast iron pan is the answer to his prayers. It is equipped with ridges on the bottom to create grill marks and pouring spouts.


Recipes, gadgets, and tips - a bible for any man who loves to grill. 


This may look like an ordinary record player, but it is so much more.  Quite the conversation piece, too.


Is your guy constantly losing his keys and/or phone?  
This Tile is for him.


The Mister no longer has to listen to me whine about the internet thanks to this Orbi Wifi System.  If your man is pulling his hair out over the slow internet in your home,  you will make his day by giving him this system.  The reviews and ratings speak for themselves.


The Mister bought me this camera for Mother's Day.  It is a great size, easy to use (even for me), takes great pictures, and has built-in Wifi.  If you're planning a vacation and your Mister likes to take pics, I highly recommend this one.  

It even has a soft focus setting to blur wrinkles.  
Not that I would need that or anything. 


For the Dad that who loves to read, there are plenty of new suspense, mystery, and biography books that have been released in the past few months.


A subscription to Audible is also a great gift for the guy who has a long drive to work.  The Mister says that listening to a good book in the car makes all the difference in the world while he fights his way through a difficult commute to get home to his beautiful bride. 


Dad would really appreciate this mug from his favorite kid.
Which reminds me, I need to order one for my Dad.

Until next time...

A bird's eye view of my weekend.
Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. I ASSUME It's this coming SUNDAY?!!!!!!!
    I still am not back to OUR CURRENT EVENTS as I had to DIS-CONNECT overseas!!!!!!
    You have done your HOMEWORK!

  2. Secretly, I'm glad I have my kids father all to myself again and the kids are responsible for selecting their own Dad's Day gifts! Love them all!

  3. What is it about men and flash lights? A commercial for a fancy flash light came on when we were watching tv the other afternoon and both Marvin and grandson, Landon, were enthralled!!

  4. You found so great ideas! My Joe gets a card from me. Gifts are up to the boys. :)

  5. Hey! do ya'll have that gizmo for faster internet connection at your house? Ours is horribly slow and he is ALWAYS griping, especially when he can't get an LSU baseball game to load......is it hard to hook up? and does it do away with current router??

    1. We've had our orbi system for awhile and it has made a world of difference for me.
      I can't comment if it's hard to hook up - the Mister said it's not. I wasn't home when we got it so I can't tell you how many swear words he used.

  6. Thanks for shared amazing ideas about father's day gifts. I have suggest one more website "Taj Online" This website send father's day gifts to India.

  7. What a great list, even better commentary. That golf club thingy looks like it would swing right around and hit a guy in the kidneys. Tile selection - yay!

  8. Sent the kids the link to the ear thing-a-mah-jigs, thanks. Dear Husband's favorite tool from past gift is his leaf blower - sounds like a mack truck coming down the driveway and that's from inside the house!

  9. Great suggestions for Dad gifts Katie. I have to say Jim bought me the wonderful hose, guess he was tired of rescuing me from the tangled heavy hose I was fighting with. I love it, light as a feather. Always love your gift list ideas..........

  10. So many good Father's Day gift ideas!
    My husband's favorite grilling cookbook is Bobby Flay's Grill It.
    I love packing cubes too.

  11. I love the Father's day picks! But frankly I am more interested in your master bathroom renovation! Please share the details.

  12. Super great ideas! Loving the belts and the camera to blur out the wrinkles...my kind of gift!
    Pinning away now:)

  13. I would like that tool-belt for moi -- is that OK to say?

  14. I'd say Mr. Empty Nester is going to have a great gift no matter which of these you pick!

  15. Very fun! Dads are so hard to shop for!

  16. What a great round up of ideas Katie!!


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