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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Don't Get Me Going...

Happy Saturday, friends.  I have watched this video a dozen times more than once and every time I can't help but laugh.  I can identify with this particular situation because there are a few people in this world, Sista being one, the rest remaining nameless, that have this effect on me. 

It usually begins in a very reserved atmosphere.  One in which adults are expected to act as serious, composed grownups.

And then it happens.  
It doesn't have to involve pants falling down.  
It can just be a look, a word, or a sound.     
Or worse, a twinkle in the eye.

Before I know it, I am in the land of no return.
It begins with a snort, 
my eyes start to tear, 
and my stomach starts to ache.
My nose starts to run,
 and I silently wish I had invested in my first pack of Depends.

No matter how hard I try, 
I can't stop.
I let out a noise that sounds like a smothered dolphin.
The harder I try,  
the more impossible it is to stifle 
inescapable blubbering giggle.  

Hats off to the priest who handled the situation brilliantly!

When was the last time you felt yourself out of control with the giggles?

Hope your weekend is chock full of laughter!

Preppy Empty Nester
Preppy Empty Nester

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  1. Terrific! And today is our anniversary!

    1. Happy Anniversary, dear Denise! I wish you many happy, healthy ones to come!

  2. Husband, MoonPie, throughout the entire video kept saying "That's just wrong." which only made me laugh harder.

  3. so funny! btw...my day by day serums arrived yesterday. :) put them on this morning and hoping for good things :)

  4. Katie, too funny and yes everyone handled it brilliantly! Thank you for my laugh of the day!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I hope that young couple has a lifetime of those types of laughs together! The last time I lost it was when my kids and I were at dinner in Disney World and a young man at the next table proposed to his girlfriend. It was my awkward handling of the situation that sent us all into uncontrollable laughter. I'll tall you the story sometime....will probably need a glass of wine first!

  6. I've forwarded this on to the people in my life who will enjoy it as much as I did.
    I'm trying to figure out if this was planned, or not.

  7. Absolutely hysterical!!!! I have had my "giggle box" turned over more times than I can remember and most have been in church. Happy Saturday!!!!!

  8. That is so funny. My daughters always blame me for handing down the gene of inappropriate laughter. It doesn't take much to set us off. xo Laura

  9. OH! I giggled and cried while watching this video! I love those moments when I try to stifle my inappropriate laughter and my belly shakes. Ha Ha! Had a moment like this at work just recently. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Happens in our family, 3 generations now! One cousin is even nicknamed Puddles! And it's ALWAYS funnier in church. And yes, I snort too.

  11. Too funny! My sister and I seem to find ourselves in an inappropriate laughter situation all too often. We were together on a trip and had a fit of giggles at a restaurant when the server was telling us the very complicated specials of the day in another language. He kept emphasizing and dragging out words theatrically as I looked intently at him and nodded my head, not understanding a word, doing my best to control my hysterical laughter while my sister looked at her menu trying not to laugh. He gave us a moment to consider what he said and my sister pointed at the first thing on the menu and ordered. I ordered the same because I was beyond help at that point.

    1. I forgot to add, this happened at a restaurant a few hours from my home, not in another country.

  12. It is a good feeling, laughter and leaking! I meant laughing and crying because it's so funny.

  13. I think the best man has suffered enough. It's cruel to prolong his embarrassment by spreading this even further.


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