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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Mostly Fun Weekend

Hello dear friends.  Last weekend just whipped by.  That is, except for two hours of it, which seemed to drag on forever.  

Saturday was a beautiful, crisp Fall day.  I decided to advantage of it and go to Farm Day which was sponsored by the Audubon Society.

This lady had the most beautiful, soft scarves, gloves, and lots of pretty accessories.  Her name is Cheryl and she and Bronie own Sippican River Farm.  All of these lovely accessories are hand knitted using fleece from alpacas.  Every item is one-of-a-kind.  

Are these not the cutest little alpaca baby shoes?

Ooops, speak of the devils alpacas.  I asked them where they got their hair done - but they wouldn't spill.

I'm not kidding.  I need this haircut to cover my "11" lines.  I think this one just might do the trick!

Next I hit the beehive booth.

And the moody King Bee.

Then, I visited with the chair man and the tea lady.

Yup, I knew you would be jealous.

I think he had "the hots" for me.  Tea Lady kept giving me dirty looks.

Farm Day would not be complete without a chubby bunny.

Or a diva cow.  This is Elsie.  At least that's what I thought she said.  She told me she was bored and not in the mood to talk.  


On Sunday, we went to see a movie.  Unfortunately, it was the Mister's turn to choose. 

First of all, in all fairness, I think the title of this movie should be changed from:




If you are a fan of listening to the drone of monotonous machine gun fire, witnessing buckets of blood and gallons of guts, and watching enough tanks to supply two wars,  this movie is for you.  As a reward for the women in the audience for sticking around for the first half of the movie, the director decided to showcase Brad shirtless for about 10 minutes.  

This is one of the only movies that I was hoping all the main characters would meet their end because that would mean this drudgery would be over. 

The reason for my title change is the two hours spent in the theatre watching this film is just a blur to me.  A very loud blur.

By the way... the Mister loved it.

I told the Mister that it is my turn to pick the movie next weekend.  I have decided that instead of going to the movies, we will stay in to watch every Nicholas Sparks and Nora Ephron movie ever made.   


I will be featuring  dogs that need a loving home every couple of weeks.  The dogs have been rescued by a fabulous organization called Shaggy Dog Rescue.  This is the same wonderful agency that our sweet Chili came from.  Even though these dogs are in Houston, they can be shipped to the Northeast by another great organization, Rescue Road Trips.  Everything will be arranged by the fabulous Kathy Wetmore, founder of Shaggy Dog Rescue.

This little darlin' is Morgan.  He is a giant yorkie/teddy bear/basset mix.  Sweet Morgan is about 4 years old and 30 pounds.  He was very timid and shy at first, but now he loves to run in the yard and be cuddled.

If you are interested, you can contact Kathy at Shaggy Dog Rescue here.

Happy Tails!

My two babies...
Chowdah & Chili
Life is a lot more fun with a best friend!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to contact me through comments and email. I love to hear from my readers!


  1. Morgan is sooo cute! You are going to get to someones heart and you know they will adopt, what a wonderful thing you are doing. If Teddy was younger, I would actually have considered....think its best when you have another dog who is young and still has lots of energy to keep up.
    The fair looked like fun and I love anything alpaca. Love fall festivals and fairs.......part of what makes living in the Northeast great!

  2. Sounds like the quintessential New England weekend! We saw "Fury" too...also my husband's choice and I agree with you, although I am a huge Brad Pitt fan. You killed me with sweet Morgan...but alas our empty nest will have to remain empty. xoxo

  3. You truly are a Gem!! How wonderful for you to post for this Rescue! I post on facebook for a local rescue too and I wish I could take everyone of the dogs that I see. I also love that fair you went too, we used to have a bunny just like that named Cuddles.. I miss him. I will check up on your blog when I am away so keep the entertainment coming my dear!!

  4. I just knew your days were featuring the glorious Autumn season! Craft fairs and hometown merchants everywhere...how delightful! Bless you heart for sitting through that movie.....that's when it comes in handy to have "sons" who will join Mr Wonderful on a movie date. Wonderful idea to feature the Shaggy Dog Rescue....what angels on earth they are!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Fury - don't think I would enjoy it at all. We take turns too, but my husband was happy to miss out on Gone Girl this weekend since Melissa came home for just a day, and went to see it with me.

  6. Love getting outdoors to festivals during the fall months. Thankful hubby refuses to pay movie theater prices, so I will not be subjected to this one. And, when it comes out on DVD I can choose not to watch it when he does ;-) Such a sweet pup. Hopefully will go to a loving home soon.

  7. We'd hit the farmer's market before a war film any day - thank goodness our boys like to go to the movies with their dads. Not even 10 minutes of a shirtless BP would make us go see Fury... But you're a good wife for doing so and there's a special place in heaven for you where you can watch all the romcoms you want! :)
    C + C

  8. Sounds like a great weekend - minus the movie. Thanks for the heads up, I was considering it for the BP factor... I love that you are doing the rescue info! If I didn't have blind Mr. Barky Von Shephard, I would add another one. Chili and Chowdah look so happy!!

  9. Laugh lines are getting worse....after a visit here...Well, you do lead a "shaggy" life! What a good sport you are, a farmer's market and a movie surely sound like more than this dog could bear in one day! Chili and Chowdah sure are good sports and seem to be getting along much better.
    Guess it's all about give and take.

  10. That rescue dog is adorable...I sent the link to a friend. Also I am fairly certain that I have visited that sanctuary in my younger Girl Scout Days...the wool items were beautiful.

  11. That looks like a perfect Fall day!!! Love the alpacas and your descriptions of the charming personalities you came across. Hubbie asked what I was reading b/c I was belly laughing out loud!

    And, Molly sure wishes she had a friend like Chili and Chowdah!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  12. What a sweet pup! I would have been captivated by the bees. Always have been, honey.

  13. Those alpacas crack me up and I agree about the hair ...... I tell my patients to they can also try a really tight pony tail to pull the skin tighter ;) Thanks for the movie review. A few glimpses of strong male bodies isn't worth seeing buckets of yuckiness everywhere so I'll pass! I hope this little pup finds a home. I always feel so sad about homeless pets .. our Layla is such a princess and is so lucky.

    1. ..too early for corresponding. I meant: I tell my patients they can also try a tight pony tail ;) Now I'm off to get another cup of coffee!

  14. Oh my goodness! What an adorable picture of your two puppies!! Looks like they have become very best pals - no doubt due to the loving environment they are enjoying.


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