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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Real Housewives House Tour

Hello dear friends.  I'm back with another Real Housewives tour.  Last week, I posted pictures of three Housewives homes.  This week I am only featuring one housewife because her mansion is so enormous.  It is the gorgeous home of David and one of my favorites, Yolanda. 

We only have a handful of shows left on RHBH.  According to Kyle's instagram, the ladies have already filmed the reunion, and it was positively exhausting.  I'm not surprised.  It takes a lot of energy stabbing "friends" in the back.

Out of all the housewives, I would choose Yolanda to be my friend.  She strikes me as having a big heart and truly wants everyone to get along.  Last week, she put together a scavenger hunt in an effort to create some team building amongst the crazies.  It appeared that  Yo put a lot of time and energy into this little endeavor and the crazies were anything but appreciative.


You would think that Yo asked her buddies to clean toilets at Penn Central.  Between Kim's knees, Lisa V's bunions and the whole milkshake debacle, there was no end to the moaning and groaning.   I haven't heard this much whining since I asked my girls to get dressed up so I could take a picture for a Christmas card.  If you're wondering why you didn't get one, I didn't send one.  Enough said.

This Malibu mansion is magnificent.

Holy guacamole!!!  Now this is what I call a kitchen!

Lynn's Place 

This fridge is so famous, I think it deserves its own tag line.

Remember all the bickering good times around this piano?

David can't even turn around, he is laughing so hard.

Some high-spirited conversations have happened around this table.

I wonder how many pairs of white jeans that Yo owns.

It's no wonder Yo and David are so happy... they have separate bathrooms!

How many hours do you think Yo spends in this room to keep that gorgeous figure of hers.  

Between you and me, I am not a big fan of media rooms.  However, I think this is one is stunning.

By the way, Yo and David are selling their little love nest for a cool 25 mil.  It's time for me to start buying lottery tickets.

Who's your favorite housewife?  
And if you don't watch it, I don't blame you.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Unfortunately, I don't get to watch RHBH, but not because I don't want to watch...it's that pesky side hobby I have called a job...often when there is a snow day I will On Demand the latest episodes, but I didn't get to it on the last day off. Thank you for keeping me posted and of course recognizing that like you we live in a world where just having a master bath is a luxury. I do agree, Yolanda would be my choice as friend because she doesn't have the two faces that the others seem to have. By the way I didn't win the Mega-Million last night even though I tried...$1 I will never get back.

  2. I used to watch it but I kind of burned out on it...too much continued "made-up" drama for me. lol I do love to watch the Andy Cohen show when he has all the crazies on though...but I sometimes miss that, too. Gorgeous house!!!!! The one housewives show I could NEVER stand was the Atlanta one! TOO MUCH.....everything..lol
    Enjoy your evening. xo Diana

  3. That kitchen AND that view, swoon!!

  4. Yolanda is my very favorite of the housewives. She seems so sweet and sincere despite all that she has. I thought the letter Bella wrote her before starting school was precious and showed what a good mother she is. I LOVE her house. If I lived there I would never move!!

  5. Katie,
    I like "Yo" the best also, she seems so down to earth and normal, not into all that petty stuff. She seems like the only one who actually knows what a true friend is and does. Her home is stunning. Have you seen the Housewives of Melborne? (sp)? The second season starts this coming Thursday. It might be my favorite of all of them. Interesting to see how they differ from the American wives. If you haven't , you might want to check them out. Let me know what you think!

  6. I'm not really into reality shows so I didn't even know that this Yolanda is the same one who is a friend of Eleanor O'Connell of the blog Have Some Decorum. Yolanda's fridge is indeed spectacular as is her home. Good post!

  7. Hi Katie! Oh.My.Word! That house is over the top and that view! I think my favorite part is the retractable door out to their patio (oops...I mean "out door living space"). Oh, and her bathroom and closet ain't too shabby either! I would love just to take a weekend vacation in that house! Can you imagine living in it? Have a great day Katie! Jean

  8. The views are unreal....I used to not like her at all but she is really growing on me. I do respect that she seems the most mature, level headed, reasonable and together of the bunch. She does not let her emotions dictate her every move. The pool is amazing, the views from the bathroom incredible and the closet isn't too shabby.... I found myself doing some virtual redecorating lol in other areas of the house, but no doubt about it it's pretty incredible!!
    Sooo hope you are not getting more snow like we are!

  9. Yolanda and David had me at that infinity edge pool! Swoon! I'm heading to Mexico in a couple of weeks and I already have my white stretch jeans packed--thanks to the inspiration from Yo!
    Happy Sunday, Katie!
    xx, Heather @Stylemindchic Lifestyle

  10. I think that Yolanda's shorter hair cut is much more flattering and sophisticated. I also like her effortless CA style - unlike the rest of the RHOBH, she doesn't have to apply lots of make-up, over-the-top clothes and jewelry to look great (at 50!).

  11. I havent watched this because they make me so uncomfortable but that is some house!!

  12. SHE is VERY sick NOW.........are you aware of that?I have never watched these shows.....am I missing out BIG TIME??


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