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Saturday, February 14, 2015

tv talk

Hello, dear friends.  Happy Valentines Day!  I'm reporting from the South Shore of Boston, home of the happiest meteorologists in the world!  Mother Nature is dropping off her card, in the form of another @#$# blizzard, later this afternoon.  

Many of you lucky people are leaving this weekend for some nice warm climate due to school breaks.  
I have two words for you:  I'm jealous.  

Along with my jeans waist size, my vocabulary has also been expanding since we moved to the Northeast.  For instance, I have learned the true meaning of a Nor'easter as well as the word squall.  Yesterday, after hearing the pitter-patter of water drops on the inside of my window sill, I was introduced to the words roof dam.  The Mister called about ten roof dam removal companies yesterday, but to no avail.  Nobody returned our call.  I told the Mister that we should just pack our bags, head south, and come back in the Spring.  He mumbled something about "work" and paying for the roof dam company, if anyone ever calls us back.

This is not my house.  It's too cold for me to take an actual picture.

In our house, we don't call it a roof dam.  
We call it a dam roof.

Needless to say, I feel like I have earned a Masters degree in television watching after this snowy season.  So today, unlike most days, I write about something I actually know about - tv watching.

Six months, NBC?  Really?  My buddy, Kathy, e-mailed me to inform me that I am not the only one who considers "BriWi" as she calls him, a boyfriend.  She heard a media expert interviewed who said that there was "no way" our boyfriend would return to The Nightly News.  Kathy also had a great idea... how about BriWi taking Jon Stewart's place.  Hmmm... 

So sorry to hear that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show.  I have watched him for years and will miss him.  It will be interesting to see if this show can survive without him. 

The series finale of Parenthood aired weeks ago, but I just wanted to say that I thought it was the best finale ever.  I cried through the whole thing!

About 10 years ago, Lisa Kudrow  wrote and produced The Comeback.  Now, ten years later, she and her writing partner were asked by HBO to write a second season.  This show showcases Kudrow's superb talent and comic timing.  
I watched this on the treadmill and I actually looked forward to hopping on that dreaded machine so that I could watch this show.

If you are a fan of Christopher Guest's movies such as Best of Show and Waiting for Guffman,  this sitcom is for you.  It is created by the show's stars, Eugene Levy and his son, Dan Levy.  The incomparable Catherine O'Hara plays the wickedly funny wife.  Chris Elliot lends his comic genius as the crazy town mayor.  

This show joins Modern Family and The Mindy Project as one of my favorite sitcoms.

Tomorrow night, Saturday Night Live is hosting its 40th reunion.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our electricity stays on.  Nothing warms up a house in a snow storm more than lots of wine and plenty of laughter.

What are your favorite shows?

Hope your day is filled with love!

My two with their Valentine haircuts.

When we saw Chowdah with his new haircut, he looked like he lost 30 lbs.  I told the Mister that I am chucking Weight Watchers and instead, I'm having my hair cut at Petco!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Hello...feel so bad that you are going to be clobbered yet again, we are not going unscathed but still...Bostons snow amounts are unreal! You know the weathermen are just eating this up:) Have no fear, hopefully CNN's blizzardmoblie will be on high alert, lol.
    So many shows I have not heard of, goes to show how out of the loop I am! I think Lisa K. is so funny and I LOVE Saturday Night Live. No one in my humble opinion will be able to replace Jon Stewart...he's one of a kind.
    I see Brian Williams getting his own reality show if his news gig doesn't' work out......all the best to you this frigid snowy weekend.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day from the sunny (but cold) south! We go from almost 70 degrees here lately to 20s at night!

    I'm with you on the Brian Williams suspension....seems a bit much to me. I would imagine NBC will lose a good bit of viewers from their "in my opinion" over the top action. Now don't get me wrong...I like Lester Holt and think he's doing a fine job but really....6 months w/o pay (which I think is around $10 million smackaroos)

    Hope ya'll catch a break real soon from your weather situation. My sister and her husband are coming in from their lake house and we'll all be taking my mom out for a late Valentine's Day lunch. Stay warm and stay inside!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Katie!! Do you and George....I mean the mister have any plans? Sorry you are getting pummeled with snow. Not to rub it in but the temps are supposed to reach 70 again here in Denver. A very unusual winter here but I will take it any day.

    I will miss BriWi and his crooked chin. Too bad he felt the need to imbelish his news stories. I think he would be a great replacement for Stewart and while I like Lester Holt it would be great to see Katie in the news chair again on NBC.

    Modern and Mindy are our favorite comedies right now and looking forward to Levy's and Kudrow's new gigs.

    Stay warm!

  5. I've been so worried about you and all of the others in the North East. This weather is so crazy! Glad you have electricity and TV. No wonder the Pilgrims didn't make it through the first winter very successfully. The North East isn't for sissies!

  6. Omg -- The Comeback was amaze-balls! I cried like a baby at the finale. Do you watch Web Therapy too? Never heard of the Levy comedy -- will find it for sure. If you like it, I know that I will! Happy Valentine's Day, Katie!

  7. Oh Lord...hubby says he remembers the roof dams all to well from his years growing up in Michigan! Stay warm sweet friend. Happy Valentine's Day.

  8. Oh- I know about roof dams! You can keep them out there this winter, thank you. So sad about all the news and people that disappoint us. I see the case is growing against Williams. There are several newscasters over the years that have stretched the truth and it has caught up with them. I liked him a lot.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, Katie. I do think if I cut my hair short I might lose at least 3 or 4 pounds! xo Diana

  9. Dont you just love the East coast weather! LOL have a great weekend my friend!

  10. Our new roof has some kind of high tech material that stops leaks from ice dams - all for a price of course! Stay warm :-)

  11. I am so sorry to hear of your snow troubles; I could not take it. You are a good woman, and please tell the mister I said so! We are at the beach and watching SNL classics today. It is chilly here, but it helps to look out and see the ocean! It sounds like we may have VERY cold temps(for us) and a "little" of the white stuff next week back at home in mid-state NC. Chow looks like a different boy with his new haircut. But, he is still adorable; they both are! Stay warm!

  12. I cried my eyes out at Parenthood also...I loved that show...I think because everyone used to talk over each other and it reminded me of my family...I think the BriWi idea of taking over Jon Stewart is an excellent idea...I also think that if people are going to crucify him they should be looking into everyone else's story telling...I mean broadcast journalism as well.. We are DVR-ing the SNL special cause Hubster is afraid he will fall asleep. Going to check out what's up Schitt's Creek...I mean what Schitt's Creek is all about...trailer looks hilarious. Thank goodness you have been on top of all this TV watching or else I would really be behind the times.

  13. We are in central MA and have a dam roof as well. Paid a small fortune to have it shoveled this week so the weight of the snow doesn't make it collapse and that also stopped the leaking - for now. FYI - Sometimes roofing companies and chimney sweeps are looking for extra work this time of year and will clean off roofs. They may not tackle the dam dams but with no snow behind them to melt, the leaks usually stop. Until the next **#*#*+# storm!! Good luck with this one!!

  14. I totally enjoy your blog posts especially when you include your furry baby's!! Laughed so hard at Chowdah's new haircut!
    I bet he is freezing with those naked long legs! Too funny! Stay warm!
    Franklin Tn

  15. I feel so bad for all of you up there. Hope you have a trip somewhere warm planned soon! I saw the cast of Schitts Creek on WWHL the other night. It has to be good with that cast! Stay safe and warm!

  16. Please don't take Chowdah to Petco EVERA again......R

  17. Sorry you are having the worst weather ever! It is in the 80's here in LA - most unusual for this time of year.
    Have you watched The Americans? I am totally hooked on it.
    Love your blog - you are a breath of fresh air. Please keep blogging.

  18. Your pups look precious but they may need to borrow a fur coat to brave the snowy outdoors! Hang in there and I hope that your roof gets undammmed!

  19. I remember the damn drips in Chicago...the morning of my first sons baptism, in our new home, with forty family and friends coming for a party that afternoon. I was obsessed with the leaks!! Hormonal and weepy, we got a handyman to come hack at the ice for a few hours. Not sure if it made a difference...but best wishes with yours. This too shall pass.

  20. Very sad about what NBC did to Brian Williams

  21. Chowdah looks like our Sadie after she gets groomed. We all like Sadie's hair long, but she gets matted and they usually take off more than we like.
    I'm the lone dissenter here, but I have never been a Brian Williams fan and am happy to see him go.
    Were you and the Mister able to get out and celebrate Valentines last night? However you ended up spending Valentine's, I hope it was fun (and warm)!

  22. Hello dearest Katie.....A Happy Valentines Day to you my you remember me? I hope so,Im still here but not quite as we know it
    Its terrible I have been awol....what with the bday party + guests + then the recovering...I cant believe how many days have gone by.

    Im thinking of you and your enforced tv marathon..Your weather has made the news over here!! sorry for your snow, it is only good for people who knit and my Mom the pianist...Still, ,its so freezing I may soon be able to skate across the pond and say hello :))
    I have been watching the Grammys over and over this week ( 4 times) .. Stevie Wonder is my absolute favourite and you can probably hear me singing along

    I love your instagram pictures, and those doogies.... now you know what makes my heart sing.
    Much love to you and a huge warm hug
    Sally xxx

    ps. You have inspired me to do something wonderful this week

  23. OM gosh....sign me up at Petco too! Poor Chowdah - the snow lover - is probably freezing his tail off! I am so excited. We might get some winter weather tomorrow. I know you are tired of it, but I love the buzz when they forecast it here.

  24. I bet you are wishing you had never left Texas right about now! You poor thing! We have a damn ice dam situation as well and we ran out of propane on Friday night at 10:00pm - our gas guy came out at midnight and I felt so bad for him filling the tank in the snow (but not as bad as I would have felt with no heat and frozen pipes!). Thank goodness you are keeping busy with good tv and movies. What did you think of the SNL show? I wished they would have had more old clips but it was still funny. Hugs to you, my dear!

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