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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Real Housewives Homes & Gossip

Hello dear friends.  It is crazy town around here.  Ice dams have become my arch nemesis.  Right now, I have six brave men on the roof trying to annihilate our inexorable ice dams.  The insurance guy just left.  He had more good news for me.  He told me that since we are expecting more snow and rain this weekend, we have a 50/50 chance that the house will still have leaks.  The other thing he told me is that I will probably have to wait at least until May to get a reputable roof company to do the repairs. 

Did I actually refer to this house in the past as a labor of love

Here are a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure.  I didn't take any pics of the leaks on the second floor.  I like to keep you guessing.

I never even knew what an ice dam was until two months ago.

This is the front hall and the powder room.

Enough of my woes.  As I always tell my girls whenever they are faced with adversity, things could be a lot worse.  And at least we have our health.  And a fridge full of vino.


In an effort to leave my worries behind, I decided to do a couple of posts on one of my favorite subjects, the Real Housewives and their humble abodes.    

First of all, I think that Lisa Rinna is a nice addition to RHBH.  She is definitely going for  the "sane and fun" housewife that's everybody's pal and confidante.

She has taken on Kim's sobriety as her sole mission in life.  She talks to just about anyone who will listen about her concern for Kim, except for the most important person - Kim.  I can't figure out whether she is sincere in her efforts or is she in pursuit of more camera time.  Thoughts?

Maybe if I wore this little number, the insurance guy would have had better news for me.

I think that Lisa's best moments are the ones where she is speaking directly to the camera.  She is brutally honest about the fact that she will take on any job in her career.  She even mentioned she would do a Depends commercial.  That's what I call confidence.  And Lisa, if they're good enough for you, they are good enough for me.  I just insist on mine being monogrammed.

Years ago, Lisa and her hubby, Harry did a reality show.  I think I was the only one who watched it. They lived in the same house as they do now.  I think it is a warm and charming.  More than I can say for their teenage girls.  I didn't say that.. Chowdah did.

This is Lisa's I love me room.

My bet is Lisa and Harry fight over "mirror time."


Our next stop is Vicky's house over in Coto de Crazy.  She had this house on the market, but I don't know whether she sold it or not.  Vicky had it renovated after the last taping of RHOC.

Vicky and Brooks are living now together because she is taking care of him while he is battling Stage 3 Cancer.  I guess all Brooks jokes are off the table.  But don't tell Briana, because Vicky hasn't broken the news to her yet.

Vicky is friendly with all of the RHOC Housewives except one.  
I'll give you 3 guesses.

I could not resist using this.

I want to get a running outfit just like Vicky's.

Back to Vicky's house.  The renovation makes a big difference.

Looks like Vicky has better taste in decorating than clothes.

Remember all the scenes in this room with Vicky on the phone showing how busy and successful she was?

These may be old photos before the renovation because it pretty much looked like this in the show.

Vicky & Brooks' love nest.
Good luck trying to erase that image from your mind.


My girl, Sonja with a "j" has been very busy since the last season of RHNY.  She has tossed the toaster ovens out the window and has reinvented herself with her own clothes line.  She even modeled one of her designs in a fashion show. 

Unfortunately, the audience was more interested in the two ugly stepsisters arguing and taking all the attention away from the runway.  One "born again" housewife and one who has been demoted to "friend-of-the-housewives."  
With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Also, Sonja with a "j"  has been sporting some new arm candy who happens to be a very mature 24 years old.  

Guess she's not so wild about Harry anymore.
Harry could be her new beau's grandpa.

Sonja is still trying to hold on to her townhouse in NYC. I always thought it was very well done and "homey" as opposed to some of the other housewives' mausoleums homes. 

I remember lots of Sonja's kooky conversations with all her assistants in this pretty bedroom.

Have a great weekend! 

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Oh wow Katie! Sooo sorry you are having to endure all of that snow, ice and those gosh awful damns. Hubby remembers them from his days in MI. Glad you were finally able to get someone out to the house to remove them.
    Enjoyed your housewives review and all the pictures. Stay warm!!

  2. Truly sorry about the damn ice...I mean Ice dam...we had one last year and still have the brown stain to prove it. I know you will get the place back in tip top shape as soon as the winter has decided to let go of the frozen grasp it has on you. Thank goodness you have your health, sanity and fabulous sense of humor.

  3. I've learned several very important things today, 1. I'm SO glad I live in the deep south, we might be freezing, but we're dry! 2. More cleavage apparently gets you REALLY nice houses and 3. You are VERY funny ! :)

  4. That is awful about the ice. What a mess!!!! It has happened to people this year that never had problems before..
    I have not watched the Housewives this year- my schedule has been off. I did not know Brooks had cancer. So many of those gals are "crazy" but I have always though Rnna and Hamlin were a cute couple. She did do a Depends commercial you know. It has aired several times here xo diana

  5. Oh Katie! Your beautiful house! I know it can all be repaired but the annoyance of redoing what you've already done........
    Glad your priorities (vino) are spot on.
    Wish I could bottle up some warm and send it your way but we are having a freeze tonight.

  6. Ugh, we had a winter of ice dams, and I too, had never heard of them. I remember sitting on my family room sofa, feeding my baby daughter, and saw something that looked like water balloons hanging from the ceiling!! The latex paint had stretched like a balloon to hold the water. Bet you can't wait until Spring!!

    I don't watch any of the Real Housewives, but you crack me up!!

  7. Oh you poor thing, hang in there!! I hope the insurance helps you out Ice is an awful home wrecker thank God you still have your sense of humor!! xo K

  8. I'm so sorry about your roof and ceiling issues! I had no idea it was this bad. Thanks for showing us the photos, because we tend to forget that different parts of the country are in really bad shape. Hope it stops snowing soon and you find the roofah of your dreams.

  9. I can feel your pain over the damaged ceilings only mine come with rain, not ice as we live in a house with flat roofs and plaster ceilings. After a monster hail storm two years ago and total roof replacement I still have two places where it leaks. I hope that the six men on the roof were able to get rid of some of your ice. Ok, true confession, I have never watched a RHOA, Real Housewives of Anything, but after this post I think I will be tuning up with Netflix today to check one out!

  10. Oh how sick you must be on the leaking roof! We had a big colonial style home in Maine and were also warned of ice dams, but lucky for us, even with mountains of snow, we never experienced this! Oh..your lovely home......I would be overwhelmed with that! Housewives....I love Lisa Rinna.....Sonya is just a plain nut job. The Richard sisters seem to be a mess most of the time...not a very good example for their children! Being an Ole Miss girl, it was interesting to see Vicki in Miss. State gear....oh brother!!!! Stay warm this weekend dear Katie!

  11. Katie, I laughed so much reading your post about Real Housewives. My younger daughter is here for vacations and needs to improve her English (like her mother!). I am going to show her your blog... Bon courage with all your problems, I have never seen that before.

  12. Loved your Housewives recap! I like the California-based shows, but rarely watch them because one of my 14 year old boys is usually close by.
    Hate that you are having roof problems. My hubby went to Boston to see his Mom and brothers this week and said there is snow everywhere. Is there more snow predicted? I hope not. Stay warm.

  13. So sorry that you are experiencing this situation in your lovely home. So many people dealing with it this winter in New England. Hang in there; this too shall pass (easy for me to say).
    Speaking of messes, can Bravo please 'retire' Brandi?? She's an immature, attention-seeking instigator. Love your Real Housewives photos and insights. Fun!

  14. TASTE?Do any of these women have TASTE??I do not watch the show so am OUT of the LOOP completely........but from what I gather they film them in their own environment??I hate to think what all the jokes and comments will do to their children.WHat happen to shows like LASSIE and THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, MARY TYLER family shows.I am so tired of what is on the AIR these days that I hardly turn the TV on........then again I can barley do that with FOUR remotes!!!!!!IS MY AGE TALKING HERE????

  15. Oh Katie, Your house! We had a roof leak in our garage earlier this season so I understand a bit of that some of that stress. It looks so cold. I wish I could send you a ray of this Calif. sunshine. It's unusually warm here. If you check out my recent post on my 'spa day in Spain' (and ensuing embarrassment) you will get a little sun. ;) I got a burning face! As for the housewives...fair assessments. It's a bit like a train wreck, but it's hard to turn away. Have you watched "Girls Guide to Divorce?" I like the casting and it reminds me of my days living in LA. Happy weekend and glad you have retained your sense of humor in the deep freeze darling!
    xx, Heather

  16. Hi Katie! Loved all the Housewives info! Some of those ladies are real wackadoodles, but I get sucked in too! I am so sorry to see all the damage to your beautiful home. I hope that nothing else goes wrong and that you can get it fixed without too much problem. Be safe! Jean

  17. Oh, my goodness, so sorry for all your weather damage. I've never heard of an ice dam but Hubby was very familiar with them. We have ice predicted for Monday and we certainly not excited about that. Happy weekend!!!!

  18. I don't watch RH, but I did enjoy the pictures! Sorry about your house problems. :(

  19. Oh no! Your ice dam mess does not seem fair. Power outages, snow and blizzards. It's all too much! So, on to some gossip! I met Lisa and Harry and she is just as you see her on the show. She's beautiful and crazy skinny! Seriously stunning hair and eyes and soooooo thin! Harry is pretty thin too. Nice looking man.

  20. I think the smaller population will be those who DON'T have ice dams - or as I like to call them damn ice dams. I'm so sorry that you and your beautiful home are having to deal with this ugly mess!! But I'm so glad that you can distract yourself with the Housewives (and lunch!). Sonja's kitchen is my favorite. That gigantic window is amazing. I bet she has one of the best kitchen window views in all of Manhattan! I love having Lisa R. on the show but I'm waiting for the fallout from her insistence on the Kim project. I also love Eileen - didn't think I would but she has been a delightful addition.
    Hang in there my friend! Less than a month until RHONY is back!

  21. So sorry to hear about your damage, on your beautiful home!! Ice dam admittedly never heard of them....that stinks, and I can imagine every contractor within 100 miles of Boston is insandley overloaded!
    Moving onto more fun subjects RH! Sonja cracks me up yes she is in her own little world but she is so entertaining!! Is Bethany coming back? Not a huge fan. Vicky and Brooks living together, hummm interesting! I told you we saw them when we were at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Beach last year? She might as well not have been wearing a top it was gross and he, well.....he just rubs me the wrong way in every way. But sorry to hear of his cancer, had no idea. She is a good person to take him in and take care of him, gotta give her credit.
    Tamra cannot stand the sight of her, she is the poster child for white trash..sorry but it's true.
    Always fun to "gab" about these characters! Onto Oscar night..woo hoo!

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