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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Fall Vintage Bazaar

Hello, dear friends.  Happy Sunday.  Last weekend, I dragged the Mister to a Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, Massachusetts.  We attended the Christmas Bazaar at Pettingill Farm last November and if you missed it, you can find the post here

Clever idea.

I picked the Mister up at work because he had a Saturday meeting.  He doesn't usually sport a bow tie when attending a country fair.  

Love these light fixtures.

Note to self:  be careful where you sit around here.

I'm a total sucker for succulents.

Pettingill offers landscape design.  Isn't this a cute cottage?

Interesting take on family portraits.

I love this car!  I would never again have to wander around aimlessly in a huge parking lot trying to find my car.  There would be no more calls to the Mister reporting that I think our car was stolen.

Hmmm... I wonder if Sista would like a lamp for Christmas.

Cute pillows.

Love this bar!

I have my first needlepoint meeting of the season soon.  Do you think the ladies would believe that I finished two purses and a chair over the summer?

I bet I would be  at least 5'5" if I wore these boots.  One problem, though.  The Mister would have to carry me everywhere because I wouldn't be able to walk in them.

That's it for now.  
Time to hop into our new wheels and head home.

Until next time...

One year ago today, we picked up our little Chili in Connecticut and brought her to her new forever home.  She and her big bro have filled our home with nothing but craziness happiness. 

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Katie, is it okay if I think you have the funniest and most readable blog out there? I read many blogs to keep myself from doing housework but yours is the one I look forward to the most. I also like all the pretty pictures!

  2. I bet the mister was the best dressed man there! I remember Charles Chips cans, do you? We always had a can of chips and a can of pretzels on the steps leading to the basement. Can't wait to see your needlepoint.

  3. You and I must be about the same height. ha! And I could not walk in those high heeled booties either. :-)
    Love the needlepoint chair and it would take me 20 years to finish it. I had a few needlepoint projects going...and I should have finished them before I needed bifocals.

  4. Oh, my,how interesting! Yes, one would have to be very careful where they sat. Entertaining post and the Mister sure looks cute!

  5. Love the fair...I too am a sucker for succulents. When I was about 8 and my mother was planting some new gardens where there used be be a barn in our backyard (long story), anyway she said she was going to buy some hens and chicks for the garden. I literally thought we were going to have chickens. I was disappointed, but have loved having my own hens and chicks because of her.

  6. I bet the Mister was the best dressed man at the fair! I DO think you should get that lamp for your PLEASE GET IT!!!
    I have an old pump organ sitting in my garage (in excellent shape) and I have been telling my son it would make a great BAR! NOW I have a picture to prove it. xo Diana

  7. Your Mr. is looking quite fetching, what a good sport! We had one of those lobster pots, what did I do with it?

  8. I expect that my children will be selling all of my needlepoint projects in flea markets one day! Looks like a great fair!

  9. What a cutie! (Your puppy, I mean, although Mister looks nice too!) So nice to hear about Salisbury...growing up, that was our local beach. And yes the water was freezing! Looks like you had a great day up there.

  10. I OWN one of those lamps in HUNTER GREEN!Hangs OUTSIDE over the concrete table MY MISTER made for the PIZZA PREP TABLE!I think YOU would approve!
    I have been in contact with ONE Of YOUR FRIENDS.......a lovely KATHY!You need to meet up with HER this FALL and take a SANP so I can see what SHE looks like!I LIKE HER A LOT!
    I still am NOT getting about half a dozen BLOGS I subscribe too...........will TRY TRY AGAIN to RE-subscribe otherwise just know I will be SCANNING other peoples side bars to see when YOU post!SORRY if I miss a few!!!

  11. Katie so many fun finds, love the darling pillows!! Your Mister looks great and I am sure would be voted best dress at the fair!!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. So so so so jealous! I wanted to go to this soooo badly. Oh well, next year - I'll meet you there and we can have a drink at the piano bar!

  13. OK. Those lamps are just downright c-r-a-z-y!!!! Too sceery for me....
    and I would have lost it if I came upon a whole sterling silver chest filled to the brim with an original sterling set!!!!!!!!!
    AND I would have never been able to leave that place.....looks like the places where they film flea market flip!

  14. Seems such a fine event, warm greetings!

  15. We were just talking about Charles Chips the other day. No thanks to the lamp but a can of Charles Chips? Yes indeed! I bet that the Mister was the most dapper guy at the Vintage Market!


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