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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Back!

Hello dear friends.  I am back from spending the past couple of days in Connecticut and New York.  I had a fabulous time and will tell you all about it soon.

The Mister and I had a very relaxing weekend.  We did some shopping and went to see a movie.  Even though it was cold and raw with pouring rain, I managed to talk the Mister into going to the outlets.  I told him that real men shop in rough weather.  It was worth every cold raindrop.  The Mister may not agree. Most stores offered 40 percent off with an extra 20 percent discount for Columbus Day.  

Thank you Christopher Columbus!!

I have always liked Robert Downey Jr., so I was excited to see The Judge.  I was not disappointed.  The movie focused on the complexities of a shattered father/son relationship.  Both Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall were brilliant in their roles.  I laughed and cried which is a tell-tale sign of a great film in my eyes.

A footnote:  As far as I'm concerned, Downey is only about 3 steps behind Clooney in the looks department.  He just seems to get better looking.  

Spoiler alert:

If you have not seen Gone Girl, and plan on seeing it, do not read. 

We went to see Gone Girl on opening weekend.  I loved the book but hated the ending.  Rumors were stirring that the writer changed the ending of the movie.  I was disappointed to find out this was not true.

I've had about 2 years to think about this.  I would have re-written the ending something like this.

Lights... camera... action!

Amy tells Nick that she is pregnant.  He gives her a slight smile.  He tells her that he will step up to the plate and do what he needs to do.  She returns a smug smile.

Next scene:

One year later.... 

The scene opens with Nick and Detective Rhonda Boney sitting on the same side of a table.  The camera pans out slowly.  There is a baby carriage next to Nick.  Slowly, the entire picture comes into focus.  There are people standing in front of the table with books in hand.  The line is so long, it travels out the door.  The camera zeros in on the title of the book.

Life with Amazing Amy:  
The Real Story. 
Nick Dunne
Rhonda Boney

The End. 

Have you ever wanted to change the ending of a book?

Happy Hump Day!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. lol love the line"real men shop in rough weather" I will have to save that for a rainy day. Thats a good one! Sounds like a fun day, I am seeing The Judge on Friday, saw Gone Girl and didn't love it, preferred the but even the book I thought was a little over hyped. Too dark for my taste, my husband better appreciate having a "sane normal" wife...lol.
    So good seeing you and Nadine, thank you for the goodies, I cannot wait to delve in this weekend!! Hope the ride home wasn't too long. Say hi to Mr. Chowdah and of course the best sport in town, "The Mr.".

  2. Sounds like a fab weekend minus weather, but hey guys, suck it up! Have had Gone Girl on my bookshelf forever, but have yet to read. I generally find the movies do not do the books justice. We usually wait for them to come out on DVD as I refuse to pay what the theaters are charging these days.

  3. Love your alternate ending to "Gone Girl"! I don't "do" blood, so I doubt I will see the movie. I do want to see "The Judge". We saw "The Good Lie" this past weekend. I highly recommend it. Nice to see something uplifting for a change.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation for "The Good Lie." I have put it on my list!

  4. Way to go...hope you had some shopping success.

  5. Hi Katie my dear
    Cold and wet over the pond too..Ive been catching up on your posts ( Im so sorry for the hacking it has happened to me ) and as I make soft furnishings and stay indoors I am thinking of your lovely new doggy -what a little sweetie pie she is adorable- and Im just dreaming of your lovely lunch with dear Tina and your blog friends.. oh happy,happy day.. I am sure you had a fabulous time. Bless all of you talented girls, and wish I had a blog too :)) xx

    1. Sweet Sally... Thank you for always making the nicest comments. Yes, Tina's house was truly a treat!

  6. I absolutely hated the end of Gone Girl and was so in hopes the movie changed it. That usually makes me crazy, but in this case I think it was warranted. When I finished the book I actually threw it down. My daughter summed it up best when she said that if she had bought the book for her Kindle, she would have thought the ending didn't download.

    1. Great comment from your daughter!! I just felt the author got sick of writing the story so she ended it there.

  7. Katie you've been missed! Sounds like you've been productive though. Starting Gone Girl on a plane tomorrow so could only read half your post.

  8. Hi there...so happy you made it home safely!! I am sure Chowdah, Chili and the Mister were happy to see you!!! It was great to see you and Sista yesterday!! Now...let's talk about "Gone Girl"...I agree with you 100% - the ending made me cringe. For some reason, I accepted it better in the book, but it made me crazy in the movie. Your ending is MUCH better! xoxo

  9. so glad you are home safe & sound! Seems like you a had a fabulous long weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend myself with DD & DH. The only downside was her goldfish died on Monday morning & after we came home from a lovely lunch & a day of shopping; we discovered her other goldfish had died :( Hugs, Dawn

  10. That would have been the greatest ending to Gone Girl! I did think the movie did the book justice though.

    I am with you on the Downey/Clooney comparison. Downey is aging very well.

  11. Katie I love the new movies out, both Gone Girl (seen) and next on my list is The Judge. I hope you found some great finds on your shopping trip in spite of the rain. ..
    The Arts by Karena

  12. Saw The Judge too this weekend! Loved it and LOVE RDJr!
    Want to see Gone Girl even though I read the book and wasn't thrilled with the ending...

  13. I wanted to change the ending of Gone With The Wind for years, and when "Scarlett" came out, I had high hopes, but it wasn't my cup of tea either. Fiddle-dee-dee.
    Glad you got some good shopping in.

  14. How fun it was to see you and "sista" on Tuesday and spend some time in an enchanting home! Both of these movies are on our list to see and now that you've given a new ending to think about, we'll have to pay close attention. We've always loved RD Jr. (he's a true Iron Man) and agree that he's a close second to George - question is, is he happily married? Perhaps there's a chance there. Have a wonderful weekend!
    C + C

  15. I could have sworn I posted a comment earlier but it's not showing up here. Oh no! Now I have to try to recreate the wittiness...
    I definitely want to see The Judge. Perhaps RD, Jr should be my McLuxies pick for next year. And I think I want to see Gone Girl even though I haven't read the book (yes, I'm the one person on the planet who hasn't read it). I'm a super-chicken when it comes to tense and dramatic movies so I'm not sure I can take the suspense of Gone Girl. But then again I did watch and enjoy Ben's move The Town so maybe I'll put on my big girl pants and go see Gone Girl.

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