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Monday, February 23, 2015

A Very Cranky Oscar Recap

Good morning friends.  I admit it.  I finally had to turn the TV off at 10:15 to get my beauty sleep.  I could not listen to another announcement of another award about best costume changes or foreign documentary that I will never watch.  I understand that the behind-the-scenes technical and short film people work very hard and deserve Oscars.  I just don't want to hear about it. 

I'm talkin' to you, Mister!

 The winners of these particular awards are always the ones that go over the allotted time with their narcissistic diatribe.   I just don't feel the need to see it.  Next year, I am going to watch the red carpet, change the channel to Downton Abbey, and record the Oscars so I can fast forward through the stuff I'm not interested in. 

Speaking of the red carpet, Jason and Cat were "live streaming" from the red carpet for the E Network in the pouring rain beginning at 1:30PM!  These two sad sacks kept doing countdowns until the stars would arrive.  "In just 4 hours and 52 minutes, the big stars will be walking down this red carpet."  It actually was sadly entertaining.  A lot of speculating and reminiscing went into this groundbreaking coverage.

Most Awkward Moment

Just when I was really getting bored of the red carpet, this happened.  

If my daughter was in 50 Shades and showed all her business to the world, I would not only avoid seeing the movie, I would wear a bag over my head for the big night.  

Thumbs up to NPH.  I loved the first musical number with Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.  Cute bit with him in his whitey tighties, too.

I missed Lady Gaga's Sound of Music number but watched it on line.  No doubt about it... she is blessed with a beautiful voice.  Next year, Gaga, leave the gloves under the kitchen sink.  And thanks for being the inspiration for this year's Halloween costume.

Favorite Dress

There were many pretty dresses last night, but Kerry Washington's was my favorite.

Oscar that I was most happy about

If I had known for sure that Eddie Redmayne was going to win in the Best Actor category, I would have stayed up.  I just didn't want to take the chance of having to listen to Michael Keaton going on too long in a self love speech.

One Question

I have not heard one good word about this movie.
What gives? 

Is it just me, or is JT looking more and more like a vampire every day?  The hardest part of turning off the the boob tube was missing out on this guy screwing up again.

I guess he didn't let me down.

If you think that this post is crankier than usual, you are right.  It's not easy functioning without my usual 15 hours of beauty sleep.

Hope your Monday is not as moody as mine.

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. LOL- I stayed up and watched until the last dog was hung.(where DID that saying come from-never mind-don't think I want to know) There were several interesting moments.and some boring ones. It was nice to see Julie Andrews onstage. She is 79 years old- hard to believe.
    Have a nice RESTFUL day! xo Diana

  2. Have been waiting - exhaustedly - for this. How about a category for Worst Facelift? Tie between Melanie G. And John Travolta. Who knew The Lady is not so much a Tramp to be blessed with that absolutely INCREDIBLE voice. Sadly, guessI should add Julie Andrews to a three way tie on Worst Facelift for a trifecta. Thought the best dress without a doubt was Lupita N. Absolutely stunning.

  3. Oh, you have me giggling into my coffee this morning!!! I, sadly, stayed up to watch the entire thing. And, am scratching my head about Birdman. Love Eddie R and thrilled with his win.

    I'll bet you're right about a Gaga halloween costume. Though, I have to admit, her performance was quite good!! :)
    Happy Monday!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. Dallas had some sleet this morning, so of course the city is shut down -- I know you remember the old days, Katie -- so I stayed until the end (as always) on my fav night.

    I know her boobs are everywhere, but I loved Jennifer Lopez in her gown. I also liked Reese and Emma. I thought NPH was just ok -- he needs a better writer for his little jokes, but I did love the opening number. I doubt he'll be back anytime soon.

    I liked Birdman, but personally I wanted Boyhood -- it just seemed like such a slice of real life, all told in 3-ish hours. My fav film though was Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson is my comedic idol and I love all of his films. Knew it wouldn't win, though.

    My Oscar meal was Ina Garten's Zucchini Basil Soup, crackers, and champagne. You didn't ask, but I knew you'd want to know -- ha! More best and worst dresses please...

    1. Katie, I allow you to say that the worst dress is Marion Cotillard's one. What a shame !

  5. I did not watch the Oscar's because I knew you would provide an accurate & unblemished view regarding the evenings festivities. John T looks more strange every year. Poof that all the money in the world does not secure an honest plastic surgeon! Love Eddie R cute I want to pinch he's cheeks. He deserved to win. DD was off from school this week, but I was sick with the flu but did manage to see the new Sponge Bob movie. (Quite possible an Oscar sweep for 2016!) Did manage to get out yesterday to enjoy the warmer weather. Went to Westport for shopping & lunch; wish we were meeting you. Be well my friend...hugs, Dawn

  6. OMG, so agree with Denise. Someone needs to fire that plastic surgeon!! DREADFUL.

  7. I love your new strategy for watching! Why not take advantage of the power to fast forward through the boring/annoying/self-congratulatory parts? I did watch until the bitter end because our family has an Oscar Prediction Contest and I was the scorekeeper. And came in last place... My favorite speech was that of J. K. Simmons. "Call your mother!" I was also happy that Michael Keaton did not win. At least he could use the paper on which his acceptance speech was written to dispose of the wad of gum he was chomping on all night.

  8. John Travolta is so creepy! I didn't see it when watching on tv, but saw online how he came up and kissed Scarlett Johansen on the red carpet. He seemed to be all over everyone. My favorite dresses were Reese W. and J-Lo. I watched about half of the Oscars and then flipped over to Downton Abbey. It was so good last night! Only one more episode in the season.

  9. Katie, Love your recap! Rosamund and Felicity were two of my favorites. Thought the Brits all looked and behaved in such a classy, understated way.

    I also thought the exchange between Melanie and Dakota was at best unprofessional and at worst just not classy.

    John T. looks like he should be in a wax museum.

    Tim McGraw looked great.

    Did not care for Gwyneth, Reese, Dakota or Scarlet. They are all beautiful and could have looked so much better.

  10. Believe it or not I have never watched the Oscars. I care nothing for them but am going over to UTube and try to catch Lady GaGa singing the Sound of Music. I can't imagine her dressed and not acting a fool so I want to be sure and see this. I did enjoy your recap of the evening and feel like I at least know what went on. Happy week!

  11. I went to an Oscars party last night and it was so much fun! It's easier watching the boring blah-blah when you have a room full of people, food and wine!

    Vinny Barbarino from my giant poster on my closet door is really starting to freak me out! And Lady Gaga's voice was beautiful — with songs from one of my all time favorite movies!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Oh girl you stayed up later than me...thanks for your recap...I am watching Downton now. Have a Great week.

  14. Oh my goodness you have me laughing out loud! I missed the Melanie Griffith interview and it is cringe worthy! How embarrassing for them both.

    I watched it all and am tired too!

    Have a great week

  15. I ended up watching the whole thing! Not sure why--maybe because nothing else was on. And I didn't see any of the movies. My husband watched the last hour with me and said I was way too critical. But here are some of my thoughts.

    I liked Felicity Jones' dress the best but have read that some people thought it overwhelmed her. There were some beautiful dresses. I loved Lady Gaga's performance and seeing Julie Andrews. The Sound of Music is my all time favorite movie. I did spend some time googling Lady Gaga's engagement ring and her log cabin in Lancaster County, PA. My favorite funny moment was during Jared Leto's presentation--his comment about Meryl Streep. Did you like his Wedding Singer tux? I was very glad I wasn't sitting behind Oprah. There's no way the person behind her could see around her hair. I agree about John Travolta. Love the comment about him looking like a wax museum figure. Same with Melanie Griffith. And I always watch Working Girl when it's on TV.

    That's it. I have to say my husband is probably right!

    Hope your weather improves this week.

    1. Felicity Jones' dress was my favorite too!

  16. Too funny. John Travoltas "rug" looked worse than ever.

  17. Katie,
    I think you could be the last clip on 60 minutes, you know the one where Andie Rooney would go off on something and I'd shake my head at how honest and humorous he was....and always spot on.
    I watched the entire thing and am behind on DA.
    Love your re-caps, had I known I should have just read your take and not watched it.

  18. Fun always make me laugh!! SO true about Melanie Griffith and her daughter...very awkward and neither has a brain in their head. The dresses were a snooze this year, but seriously...what is with the hair! They have the best of the best at their disposal but all the hair looked greasy, flat or messy! I wouldn't leave my house with my hair like most of them!! Thanks for the early morning smile! xoxo

  19. This year I decided I was going to see every best picture nominee for the first time. What a bad year to do this! It was depressing as heck. I did watch downton abbey and then fast forward in the morning to see the top awards. Every year the Oscar show is more and more boring. I think that they should really cut it down to two hours!

  20. I like your plan for next year! I too had to retire early and was tired of all the blah blah about those things that I will never watch. We are covered up with ice here this morning so I think I will watch the last episodes of House of Cards from last season in preparation for Friday's opening of Season 3. Have a great day!

  21. I watched the whole thing.............its BEEN YEARS since I have done that!The BEST PART for me was when JULIE ANDREWS came on stage.I don't even think the LADY GAGA knew she was there!Julie Andrews is one BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT LADY.Now, for those TATS on the GAGA DAME.................what do they mean........and WHY?Someone will make a FORTUNE in a few years taking these ink spots OFF!

  22. you made me laugh~! thanks.. following cause I dont wanna miss a thing , here.

  23. I thought the show was truly awful this year. NPH was okay in bits and pieces, but have mercy, over four hours! Ridiculous! And I may be in the minority, but I do NOT want to hear 'stars' blab on and on and lecture us regarding their particular political and social viewpoints. Not at The Oscars! I don't know if I'll watch anymore. I enjoy the fashion, and those four or so awards at the end. They end up jamming the very thing people want to see into the last ten minutes. I did enjoy the Sound of Music Tribute. That was pretty much the highlight. And I think because she stayed true to the songs, and treated the movie with respect. As far as gowns...I thought Kerry Washington was pretty (she always is!), but it wasn't my favorite. I think I loved Margot Robbie and Rosamunde Pike the most. Also, I think JLO is stunning, but would love to see her in something where we're not looking at her chest. That was a gorgeous dress, but I would have loved it with a different neckline.

  24. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA
    Lady Gaga is an amazing talent; she leaves some of her contemporaries in her swoosh as she walks by them. Don't you think NPH was just a little boring-ish, and don't you think he would have looked cuter were he to come out in a pair of cute boxers? If he had to shed his clothes at all....

  25. Oh Lord, here we bullet points because I cannot get my head around the train wreck that was the Oscars this year.

    - First things first...Bradley Cooper is a very pretty, handsome, fine, gorgeous looking man! *ahem* If anyone here knows him personally, I am single. Thank you!

    - Anna Faris' gown was just spectacular! She did need to do something with her hair though.

    - Agree with the comment about award winners keeping their political views to themselves; an Oscars acceptance speech is not the time nor the place for unsolicited editorials about world affairs. I am not a fan of Patricia Arquette as she comes across as unkept and illmannered.

    - Tired...of seeing...J.Lo's...chest.

    - Rosamund Pike was stunning! Loved everything about her gown and her lovely manners. Same with the awesome Meryl Streep.

    - Lady Gaga completely blew me away. I had no idea she had that kind of talent, and then I found out that she is a Julliard graduate. Now, maybe we will see her make real music instead of the fake music called pop. Oh, and stop wearing clothes that make her look like she is trying to land on the moon.

    - There are not words for me to express how much I love Dame Julie Andrews.

    - Just as there are not words for me to express how much I have come to really dislike John Travolta. How Kelly Preston puts up with him, I have no idea. No husband of mine would go out in public looking like a wax figure of a dead person in a bad toupee and acting like a dirty old man!

    - Melanie Griffith is just sad.

    - Loved that "The Grand Budapest Hotel" received as many awards as it did. I did not see "Birdman," and I really have no desire to see it.

    - What was up with the pre-show? It seems that it was all about Robin Roberts and the other two who were supposed to be interviewing the stars. I would like to see more of the stars, please.

    - Underwhelmed by Reese Witherspoon's gown (althought it fit her perfectly...the tailoring was superb), but she gets a pass in my book because she is down to earth and smart.

    - The best part of NPH hosting was the opening number.

    - Benedict and Sophie were just darling.

    Yeah, I think I am a bit critical too.

    1. Lori... love this. I certainly respect that you loved "the Grand Budapest Hotel". Have heard from many that felt the same way. I agree on the best part was the opening number for NPH. Melanie is just sad - I think she wishes she was still in the spotlight. And where was Don? Great critique dear Lori. love hearing from you!!

  26. Being on the west coast I did not have to lose any sleep over the event but I must agree with you on most points. Rather than go to bed I simply turn channels when I get too embarrassed or am tired or yet another political speech. And the one about #ask us more really got me. Do these divas really think anyone is going to feel bad that they are never asked about anything relevant, just their dresses? They seem to forget how lucky they are to live the easy life they live and if someone wants to make a dress that perfectly fits my lumps and bumps, at a cost a a mere $20k I am more than happy to talk about it. And Dakota Johnson just shared with the world what a rude and spoiled brat she is and while I am far from a Melanie Griffith fan I did feel bad for her being treated like that by her daughter in front of the world. Best part..Julie Andrews walking on after Gaga's amazing performance...brought me to tears. Thanks for letting us share our grumpy moments! Hope you feel better..I do! :)

    1. Amen girlfriend!!! We are on the same page... You nailed it. Agree on Dakota Johnson. Wish you lived in the Northeast so we could exchange notes...

  27. I always leave here smiling, Katie! Why not be grumpy-losing sleep is the worst. I woke up at 1:00am and finally fell asleep in time to get up for work today. I'm feeling your pain. Fun recap and I always love your humorous take!
    xx, Heather

  28. John Travolta needs to stop ordering his toupees from the As Seen On TV collection.

    Gwyneth Paltrow should not have accepted that rose on her shoulder. Her arm looked like an awkward stem.

    Did you see he lady with the ball and string jacket? It looked like a cat toy.

    JLo looked like she was wearing a quincenera dress.

    Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson forgot they were on the red carpet for a moment and gave us a glimpse of their family therapy session instead.

    Oprah's dress looked like a fancy ace bandage.

    Love your take on the Oscar's! Glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was bland.

    1. The cat toy woman...that's it! I thought it looked like a poodle, I like your description better.

      Hope you have a wonderful day!

  29. Romi... your review is spot on. I love the description of Oprah's and the cat toy outfit! Too funny. And J Lo's dress! Too funny!

  30. Hi Katie my dearest, I hear it is -20 so I hope you are snuggling with your doggies near a warm fire
    Its too much of a time difference for us to watch the Academy Awards show live but Hooray for Hollywood + yahoo omg dear blogging friends who do a fabulous recap.
    I am late with my comment, but I loved your post and indeed I forgive la gaga for her fashion choices ( but not the ink Im afraid ) ...she gave a magnificent performance. I have watched the sound of music so so many times, and adore Julie Andrews. Is she really 79?
    My best gown was pinky winky Gwyneth Paltrow, and I was delighted for both the lead role winners. Julianne's movie shows absolutely that we must cherish and make the most of each and every day God sends us
    Love to you across the still frozen pond, xxx

  31. Dear Katie,
    seeing Melanies tragedy in public makes me sad - I don`t know why - but I feel sorry for her.
    I think nobody want to see a daughter in that acting role. ( hopefully not a Mom )
    Best wishes to you - may springtime not be so far...


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