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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Good morning, dear friends.  Only thirty days until Spring!   If it's Wednesday, it time for Hodgepodge.  Stop by Joyce's blog From This Side Of the Pond to read other bloggers' answers. 

1. When did you last have to interact, either by phone or in person, with someone in a government agency?  On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the experience? (10 being fabulous and 1 being pass the Tylenol).

The last time that I had the pleasure of visiting a government agency was about 6 months ago when I went to the Massachusetts DMV (they call it RMV) to obtain my drivers license.

Because of our many moves, the Mister and I have had the unique opportunity to visit DMVs all over the country.  We are convinced that no matter what state we are in, the people all look alike.  The personnel also look the same all over the country and have attended the same customer "service" class.

To answer the question as to our experience with this particular agency, this story may give you a clue.  When the Mister called to tell me we were being transferred to Massachusetts, I immediately balked.  "Because of the weather?" he asked.  "No, I can't face the DMV." 

2.  The current governor of Wisconsin is considering a run for President next time around.  Walker attended Marquette University, but never graduated.  In terms of any candidate running for the office of President, (not asking here if you agree or disagree with Scott Walker's politics) would the lack of a college degree influence your vote or no?  Would that be a factor in your support of any candidate running for public office, even a role less weighty than President?

If an individual with a solid track record, but lacked a college degree presented himself as a candidate for the Presidency,  I would definitely consider voting for him.

I can think of two very important men that did not have a college degrees, that became President and shaped history.

3.  When did you last visit a place or site named for George Washington or Abraham Lincoln and what was that last place or site?

Speaking of the other George, the last time I was at a site named for George Washington was last year when I visited my #2 at Washington and Lee University.

4.  February 16th was President's Day in the US, but did you know it was also National Almond Day?  I didn't think so :)  Do you like almonds?  If so, what's a food/dish/recipe you enjoy that contains almonds?

I positively adore almond milk.  I have it on my cereal every morning.  I even like it better than whole milk!

5.  The television program Saturday Night Live celebrated  its 40th anniversary this past weekend.  Were/are you a fan of the show?  If so, what has been your favorite (or one of your favorites) skits, sayings, or characters that came out of the program?

I have been an avid fan of SNL since it debuted.  As far as favorite skits and characters, it would have to be Tina and Amy.  I enjoy  anything and everything these ladies do.

6.  Anything purple within ten feet of you?  What is it?

I am not near anything purple at the moment.  But for four years I was surrounded by it when my #1 attended TCU.

7.  Back in December, I asked you to submit a question for a future HP as part of a giveaway I was hosting.  I grabbed this one from those entries submitted by Zoanna who blogs over at Penchant for Pens.  Thanks Zoanna.

She asks, "how often do you make your bed, and how do you like to make it - pull the covers all the way up over the pillows, tuck the covers in around the pillows or place the pillows on top of the covers?

I make our bed every day when the Mister is expected home.  If he is away on business, I go totally rogue and leave it unmade, eat junk food for dinner, and watch Real Housewives marathons. 

When the Mister is coming home.

While the cat Mister is away...

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have always been honest with you about my TV addiction watching.  Because of my numerous hours of devotion, I have become exposed to many commercials.  A lot of them get under my skin.  But the ones that really drive me to drink are the ads selling medication for erectile dysfunction.  They are on all the time!  I used to feel uncomfortable when an ad came on for tampons or laxatives, but this is a whole new ball game...

When this lady hijacks my TV screen I hit the channel button faster than Donald Trump can say ...YOU'RE FIRED!

I bet this guy knows all about Viagra...

Evidently, Ellen and I feel the same way.

Any TV ads that drive you bonkers?

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Off topic - is that really your Master Bedroom? Love It!
    (Raing and gloomy, sigh.)

    1. It most certainly is, dear Denise! So sorry your getting a few raindrops! heehee

  2. Ha-and those ads are so unrealistic too. Anyone who has ever painted a room with their spouse knows that job does not inspire warm fuzzy thoughts : )

  3. These are such fun......hate the ads and you are right, they are on ALL the time. Love Amy and Tina on the other hand, too funny.....and almonds for me always has to be hand dipped in milk chocolate thank you very much. The DMV, don't even get me started, I leave there always feeling like I have just visited another planet, a true out of body experience like no other!

  4. Hi there! I totally agree with you about that "dyfunctional" commercial. Other ones? At first I didn't like the ads with Rob Lowe for cable TV. But, heck, they are starting to grow on me now. My hubby travels for business some and when he is away I tend to "relax" around the house more too. The bed gets made though. I'm a stickler for that. I actually love having the house stay orderly better, and I love having the control of the remote!

  5. PS: I just watched the video of your M. Viera appearance. I love your tree skirt - shawl! Awesome! Ansd it made you famous for 15 seconds! Sweet!

  6. Funny you should mention the gross-out TV ads, because that's what my newspaper column was about two weeks ago! I'll post it on my blog soon. It got a huge response from readers because everyone feels the same way - EEEeeewwwww!!!!

    Wasn't the SNL anniversary show awesome? I always loved anything with Steve Martin in it.

  7. I love the Real Housewives, too! Brandi on RHOBH needs to get a grip, as does Kim! Your bedroom is gorgeous!

  8. My granddaughter can't have dairy and is addicted to almond milk. She is like a character in a Snicker's "You are not you when you're hungry" commercial. She wakes up a bear, you hand her a sippy cup of her "drank drank", and afterward she's a little snuggly bunny. Love the Ellen commercial! Marla mentioned it already, but the Rob Lowe commercials grate on me so bad I will pause the television just so I can fast forward through them. (This comment is brought to you by #FirstWorldProblems.)

  9. Great post, Katie. I hear you about the DMV....OH- I hate going there! I hate those erectile ads, too. They need to connect that to the 50 Shades of Gray movie trailer if you ask me. lol
    Have a great day, Katie. xo Diana

  10. #1 I cannot possibly enjoy my morning coffee if there is an unmade bed in my house. (Is anybody aware of a support group for this behavior??)
    #2 I loved any SNL skit with Dana Carvey - all his impersonations - very funny IMO.
    #3 I like commercials that don't take themselves too seriously - like the State Farm one where the wife thinks that she has caught her husband calling a singles chat-line in the middle of the night ("She sounds hideous.").
    #4 I once heard a therapist say that a couple hours of TV (excluding the news) is a good way to relax and escape each day... so continue to enjoy your (non)guilty pleasure.

  11. 1. Do not get me started on any government agency! We'll just leave it at that.
    2. Tina Fey needs to run for President.
    3. I hate all commercials...except the Superbowl commercials, and they are the only reason I watch the Superbowl. I will say that the ED commericals are payback to the guys for us having tampon and lube commericals.
    4. Jordan almonds all the way.
    5. You mean beds are supposed to be made? I will do that when I don't have teenagers in the house. This is coming from a woman who irons pillowslips. I need help.


    1. Forget Tina... YOU should run for President, Lori!! As far as the teenagers go, our house in Texas had the master bedroom on the first floor and the girls rooms were on the second floor. I very seldom climbed those stairs because I just didn't have the stomach for it. The beds were the least of my worries...

  12. I agree with you on TV ads, which is why I almost exclusively watch PBS and if I do watch network news, I keep the remote in my hand. Good points on the issue of presidency.

  13. Oh, and meant to add that we once visited Washington and Lee University to see General Lee's chapel (Lee in Repose) and Traveller's grave. It's a beautiful place!

  14. I am a Katie Too...our DMV is a delight after Caifornia's. They are just so grumpy there.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  15. I'm really enjoyed your Hodgepodge post today. Nice photos to go alone. I love my almond milk too. I buy the unsweetened with vanilla. Happy to hear you are an SNL fan too! LOL on the answer to your making the bed question. I enjoyed Celebrity Apprentice this season. Thank you for sharing the Ellen video, that was so funny.......

  16. I have never tried almond milk but I think I will. Those tv commercials get on my nerves and I always press the mute button when they come on. I also watch a lot of tv.
    Gorgeous bedroom - I do the same thing you do when my hubby is not around! lol

  17. I have to agree with everyone on the ED commercials and the DMV! We now drive about an hour away to go to one in "small town NC". The people there are friendly and funny! When my daughter turned 21 we went there for her unrestricted license. The ladies kept joking with her that they knew why she wanted it and then they'd call loudly over to me in the waiting room and kid her about it! The other DMVs around the country should take lessons from these ladies! Oh, and there is never a wait! Walk right up to the counter! Jean

  18. I am also an Almond milk gal...I also make my bed everyday...even when the Hubster is away...however the junk food for dinner...delish!

  19. TOO FUNNY!! I love how you find apropos photos for each of your are so very clever! Hugs to you, my dear!!

  20. Love almond milk, have to make the bed and with the pillows on top of the spread, and hate those same commercials. The one that makes me the craziest is where there are two bathtubs side by side and they are outside with the couple holding hands. It just drives me up the wall! Have a great day - I gotta go make the bed!

  21. Ha, so funny Katie! I watched the SNL special and enjoyed it for the most part however some of the (revisiting) actors didn't seem like they really wanted to be there (Eddie M. for example). Those commercials...... it seems like there are more and more BODY related topics discussed during prime time television. The Viagra ads are the worst and the couples they use in them look ridiculous. Personal topics ....... is there a point where it's just too much?? Apparently not!

  22. Bonjour Katie! Question #7 is quite ... strange but you managed it well, as usual. What a bedroom! A bientôt.

  23. I know I tell you this all the time, but I can be guaranteed when I open your email, that I am going to be sitting by myself laughing out loud…loved the housewives marathon/junk food dinners when the mister is away…too funny!! Your bedroom is gorgeous!!

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  25. I just saw that Viagra commercial last night and had the same reaction. Ellen's version is perfect! Also, we have the same excellent habits when the mister is home vs away. Can you imagine the state of my house (and me!) when the mister commuted from Chicago to Boston every week for 4 1/2 years? I'm pretty sure I can trace the origin of my Bravo TV addiction to those years...but I'm ok with that.


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